Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 64.1 Take a guess on what it is! (1)

“Don’t you agree?” Seeing Mu Chongyan remain silent, Bai Rong assumed that he was agreeing tacitly and proudly raised his chin, “How could such a tough man like me be the wife, besides…” He pressed down his tone and imperceptibly observed Mu Chongyan’s expression, carrying a tone as though he was telling a valuable piece of advice, “I dote on my wife very much…”

Taking Bai Rong’s change in appearance, Mu Chongyan was immediately in between tears and laughter.

At the same time, his heart also softened slightly…

“En..” Mu Chongyan stifled the mirth in his tone, “I can see that.”

Bai Rong had already spent more than seven billion just to buy a virtual mech for him, how could he not see that he ‘doted on his wife’ dearly…


“Hehe…” Seeing Mu Chongyan nod his head in agreement, Bai Rong couldn’t help but laugh to himself. Right now,  he considered this to be cultivating a good impression on his wife right so by the time he grew tall enough to marry Mu Chongyan, he would be able to reveal his virtual city identity to him…

His Mu Chongyan would definitely feel moved!

Bai Rong happily smiled, revealing dimples before he suddenly thought of something and asked Mu Chongyan, “Mr. Wei. I previously advanced into an S level Spell Card Master. If I change my name all of a sudden..wouldn’t it attract attention?”

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“Zsw esd’v dlle vs osaau ycswv vbkp.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p hsknl oyp oyax, “F Uzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap’ kdqsaxyvksd byhl yzoyup clld jlrv plnalv, sdzu vbl nsal xlxclap sq vbl asuyz qyxkzu oswze cl yczl vs pll kv. Mblal yal ds xsal vbyd 5 xlxclap sq vbl asuyz nsal ps obld vbl bynjla nbydtlp uswa dyxl, ydsvbla zyula sq “nsdnlyzle eyvy” oswze cl yeele obknb oswze zlv vbspl rlsrzl pll vbl lmynv pyxl kdqsaxyvksd clqsal uswa xsekqknyvksd.”

“Mblal’p pwnb yd yxygsd vbkdt?!” Jyk Ssdt’p lulp kdpvydvzu talo okel, vbkp oyp pkxrzu…pwnb y nblyv.

“Rv’p dyvwayzzu dsv vbyv lypu.” Yw Ubsdtuyd nbwnjzle oyaxzu, “Mbkp oswze aliwkal vbl bynjla vs kdhyel vbl asuyz qyxkzu’p pupvlx yde vyxrla okvb vblka eyvy vs kdvlaynv pxssvbzu okvb vbl “nsdnlyzle eyvy”.

“Xbb…” Jyk Ssdt dseele, bkp yexkayvksd pvkzz tskdt pvasdt, “Mbyv’p pvkzz yxygkdt!”

“Rv kp iwkvl prlnkyz. Qldlayzzu, xsekqknyvksdp sq rbupknyz eyvy oswze vyjl ycswv yd bswa, cwv qsa Ya. Yw….kv oswze vyjl y ckv zsdtla, pyu ycswv 6 vs 7 bswap.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p rynl oyp dlkvbla qypv dsa pzso, twkekdt Jyk Ssdt sd vbl asrlp sq vbl hkavwyz nkvu, “Mbyv’p obu, kd xspv nyplp, obld swa xlxclap ldvla vbl hkavwyz nkvu, vblu oswze ayalzu yee svbla rlsrzl’p nsdvynv dwxclap yde oswze nsdnlyz vblka xshlxldvp, yhskekdt ydu lhldv vbyv oswze kdnalypl vblka lmrspwal.”

“Xq nswapl…” Yw Ubsdtuyd yeele, “Lsv yzz sq vbl xlxclap yal zkjl vbkp. Mblal yal y qlo Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap yp olzz yp Ylnb Eyaaksap obs yal olzz-jdsod kd vbl hkavwyz nkvu ps Ya. Yw eslpd’v byhl vs qllz ydu ralppwal.”

“….Xj.” Jyk Ssdt saktkdyzzu qlzv y ckv twkzvu cwv blyakdt Yw Ubsdtuyd pyu vbl zypv qlo pldvldnlp lyple vbl osaau kd bkp blyav.

Mbld, alnyzzkdt vbyv bl bye yeele Ys Dk’p dwxcla, bl iwknjzu yeele, “R…R yzps yeele y qaklde’p nsdvynv dwxcla, nyzzle Ys Dk. Tl’p y Frlzz Uyae Yypvla.”

“I see. No worries.” Mu Chongyan comforted, “You’ve only added 30 minutes more to the hacker’s workload. However, next time, if Mr. Mu wants to add another contact again, you should download a few communication tools beforehand and use a false name. This way, covering or changing your identity would go smoothly, for example…”


Mu Chongyan projected a picture from his wristwatch, showing several different communicating devices.

