Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 56.1 Why don’t I help you…(1)

Feeling the little sweet cake lying in his hands trembling nonstop, the tears that slid down his little face soon soaked his palms wet, causing Mu Chongyan’s heart to feel as though it had been thrown into a mill, bloodily crushed into mushed up pieces and aching. He clenched his other hand so tightly that blue veins popped up and upon seeing the cold and frightening appearance of Mu Chongyan, all the blood was drained from Fen Ya’s face. Her sweet voice that distorted the truth deliberately halted in fright but soon turned into an even more aggrieved sob as she stared at Mother Mu with teary eyes.

Mother Mu immediately stood up in anger and pointed at Mu Chongyan, about to lash out when a ‘whoosh’ sound suddenly rang out and a small silver knife flew quickly past Fen Ya’s face, and embedded deeply into the wall behind her!

“Ahh——!” It was only when a warm liquid flowed down her cheeks that Fen Ya had felt a piercing pain on her cheeks and she screamed in fright, “My face!!!”

In truth, the wound was not deep, measuring only three centimeters long below Fen Ya’s eyes as a graze. If she were to use a medical device or top grade wound ointment to treat it, it would only take less than a minute for the area to recover its original smooth appearance. However, at this very moment… Fen Ya had sat down on the ground, crying as though she had a terminal illness that could never be cured.

“Xiao Ya?!!!” Mother Mu dashed towards Fen Ya in an instant, squatting down in great distress and holding Fen Ya who was covering her right cheek and crying. She gently shifted Fen Ya’s hand away and her actions faintly caused Mu Chongyan to feel at a loss as he stood at the side.


Heh, why did he feel as though Fen Ya was more like his mother’s….That’s not right, she wasn’t his mother in the first place anyways.

“Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya. Let go of your hand and let me take a look…” As soon as she saw the wound, Mother Mu’s eyes were filled with extreme anger and distress. All sorts of obscenities and insults immediately bubbled into her head and were directed towards Mu Chongyan, “That little shit, to actually be this malicious and daring to hurt you. Wait for this auntie to kill that brute…”

Mu Chongyan watched as his mother proceeded to curse him while taking out a top grade medical device from her spatial button and treating Fen Ya and a cold sneer appeared in the depths of his eyes.

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His voice was so cold, it didn’t carry the slightest trace of affection: “Mother, it’s time for you to return.”


Mother Mu apparently didn’t expect that Mu Chongyan would actually raise a hand to stop her. Her eyes immediately turned red with anger, and her expression turned a little distorted. Despite tugging her bag twice, she was unable to snatch it from his hands and after looking around, she picked up a chair and some steel-ceramic decorations, and threw the object towards Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan remained still in his original place, using both hands to carefully protect Bai Rong. He swiftly lifted his leg to strike, kicking the incoming chairs, table and decorations out of his way one after another.

After having thrown several things yet unable to harm Mu Chongyan in the slightest, Mother Mu panted heavily. Her cruel eyes locked firmly onto Mu Chongyan as she spat out insults nonstop, “Bastard, Beast, Unfilial son.”

Mu Chongyan suppressed the urge to kick a heavy object towards Mother Mu. He could restrain himself as needed, but if he were to make it any more obvious, he would’ve let the cat out of the bag.

Heh, after all, he had been known to be an obedient and filial child since he was young.

“If mother has already calmed down, please quickly take your guest away and leave.” Every word Mu Chongyan uttered towards the two made nausea billow in his stomach.

He now had 80% certainty that Mother Mu not only knew he was not her child but could have also been a participant of the ‘gene forging’ incident. However, it was evident that a person like Mother Mu wasn’t the mastermind, instead, there was a hidden vicious force hiding behind the scenes.

And now, not only did he have to hide the changes of his aptitude, he also had to hide the incredible talent his little sweet cake had in card making. At present, even Level 9 star regions hadn’t been able to develop the ability of giving machines the skill to make cards. If his little sweet cake’s ability were to be exposed…

There was no doubt he would be forcibly taken away and dismantled into pieces for the chip to be taken away and used for study!

Thinking of this possibility, Mu Chongyan’s eyes immediately became piercingly icy. As of now, he hadn’t had the power nor ability to resist the military power of Level 8 and 9 star regions and if he failed to protect his little sweet cake, his little sweet cake would only encounter a disastrous ending!

