Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 63.2 Did he look like a wife! (2)


The people inside the hall and the residents watching the broadcast were all stunned before soon revealing a tinge of excitement.

Grand Master Timothy teasingly smiled at the audience before slowly saying, “Among these four winners, in third place, we have…. Ma Wei’er, in second place,…..Yuan Hu, and the champions are…” Grand Master Timothy paused for suspense before raising his voice, “Mu Nan….and Sai Teluo!”

Bai Rong was stunned when he heard this and it was only when the others had started to walk to the stage with bright faces that he quickly recovered his senses and stood up to catch up to them. However, his head remained a little muddled.

How did he get first place?!!


He clearly lowered the specs a lot…

Should he rejoice that there was another who had gotten first place alongside with him?

“Congratulations.” Master Timothy first presented the trophy to Bai Rong and Sai Teluo before giving the two a jade box. Bai Rong surmised that it was Grand Master Timothy’s personally created spell card laying inside as promised by the organizing committee of the competition.

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“Tybybbybyby, xu qsszkpb wdnzl. Ebu yal usw awddkdt yoyu ps iwknjzu? Lscseu’p tskdt vs pvlyz uswa vasrbu qasx usw!”

“Idol actually clinched first place!!! I’m too fucking happy, I knew I didn’t worship the wrong idol! My foresight must be great hahahahaha!!!!”


“The others are surrounding Grand Master Timothy and asking him questions, only idol ran away, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…”

“Oh no, I’m going to die from laughing, my uncle Mu is too pure!”


“Who is this Mu Nan to actually be on the same par as Sai Teluo. I’ve never even heard of him before, there wouldn’t be some shady stuff going on behind the scenes right…”

“Yeah! Grand Master Ma Wei’er, Grand Master Yuan Hu and Grand Master Sai Teluo have been famous in the spell card circle for a long time, even the youngest of them, Spell Card Master Yuan Hu, has been famous for more than 80 years. Who is this Mu Nan who doesn’t even look close to 80….”

“Suspicion of shady tricks +1”

“Tsk tsk tsk. The posters above must be very jealous to death. Shady tricks in a spell card competition? I’m sorry but I’ve lived a hundred years and I’ve never seen shady tricks being carried out in all the spell card competitions that have been held so far!”

“Yeah! My uncle scored a win with his own efforts and the competition has been broadcasted live all this time so on what basis are you calling foul for. You really are blind and black-hearted! [The poster above is actually a sister fan of Uncle Mu, hahahah our Uncle Mu’s fanbase is really wide!]”

“Before the result even came out, I could already predict this. I originally guessed that Uncle Mu would clinch second place but I didn’t think he could actually get first place, there might have been a change in the marking rules.”

“I could already feel that they had changed the marking rules early on, the discrepancy in the amount of points different levels of Spell Card Masters obtained was too little in the past, now that high-level Spell Card Masters are able to obtain more points, this would become fairer, I support Uncle Mu!”

“By the way, let me interject here, I made a sticker pack of Uncle Mu’s face and figure when he was running away kekekeke….”

“Above poster, hand it over and I won’t kill you!!”


“Hand it over and I won’t kill you!!!”


Even though there were still some sour accusations, they were quickly shot down in the next second by other people sharing their opinions.

Mu Chongyan who was sitting inside the aircraft, retracted his gaze in content and turned off the live broadcast.

Mu Chongyan turned his gaze towards the window and revealed a small warm smile, heaving a light breath of relief on the inside.

His little sweet cake was truly the most outstanding of them all, his brilliance could never be completely concealed…


Once Bai Rong stepped out of the building, he spotted Mu Chongyan waiting beside the security checkpoint. After consciously straightening his waist, he quickened his pace.

Of course, Mu Chongyan had also spotted Bai Rong. However, aside from him…there were also a couple of sharp-eyed reporters.

Mu Chongyan swept the surroundings a glance before raising the corner of his lips slightly. Then, the instant that Bai Rong crossed the checkpoint, Mu Chongyan used the nimbleness and vigilance from his mech training to obstruct the crazy people from crowding and opened up a path, allowing Bai Rong to get out safely.

Even when Bai Rong had finally sat down in the aircraft, he still hadn’t recovered his senses.

His….his Mu Chongyan was too godly. How was he able to bring him out among those groups of wild people?!!


Mu Chongyan saw his little sweet cake look at him with glittery eyes and a sense of achievement arose faintly in his heart. The smile hanging on the corner of his lips became increasingly gentle and he couldn’t help but want to reach out a hand and rub the person’s head in front of him.