“I used to have a lot of identities, and I’ve only ever added 3 people’s contacts in the virtual city. The rest are through these communicating devices, that’s why changing my identity is a cinch.”

“I see.” Bai Rong nodded, “I understand. Thank you, Mr. Wei.”

“No problems. Mr. Mu is welcome.”

“Mr. Wei, actually… I still have another thing I forgot to mention.” Bai Rong cautiously twisted the hem of his clothes, “…His Royal Highness asked to meet me.”

“?!” Mu Chongyan’s gaze instantly turned chilly, “For what reason is His Majesty seeking an audience with Mr. Mu?”

“It’s not just me but also other S Class and SS Class Spell Card Masters. It sounds like they want to discuss some matter…” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s expression instantly turn grim, Bai Rong quickly explained.

“I see…” Mu Chongyan retracted his gaze and mulled it over for a few minutes. In the end, he gradually loosened up and was not as grim as he initially was.

“Then, Mr. Mu can go at ease. By then, please pay attention to the topic on hand.”

“Alright. I understand.” Bai Rong was nearly frightened by Mu Chongyan’s expressions but was finally able to calm down, “However…what if His Majesty had watched the award-giving ceremony?”

Wouldn’t his identity be exposed?!

“This isn’t a problem.” Mu Chongyan had already recovered his previous expression, his tone without ripples, “Inform the hacker about this matter half a day beforehand so he’ll help you modify your physical body. It would only take an hour to finish doing it.”


“…I see.” Bai Rong felt a little embarrassed, “Would that be too much trouble?”

“It wouldn’t, Mr. Mu doesn’t even often meet with the emperor. As long as you pay attention to your appearance and your name, this kind of temporary modification wouldn’t happen again so it’s not a problem.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mu.” Bai Rong felt warm inside. His Mu Chongyan treated him really well…

“No need to thank me. Mr. Mu is too polite.” Warmth appeared in Mu Chongyan’s eyes again, “If Mr. Mu doesn’t have any other matters, you should go and rest first. You must be tired after the whole day.”

“En….Mr. Wei should also take a rest.” Bai Rong slowly turned around, his figure exuding an air of reluctance.

However, this reluctance wasn’t that of an unwillingness to part as Mu Chongyan assumed.

But was rather because…..he wouldn’t be able to show his buff figure in front of his wife anymore so he was sad…

After logging out of the virtual city, Bai Rong immediately contacted the hacker from v07 and simply stated his requirements before hanging up.

On the other side, Du Han looked at the portrait he noted down and narrowed his eyes, smiling mischievously.

Aiyoo..Boss’s wife must really love boss. He even wanted to change his name to mean that Boss was the gong, this show of love and loyalty…

Tsk tsk tsk, is just as lovey dovey as the Boss giving him the nickname of Little Sweet Cake.

Unaware that original intentions were misinterpreted by Du Han completely, Bai Rong hummed happily as he opened the star net.


It had been a long time since he had gone online so he wanted to see what news there was recently.

Upon clicking into his account, prompting sounds rang endlessly. Bai Rong suspiciously swept across his circle page and found that his inbox was about to explode.

Unable to make any sense of the matter, he frowned and clicked on it, realizing that they were all messages that were tagging him.

That’s odd…

He didn’t seem to have done anything special these days.

Feeling a little sense of foreboding, Bai Rong scrunched his brows before quickly opening it for a look and the more he read…the more the expression on his face turned ugly.

It turns out that after the award-giving ceremony ended at 5, the royal family issued a message, announcing that the Shengya Global Mech and Shengya Global Spell Card Competitions (In Reality) would be moved forward and they were going to be held at the same time on November 17 which was the day after tomorrow.

Not only this but the royal family even announced that they were going to pick out 50 winners from both competitions to form a group to welcome the presidium of the Star Region Alliance who were going to conduct the evaluation of Shengya as a star region.

Amongst the people in the group, the strong ones would bear the responsibility of performing for the presidium and accept other star region missions.

Actually, this was nothing much, what made Bai Rong furious was that the third princess Fenya directly made a post, ambiguously cheering for Mu Chongyan to work hard in the competition so that she could stand beside him as he welcomes the presidium and wins glory in Shengya, right after the announcement was made

Making the search term “Are Mu Chongyan and Princess Fenya together” rise in the rankings of Male God Mu’s search and even the top ranking in the overall general star network search.

Tens of billions of comments instantly flooded the network, among them were some that ambiguously supported the two, “confirming” the relationship and some even taking the opportunity to step on Mu Chongyan.


There was also an extremely small group who had ridiculed him as “Male God Mu’s wife No. 123333333”.

Bai Rong was so angry his face had turned red. He quickly clicked out of his inbox and typed into the star network search but before a while had even passed, he was nearly about to explode from fury.

What were these people spouting nonsense about!!!

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