Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 62.1 Was his wife trying to have an illicit affair?! (1)

Little Sweet Cake.

Mu Chongyan was stunned for a moment, but in the next moment, a fierce look immediately returned to his deep eyes, turning the look on his face even darker. His thumb pressed against the knuckle of his middle finger hard, making it reveal a faint bluish white color. His sharp eyes were fixed on the three words “Little Sweet Cake” on the page.

All the illogical and odd things quickly flashed through his mind, overlapping with his little sweet cake…

The light in Mu Chongyan’s dark eyes flickered, and countless complex emotions rushed from the bottom of his heart accompanied by overwhelming shock, crashing against his heart and making it unsteady as though it would break a hole.

The word “Unbelievable” flashed in his mind but was immediately beaten aside by other emotions. At this moment, this word expressed intense emotions, but were too pale and shallow to match the emotions in his heart.


The gorge between Mu Chongyan’s eyebrows became deeper. He closed his eyes and pressed down the frantically raging emotions in his heart. Starting from the day he picked up the little sweet cake… the memories he had etched in his mind resurfaced one by one…

Particularly every frame that involved interacting with the little sweet cake. They were crowded and chaotic, but also very detailed and clear, stepping foot into Mu Chongyan’s mind and heart before soon slipping away…

After a long time, Mu Chongyan opened his eyes again, but they did not possess the dim light it had before. He had managed to press the complex emotions deep down, appearing deep and quiet like usual.

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“Zlp pka!”

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Mu Chongyan’s eyes inexplicably showed a tinge of tenderness.


That’s it, it was just extremely unbelievable. Since his little sweet cake didn’t want to expose his beyond-ordinary-people’s-imagination…uniqueness, then he would pretend not to know for the time being.

Moreover, even if his little sweet cake had told him about it early on, he would have strictly warned him not to reveal it. After all, this kind of lifelike humanity, and the card-making talent that was unmatched in Shengya Star Region for thousands of years… …. in just one little star pet was too inconceivable, even to the point one would find it a little weird.

His little sweet cake choosing to hide his identity….was, without a doubt, the right choice.

Mu Chongyan’s brows were locked in a scrunch, and his eyes once again closed, his right thumb and index finger pressing on his temple.

The flutter of emotions that he felt as soon as he learned the truth such as shock, amazement, coldness, and the suspicion that was pressed to death before it could even rear its head, had all turned into a plume of smoke and dissipated cleanly.

All that was left now was worry and faint panic.

The secret of Little Sweet Cake was too unbelievable…No, it had far exceeded the level of “unbelievable”. Once it was exposed, the consequences would be disastrous.

By then, he would be afraid that all the 9th-level star regions and the 8th-level star regions would come to fight over the little sweet cake’s computer chip, and faced with so many troops, he…was afraid that it would be difficult to protect the little sweet cake.

Mu Chongyan furrowed his brows even tighter, as if lead was being poured into his heart, and the aura he exuded became colder and heavier.

Silence remained for a long time, and the lights in the living room were cut off so Mu Chongyan’s statue-like unmoving figure was instantly swallowed by the ink-like darkness…

The next day.


The small alarm clock at the bedside rang as usual, Bai Rong turned it off in a daze, stretching out his hand. He rubbed his eyes, before jumping off the bed.

Yesterday, in preparation for finals, he studied spell card data for a long time, and he didn’t stop studying until the 26,101st material. Up until now, he had only slept for less than five hours.

Sigh…And now, he had to get up early, being a tough guy was really hard.

Bai Rong sighed for a long time before getting off the bed to wash up. Today was finally the day of the finals. He had to fight hard and make his family’s Mu Chongyan appreciate his cool appearance!

Hehehe, Bai Rong secretly laughed to himself, the corners of his sweet lips raised,slightly and his whole person brimmed with an excited glow.

After washing, Bai Rong put on new clothes and ran out. As soon as he ran to the door of the villa, he saw Mu Chongyan waiting outside.

“Chongyan!” Bai Rong raised her small face in surprise, moving his calves quicker, his dark and soft hair was blown backwards, exposing his bright and clean small forehead completely.

Mu Chongyan’s heart softened, and he reached out a hand to pick him up..

“Chongyan, why are you so early today…” Bai Rong sat on Mu Chongyan’s palm, rubbing his cheek against Mu Chongyan’s warm fingers.

Back when he was shorter, he used to have to stand to rub his face, now he could do it while sitting, hehe!

Feeling a soft and tender sensation on his fingertips, Mu Chongyan’s heart melted, and he said gently, “I got up early today.”

In truth, he didn’t sleep at all last night.


Last night, he came up with of a lot of strategies to help the little sweet cake cover up his identity, including hiding him so that he would not go out or log into the virtual city… But in the end, he rejected them all..

After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to maintain the status quo for the time being, and then asked Du Han to help wipe out any traces Little Sweet Cake had left behind and cover it up.

Although the “never go out, never log into the virtual city” seemed to be the safest option, to the “unique, smarter and emotionally richer than ordinary people” star pet, it was no different from being held in captivity. Even if it was safer, he was afraid that he would only drive his little sweet cake to insanity…

“Got up early?” Bai Rong looked at the layer of darkness under Mu Chongyan’s eyes and frowned, asking, “Is it because you didn’t sleep well last night so you got up early?”

“No.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair lightly, saying, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Are you really?” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan worriedly, his voice filled with concern: “A lack of sleep will affect your health. Chongyan, if your symptoms are severe, you have to see a doctor.”

“En, I know.” Seeing the little star pet’s look of concern, the softest piece of Mu Chonyan’s heart was pierced. Mu Chongyan secretly sighed, and kissed the top of Bai Rong’s hair, “Such a good boy…”

His Little Sweet Cake was so cute and sweet that even if he was really a spy star pet sent by an enemy region, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to let go, at most, he would just confine the little sweet cake and continue raising him.

Besides, he believed that his little sweet cake was definitely not such a character.

“…” Hearing Mu Chongyan’s pampering tone, Bai Rong’ ears turned red and he twisted the corner of his clothes, lowering his head.

Why did he feel as if Mu Chongyan was becoming more and more gentle, it really…made it hard for a tough guy like him to fight back…

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