Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 61.2 Did you find it? (2)

Mu Chongyan stayed up all night. After giving out the task, he went to the AS Virtual Mech Union to practice for an hour, and then reckoning that his little sweet cake was about to rouse, he left the virtual city.

Thinking of his Little Sweet Cake, Mu Chongyan’s eyes were filled with tenderness, however… his brows wrinkled slightly.

The speculation that came to mind yesterday was too absurd. Even though he had quickly rejected it, he still couldn’t help but link Mu Nan with his little sweet cake.

It was simply ridiculous.

There were indeed many things fishy with Mu Nan, and these were inexplicably related to his little sweet cake, but these connections were far from enough to cover the once in a millennium card-making talent of Mu Nan and one of a kind ‘humanity’ his star pet had.


Even though his little sweet cake was clever, it was impossible for him to have such a natural “humanity” that ordinary people had. Otherwise, it would not only be unbelievable, it would be strange and somewhat terrifying.

Mu Chongyan shook his head, a helpless smile appearing in his eyes. He must’ve been really confused, how could he think of these whimsical and absurd things again.

As if a bucket of cold water was splashed on his face, Mu Chongyan wiped his face clean of any expressions and walked back to the bedroom.

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“Zlyb.” Jyk Ssdt dseele. Mbld bl pyke, “Mblal kp sdl xsal vbkdt R oydv vs vlzz usw.”

“Ebyv kp kv?”

“R’x yzalyeu hlau vyzz.” Jyk Ssdt pvalvnble swv bkp zkvvzl byde yde tlpvwale wroyaep, bkp qynl plakswp: “R nyd’v zkhl kd vbkp naupvyz tzypp nypl yduxsal. Rv’p vss pxyzz.”

Seeing the faint pride on Bai Rong’s face, the smile in Mu Chongyan’s eyes deepened, “Okay, I’ll change it for you tonight, okay?”


“Okay.” Bai Rong happily nodded, hugging Mu Chongyan’s fingers and rubbing his face against it.

The smile on Mu Chongyan’s face became more gentle at the sight of this.

After the meal, Bai Rong returned to the crystal case, while Mu Chongyan left home and rushed to the Shengya Military Academy.

After returning to the bedroom, Bai Rong turned on his optical computer, studied spell card information for two hours, then he logged into the virtual city and went to the AS Virtual Mecha Union for training.

After training for a full eight hours, Bai Rong was as tired as a dried salted fish, wanting to lie down without any desire to move.

After finally moving back to the villa, Bai Rong put his virtual body into the bathtub and left it there for a soak, before logging out of the virtual city, and picking up a small bath towel to take a bath.

After taking a bath for half an hour, Bai Rong kissed the little cub treasure one by one, then stepped out of the bathtub to dry his body.

Since he was going to be moving houses tonight, there will be bigger and more tiger bath treasures in the crystal glass cases, and he could use the big and small ones altogether, though he didn’t know if these small ones would feel inferior once they meet the big ones.

After running back to the bedroom, Bai Rong put on his clothes and logged back into the virtual city. As Mu Nan, he got out of the bath, dried himself and put on new clothes.

After cleaning up his virtual world’s body, Bai Rong browsed the messages on his wristwatch, and suddenly found a highlighted message marked in red.

In the past, the highlighted information would usually be in yellow and not in red. A flash of surprise flitted across Bai Rong’s eyes and he hurriedly pressed the message open.

In the next moment, Bai Rong’s round eyes suddenly grew wide.


His Majesty the King wanted to see him?!!!

And he wanted to discuss important matters with him and other S-level and above Spell Card Masters?!!!

What was going on?!!!!

Unsure of whether it was an honour or a shock, Bai Rong was rendered completely stunned for a moment. After recovering, he repeatedly read the message three times over and over again to make sure that he had read it correctly.

Attending people: The emperor, and all spell card masters that are S level and above.

Meeting time: 1pm on November 20th.

Meeting place: Central City Government Building.

Bai Rong’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his entire small face looked miserable. It was not that he was afraid of meeting the king, but that the meeting place was actually…It was actually the central city government building in real life, not in the virtual city!

But… but in this body, he obviously couldn’t go!

After ruminating on this problem over and over, Bai Rong seemed to have swallowed a broken gall, his entire face was wrinkled, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and began to type a reply to this urgent message.

“To the revered His Majesty the King: Due to physical reasons, I cannot go to the central city. I feel much regret and apologies. If possible, I hope I can serve you in the virtual city!”

Bai Rong frowned and pondered for a while, then revised a few more words, before closing his eyes and sending it.


Forget it, wasn’t he just sending a refusal to the king. If he was ordered to die because of this reply then die it is!

After sending it out, Bai Rong stared at the watch nervously for a while, and saw that there was no message being sent back, so he simply logged out of the virtual city.

He wasn’t going to wait any longer. His Mu Chongyan was going to be back soon, if he had time to be terrified, why not use it to accompany his wife! In any case, he had already sent his reply!

…At this time, in the remote central city, the chambers of the west hall of the palace.