Mu Chongyan clenched his right hand and quickly stepped on the accelerator, and with a puff of smoke, the aircraft had gone.

The two returned to the villa and Mu Chongyan sent Bai Rong a contact number.

“This is the hacker’s contact number. He’s already sent you a friend request, by then, you will only need to call him. If you have any requests, just let him know and he’ll be able to make the modifications in half an hour.”

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded obediently before looking somewhat sadly at his own body.

Sigh…such a buff body was going to be gone in half an hour.

Seeing Bai Rong look reluctant, Mu Chongyan pressed down the corner of his lips and added, “The name that Mr. Mu uses has also been broadcasted to the entire Sheng Ya, do you want to change your name?”

“Ah…?” Bai Rong was blank for a moment before soon coming to a realization. He unhappily dropped his head, “Then I’ll change it as well….”

Not only did he have to give up on his manly physique, he also had to give up on his name.

Seeing Bai Rong look dispirited, Mu Chongyan felt a little guilty, “If you really don’t want to change it, it’s alright to keep it.”

“No…” Bai Rong shook his head, “I can’t be half-hearted, it’s better to change it as well.” He then raised his head and looked at Mu Chongyan, “I want to change to a more majestic name, is that alright?”

“That would be fine.” Mu Chongyan responded, “What do you want to change it to?”


“I’ve already decided.” Bai Rong nodded, revealing a smile on his face, “I want to be called….Mu Gong!”

Hehehe this means he was Mu Chongyan’s husband(gong)1 The author uses a pun, putting the character 攻gong (as in the pitching position in BL) in replacement for the character 公gong in husband (老公)!

“Mu Gong?” A flint flashed across Mu Chongyan’s eyes, “Which gong character?”

“Erm..the gong for attack!” Bai Rong giggled mischievously, he couldn’t say that it was the gong in husband…

“The gong for attack?” Mu Chongyan looked at the guilty-looking Bai Rong and chuckled, “Sounds good, by the way…I just remembered, didn’t Mr. Mu mention that your lover’s surname is Mu?”

“….Um, ye-yeah,” Bai Rong didn’t know why but he felt a chill run down on his spine, yet he still straightened his spine and raised his chin, saying, “My wife’s surname is Mu!”

He claimed complacently and proudly!

“Oh?” Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Why didn’t he know that he was little sweet cake’s wife?

But..being thought of as a lover, and a wife at that, didn’t make Mu Chongyan feel any repulsiveness, he only felt it silly and even a little bit happy….what was going on?

Mu Chongyan stood in place pondering for a while. He felt that it was probably because the little sweet cake was so pure so he only felt happy for him and that he needed to clarify what a wife was to little sweet cake…

As for how to clarify the term ‘wife’ instead of clarifying the term ‘lover’, the blockhead Mu Chongyan didn’t even notice this peculiarity himself….

“Wife?” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong with mirth in his tone, “Is Mr. Mu married?”

“No.” Bai Rong furrowed his brows.

He was only 30 centimeters tall, how could he get married…

“The…are you dating?”

“N-…no.” Bai Rong became unhappy, “I still haven’t officially confessed!”

“Oh?” Mu Chongyan smiled, “Then how are you so sure that you have a wife?”

“Because my wife told me he likes me and will forever only love and dote on me!” Bai Rong puffed out his chest, his haughty appearance making Mu Chongyan’s heart melt.

“Ohhh….I see.” Mu Chongyan feigned an illuminated expression, “But then…how was Mr. Mu able to determine that he’s your wife and not cough….the other way around?”

As though he had just heard something ridiculous, Bai Rong’s big dark eyes grew wide and his voice became high-pitched.

“Can’t you see what a manly man I am?? Do I look like a wife to you?!!!”

The speechless Mu Chongyan, “…..”

It looks like the road to teaching his little sweet cake what the term ‘wife’ meant would be a tough and long journey….

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater]

Bai Rongrong (puffs out chest): I’m such a manly person, I’m naturally the one taking in a wife, not being one!

Mu Chongyan (smiles dotingly and helplessly) : …..En, no wonder you’re called Mu Gong.

Bai Rongrong (places hands on hips haughtily): That’s right. To tell the truth, you know what Mu Gong means right?

Mu Chongyan (places a haughty look Bai Rongrong into his arms and kisses him): I know, it means Mu Chongyan is the gong…

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