Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 62.2 Was his wife trying to have an illicit affair?! (2)

After the two had breakfast, Mu Chongyan sent Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case, then walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa, not showing any intentions to leave home for the academy.

Mu Chongyan first turned on the optical computer and sent Dai Suo a message before then logging into the virtual city.

…On the other side, Bai Rong went back to the bedroom and turned on the optical computer to watch tutorials for a while.

He had already watched 80% of the videos that Mu Chongyan gave him containing more than one hundred intermediate spell card creation videos and he estimated that it would not take long to finish watching them.

At about 8:20, Bai Rong turned off the video and logged into the virtual city.


As soon as he logged in, Bai Rong hurriedly put on his make-up, robe and fisherman hat. Then, he went into the hall on the first floor to wait for Mu Chongyan, but before leaving the bedroom, he found that the inbox on his wristwatch showed another red blinking message. .

Bai Rong hurriedly clicked on it and found that it was a message from the royal family.

After reading it carefully twice, Bai Rong’s eyes first grew wide in surprise, before he slowly revealed a smile.

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“…Ls osaaklp.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p lulp nbydtle pzktbvzu, yde y olkae qllzkdt qzkvvle vbaswtb bkp blyav.

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“Nlv’p ts.” Jwv sdnl bl prsjl, Yw Ubsdtuyd nswzed’v blzr cwv yesrv y pzktbvzu tldvzla yvvkvwel.

However, neither of them had noticed this change.


Mu Chongyan speeded up and flew to the vicinity of the Central City Government Building in just ten minutes.

Since there were only ten contestants in the finals, this time, the guarding gate was not located too far away, standing only 500 meters from the entrance of the building.

“We’re here.” Mu Chongyan pulled the aircraft to a stop and landed slowly.

“En.” Bai Rong looked down through the window and found that the road outside the security checkpoint was crowded with people, it was endlessly raucous and noisy.

There were even many people who had moved tables, chairs and stools, drinking tea and laughing while eating popcorn. A large screen of nearly one hundred square meters floated in front of this “tea party”.

Bai Rong held his forehead speechlessly. Once the aircraft had come to a stop. he opened the door and walked down but… the look on his face had suddenly changed, and he rushed frantically towards the staff at the cordon.

This was because as soon as he got off the aircraft, a lot of people flocked to him with glinting eyes, along with many reporters carrying video cameras mixed among the crowd. Their excitement looked like it could eat him alive!

It was simply horrifying!!!

At the very last second before his robe was nearly grabbed onto, Bai Rong rushed to the staff, swiping his identity card and safely entering the checkpoint.

Phew…Bai Rong let out a sigh of relief, these people were simply crazy.


Hearing the people outside excitedly shout at him, “Idol, good luck!!!” “Idol, I like you, you have to be number one!” and other confessions, he felt very happy, but also a little flattered and shy…


Having not expected that he would be so popular and adored, and that this scene was even seen by Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong puffed up his chest and glanced at Mu Chongyan outside the security checkpoint, showing a somewhat triumphant smile.

Mu Chongyan saw Bai Rong smile sweetly at him, and immediately returned an encouraging look, signalling Bai Rong to go to the competition venue.

After Bai Rong left, Mu Chongyan sighed and rubbed his aching temples. He seemed to have just seen a touch of cuteness on that scraggly and bearded haughty face…

He was simply infected with the little sweet cake’s poison.

Seeing that Bai Rong’s figure was no longer visible, Mu Chongyan was ready to return to the aircraft, but before he sat in, he suddenly heard whispering voices around him.

“Who is this guy, our idol actually smiled at him… I’m jealous!”

“A bodyguard…or a driver?”

“No…I guess it’s probably just a pretty boy, didn’t you see our idol smile so sweetly at him?”

“No way, such a handsome pretty boy with those wide shoulders, abs and long legs, wouldn’t he just squeeze our idol dry?”

“Tsk, pretty boys… .But how do you know he has abs, have you seen them?”

“I go to the gym all year round so I’m definitely not mistaken and it’s definitely an eight pack at that too!”

“Tsk tsk tsk…but our idol doesn’t look like he has been squeezed dry, on the contrary, he looks insatiated…”


“Hahahahaha… insatiated hahaha…”

“Hahahahahaha…You are an anti-fan of our idol, aren’t you.”

“Hehehe when you like someone so much, you naturally become an anti…”


After his aptitude increased, his five senses became more sensitive, as such, the secret laughing whispers kept slipping into his ears. Mu Chongyan’s face became darker and darker, and he closed the door with a slam.

What kind of people were they, how corrupted!

He had to take good care of the little sweet cake so that he wouldn’t be led astray!

Bai Rong didn’t know that some people had started forming fantasies about him and Mu Chongyan. He followed the staff into the competition hall, and was immediately taken aback.

There were ten huge consoles in the empty and cold white hall. A round-headed recorder was floating all around the console. Ten sets of special virtual card making equipment were placed on the console, and the equipment flashed with an exquisite luster, appearing very attractive….

Bai Rong suddenly squeezed his fist, his cheeks reddened with excitement.

It was actually a top grade equipment!

A top grade equipment that one couldn’t even purchase!!!


As expected of the central city government, they were so generous!

Bai Rong happily walked to a console, quickly checking the equipment and materials, before standing there with a straight spine, putting on a mask and no longer moving.

There was no seating arrangement for the final round. After a while, the other nine spell card masters walked in one after another and found their own positions.

Bai Rong took a quick glance and found that, except for two that were the same age as his disguised age, most of them were over 100 years old.

After all the Spell Card Masters stood still, a clear and cold mechanical sound suddenly rang out..

“There are still three minutes before the game. Will all Spell Card Masters please check the card making equipment.”

With the ringing of the mechanical sound, a three-meter-high white board rose rapidly around each console, guarding the contents of the console and the spell card master tightly, however, what was different this time was that the white boards were a lot farther apart from each other. Once the boards had finished rising, Bai Rong found that he still had about 20 square meters of space to move around in.

After the boards stopped rising, the table under the huge console suddenly rose, revealing three large silver boxes. Bai Rong glanced at it and found that none of them were locked.

Then, another mechanical sound sounded.

“The competition time is three hundred minutes. The requirement: make five virtual intermediate spell cards. Please select materials from the material box now, once two minutes has passed, participants are forbidden to pick out more materials.”

Three hundred minutes, five virtual intermediate spell cards!

This difficulty was too high!!!

Bai Rong quickly squatted down to pick out the materials. The materials in the three boxes were very messy. He gathered his focus and quickly picked out eleven core spell card materials, and just as he was about to select the twelfth set, the familiar mechanical sound suddenly rang again.

“Time is up. Will all spell card masters please stop the selection.”

Bai Rong quickly retracted his arm back.

In the next instant, the white table in front of the console rose rapidly and closed with a “Bang”.

“The competition will now begin.”

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