“Your Majesty, an S-level spell card master sent a message of rejection.” A man with meticulously combed hair walked behind the emperor who was standing in front of the diamond framed windows and bowed respectfully.

“Rejection?” The emperor turned around, revealing an extremely fierce face, his deep eyebrows revealed a stern look, his voice radiated dignity and power, causing the person who was bowing in report to feel apprehensive and tense.

“Ye-…Yes, the spell card master said that it was physically inconvenient for him, so he couldn’t go, but he hopes to see your majesty in the virtual city and serve your majesty.”

“Then change the meeting place to the central city of the virtual city.” The shallow gully between the emperor’s eyebrows turned deep for a moment, before loosening quickly, as he commanded in a cold voice.

“Alright, Will, you can leave.”

“Yes.” Knowing that His Majesty the Emperor was now acting swiftly and resolutely, Will respectfully responded, but before stepping back, he added another sentence: “Your Majesty, the third princess has brought you food again, she’s now waiting outside the West Hall.”

“Fenya came? ” The expression on the emperor’s face lit up slightly and he paused for two seconds before saying, “Bring the meal over and let her leave first.”

“Understood.” Will respectfully retreated.


Looking around outside the bright window, the emperor turned around, revealing fatigue between his brows, he naturally took out the pocket watch in his arms and opened it gently.

The face of a young man was revealed. The man was handsome and had a gentle smile on, he also had a pair of eyes which carried tender affection.

“Qing Shu…” The fierce look in the emperor’s eyes disappeared instantly, turning into endless tenderness, but that tenderness was mixed with too many bitter things…

“Qing Shu…Today, when I was driving the mech, I suddenly felt a little powerless. I’m not sure if it was due to fatigue. I couldn’t even do the Torreo arc step. If you were to have seen it, you would have definitely laughed at me…”

“Also…… today’s weather was particularly good, the purple flowers outside are blooming. In the past, you often made purple sweet cakes on this day. Now that you’re not here with me, I can’t eat them anymore.”.

“However, Fenya has been bringing food over the past few days. She finally knows how to be filial now that she’s all grown up. I spoiled this child a little too much when she was young and that caused her character to be crooked for a while, but fortunately, she’s breaking out of that character, otherwise, you would’ve blamed me to death for it…”

“But…” The emperor’s voice paused, and there was a touch of pain in his eyes. After a while, he smiled again: “But, the only reason I pampered her was because of…you, you protected the child like that…that’s why she could be safe and sound today, so how can I bear to not pamper her. If you think I’m not good at disciplining our children, just come to teach her yourself… alright…?”



Not long after Bai Rong left the virtual city, Mu Chongyan returned.

“Chongyan…” Seeing Mu Chongyan come back, Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s finger and said sweetly, “Quickly help me move, help me move.”

When he ran out just now, he almost hit the door frame with his head! He had to move houses quickly!

“Okay, I’ll help you move.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair fondly before taking out a new crystal glass case from his spatial button. He then helped Bai Rong by putting his optical computer, clothes and other things in front of the door of the villa of the new crystal glass case.

Then Bai Rong took another seven or eight minutes settling down his optical computer, clothes, little cub bathing treasures and Kuku before happily running out of the crystal case and hugging Mu Chongyan’s wrist.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong lifted his small face and rubbed his belly, softly saying “…I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Mu Chongyan picked up Bai Rong and gave him a kiss, saying gently, “Let’s have our meal now, shall we?”


…The two of them finished their supper, enveloped in a fluffy atmosphere. After the meal, Bai Rong clung onto Mu Chongyan, asking for kisses for a while, then he returned to the crystal glass box at almost eight o’clock.

Mu Chongyan watched the little star pet disappear at the door of the villa, with a clear smile hanging on the corners of his lips as well as reluctance to part, and he stood there for a full ten seconds before turning and leaving the bedroom.

Once he arrived at the living room, Mu Chongyan turned on the optical computer and was prepared to log into the virtual city, but before opening the virtual contact device, a message from a v67 member was suddenly sent over.

Mu Chongyan raised an eyebrow and opened the message.

“Boss, I have completed the task you have given me this morning. I have found the location and past activities of this person… Cough, boss, don’t you recognize this person?”

“What do you mean by that?” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly.

“Boss, you’re following him on the starnet, and he’s on your favorite follows too…” Du Han rubbed his nose and did not mention that he not only saw his boss place special attention on him, but he also remarked him as Little Sweet Cake.

Tsk tsk…Little sweet cake, what a sticky sweet pet name…Was his boss playing with a game of guess-who-I-am with his lover for fun?!

Not expecting the boss to move so fast to be able to obtain a wife within just one month of not seeing him, why did it seem like only a few people knew about this?

Du Han revealed a smirk, rubbing his hands in his heart, hehehe, he seems to have discovered a big piece of news?!

“Favorite follows?” The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed abruptly. He quickly logged into his Starnet account and opened his favorite follow list.

In the next moment, the hope that ‘someone hacked into his account and followed other fans’ he held in his heart was shattered.

Because on his favorite follow list…

Was only one person and one person alone.

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