That was why… he couldn’t expose himself any more than necessary.

They need to make the forces behind the scenes feel at ease so as to reduce the attention they had placed on them.


Mu Chongyan turned around with a cold expression, as though he did not hear Mother Mu’s insults, and picked up the crystal glass case in the corner before walking out of the living room.

“Where are you going, you bastard? Did you want to leave after beating and scolding your mother? Hold it right there!” Mother Mu grabbed Mu Chongyan’s arm and dug her fingernails deep into Mu Chongyan’s flesh.

Beating and scolding his mother?

Mu Chongyan nearly laughed out of anger. Why did he not know that he had just beat and scolded her?

“Brother Mu, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like me being here, but you can’t do this to auntie. You should apologize to auntie. There aren’t any parents in this world who don’t love their own children, so auntie will forgive you…” Fen Ya quietly sobbed and walked towards Mother Mu’s side, pulling her hand, ‘mediating’ in an empathetic fashion, “Auntie, don’t be angry. Brother Mu didn’t do it deliberately…”

“Look! Look at how kind and magnanimous Fen Ya is. And look at what brutish things you’ve just done now!”

Mother Mu’s nail dug deeper, causing Mu Chongyan’s eyes to sink deeper. He seamlessly threw off Mother Mu’s hold and without even sparing the two women a glance, he strode towards the door, “Forgive me, mother. I still have some urgent matters to attend to. Please take the idle person with you and leave. I’ll return home some day and give you an explanation.


“Auntie.” Fen Ya held Mother Mu’s hand and interfered before she could let out another string of insults, the gentleness in her eyes had long since vanished, “Auntie, it seems that Brother Mu isn’t feeling too good today. We can’t speak reason with him so it’s better to wait until he comes home and have a good chat with him then.”

“What a good child…” Mother Mu’s angry face once again changed as she held Fen Ya’s hand, “When that time comes, I will definitely make him give you an apology…”


“Does it still hurt?!” As soon as the two people departed, Mu Chongyan anxiously lifted the little star pet to eye-level, however, his arm twitched in the middle of carrying out this action.


“It doesn’t hurt if you don’t touch it…it’s okay, don’t worry…” Bai Rong sat up slowly. In fact, he had almost calmed down when Mother Mu started grabbing things to throw at Mu Chongyan. However, shortly after, he soon heard Mother Mu spit out words of insult and falsehoods and started quivering in anger.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong stroked Mu Chongyan’s finger, “Why did your arm twitch just now?”

“I’m fine.” Previously, in order to minimize the effect of his movements on the star pet’s injury, Mu Chonyan had kept the same posture. As such, his left arm was a little stiff, causing it to suddenly twitch.

“Let me look at your back, okay?” Even if the little star pet claimed that he was fine, Mu Chongyan didn’t feel at ease. “Even if it doesn’t hurt when it’s not touched, wouldn’t it still hurt?”

“I’m really fine.” Seeing the anxiety and worry in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, Bai Rong regretted his earlier words. With the way that Fen Ya had pinched him, his entire back would have no doubtedly turned purple. If Mu Chongyan were to have seen that, his secret would have been exposed.

“It’s good that you’re fine but I still have to check it.” Mu Chongyan remained stubborn, his eyes locked firmly on Bai Rong in his hand.

“It…it really doesn’t hurt anymore, you don’t need to check…” Bai Rong was nearly about to yield seeing Mu Chongyan’s slightly red eyes. Fearing that he would soon give in, he quickly lowered his little head.

Mu Chongyan saw the little star pet’s guilty appearance and knew that the matter must not have been as simple as it looked. Fen Y had definitely pinched him ruthlessly and the anger in his heart instantly surged to this throat.

Mu Chongyan quickly rushed to Dizhi with Bai Rong, and booked a private room, ordering two dishes to quickly send the people away.

“Even when only the two of us were left, you were still quivering yet you claim that you’re fine?” Mu Chongyan held the person up to eye-level and scrunched his brows. He locked gazes with Bai Rong as he spoke in a voice that carried unsupressable worry and distress, “Be good and let me take a look. I’ll just take a quick look…alright?”

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