Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 56.2 Why don’t I help you… (2)

“It really doesn’t hurt…It’s nothing, don’t worry…” Bai Rong hugged Mu Chongyan’s fingers and rubbed his small face against it to make him feel at ease. “I’ve already calmed down when your mother… Mother Mu started to throw things at you. It was just because I soon heard her spout insults and lies that I started quivering from anger…”

Bai Rong raised his head and stared at Mu Chongyan with clear eyes. All these words he said..were nothing but the truth.

“If it’s nothing, then let me take a look, alright?” Mu Chongyan persisted. He wasn’t convinced nor was he led astray, he only knew that if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t feel at ease in the following days.

Burned by Mu Chongyan’s anxious gaze, Bai Rong felt helpless but he still didn’t yield to him. Instead, he found another excuse, “I can’t…I haven’t bathed in two days. I can’t show it to you.”

Mu Chongyan’s brows were scrunched more tightly. Clearly, the little sweet cake’s words sounded like an excuse, but why did it also ineffably sound a bit… ambiguous…..


Seeing that Mu Chongyan would definitely not let him go if he didn’t take a look, Bai Rong’s brain churned as he came up with another makeshift plan. He cleverly hugged Mu Chongyan’s fingers while twisting his body, and revealed a sweet and soft smile, “Chongyan…I will show it to you tomorrow, is that fine?….”

Hit with the sudden act of coquettishness, Mu Chongyan’s heart initially trembled and he paused for a while before persevering, “….That won’t do.”

“Why not…” Seeing that Mu Chongyan’s insistence was crumbling, Bai Rong secretly gave himself a fist pump, and immediately continued to act coquettishly: “Chongyan… if you give me a top grade wound medicine, I’ll show it to you tonight…”

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“All right…” Seeing that the medicine bottle was placed inside, Bai Rong sat back down in peace, and looked at Mu Chongyan helplessly and lovingly, saying: “Then I will take a shower at night and show it to you. ……”


Mu Chongyan was stunned for a moment, before responding “..Alright.”

Why did he still feel that the little star pet’s words…sounded somewhat ambiguous… ….

The food came quickly. Mu Chongyan first prepared Bai Rong’s portion, and then sent a message to Dai Suo, asking him to drive the aircraft over.

The two looked to be having a meal that seemed harmonious on the surface, but each person, in fact, had their own thoughts.

Dai Suo arrived just as Mu Chongyan put his chopsticks down. He didn’t ask any questions and directly led Mu Chongyan into the aircraft.

“Where is your little star pet?” Dai Suo immediately knew from Mu Chongyan’s posture that he wanted to stay at his place and casually asked this question.

“He went back to his crystal glass case inside my spatial button.”

“I see.” Dai Suo revealed an understanding expression before he paused for a moment and asked, “Did something happen?”

Mu Chongyan’s gaze turned slightly cold, “It’s a long story, I will tell you once we arrive.”


After Bai Rong returned, he first scooped a bowl of wound medicine from the bottle with a clean small bowl, and then returned to the bedroom.

After taking off his clothes, Bai Rong stood in front of the full-length mirror and turned around. He saw that his originally white back was covered with a hideous and terrifying deep purple, and there were even patches of dark green and intertwined blood splotches.


How ruthless.

Bai Rong’s face became cold, a dark look flashing across his eyes. He quickly dipped a clean cloth in the wound medicine, and applied it on his back with difficulty.

“Hiss…” Feeling a searing pain, Bai Rong gritted his teeth and applied the medicine on his tragic-looking back.

Unable to hold back the physiological tears leaking out from his eyes, Bai Rong rubbed his eyes, and did not complain in his heart at all.

It was actually… quite manly of him.

The wound medicine that Mu Chongyan had given him was excellent. After Bai Rong applied it twice on his back, the horrible bloody-looking deep purple mark disappeared completely. Even if he touched his back, it didn’t hurt at all.

Seeing that his back had recovered its original appearance, Bai Rong breathed a sigh of relief and ran to the bathroom to take a bath.

He wasn’t worried about where he was going to live today. Perhaps it was going to be at Dai Suo’s house, perhaps it was going to be outside, or perhaps… the sky would be his blanket.

Bai Rong threw all the little milk cubs inside a pouch, into the bathtub, the corner of his lips revealing a small smile.

In any case, as long as Mu Chongyan was there, he was not worried or afraid at all.

…After finishing his bath, Bai Rong put his beloved tigers aside, and picked out a small white shirt and blue jeans that were easy to put on and take off.

Sigh…there was no other way, Mu Chongyan insisted on taking a look at his back. As a tough guy, he had to reassure his wife, right?


After getting dressed, Bai Rong turned the optical computer on, and studied spell card information for a while. When a knocking sound rang out, he quickly got out of bed and ran out of the crystal glass case.

Mu Chongyan had been waiting outside the case, staring at the door.

“Is this…Dai Suo’s house?”

Taking a quick glance around, Bai Rong found that the crystal glass box was placed on a light gray bedside table.

“Yeah. We are going to be living here for today. Once I’ve found a suitable house, I will take you there to live by ourselves, alright?” Mu Chongyan took out the little star pet and sat on the bed.

“Okay.” Bai Rong exposed a smile. Whatever Mu Chongyan decided, he was fine with it..

Seeing the little star pet’s adorable and kind smile made Mu Chongyan’s heart feel a little sour. His eyes trembled for a moment and his hands rubbed his soft hair with extreme gentleness as he warmly said, “Be good. Can you now lift your shirt up and let me take a look…please?”

“…Ok.” For some reason, although he had promised to show it to Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong felt a little shy, his ears couldn’t help but turn red.

However, he still lifted the back of his shirt like a manly man.

Mu Chongyan looked at the white and slender waist, and his eyes drooped. He then asked gently, “…Can you…lift it up a little more?”

Hearing Mu Chongyan’s deep and gentle voice, Bai Rong’s cheeks felt inexplicably hot: “…Alright.”

Then, he stretched out his little hand and lifted it up a little higher.


Not a mark could be seen on the smooth and fair back, allowing Mu Chongyan to finally let go of his worries. However, his gaze was glued to it and had turned motionless…

“Chongyan… is it fine now?” Bai Rong’s back was turned to Mu Chongyan, his hand holding onto his clothes. Feeling that Mu Chongyan’s eyes were burning a hole on his back, his little face gradually grew hotter and hotter.

“…Cough, not yet.” Mu Chongyan suddenly blurted out without much thought.

Dai Suo suddenly remembered something and was about to discuss it with Mu Chongyan, but just as he walked to the door of the room and was about to knock, he suddenly heard some very… ambiguous….words being exchanged.

The little star pet’s soft voice rang out: “…Chongyan, is it alright?”

“No…lift the clothes up a little more…”

“I can’t hold it any longer…my hands feel so sore…”

“Why don’t I help you…”

“No…no need, Chongyan… Isn’t it fine already…”



Dai Suo put down the hand that was about to knock as a complicated and astonished look flashed through his eyes, rendering him frozen in place.

After being stunned in place for ten seconds, Dai Suo’s eyes turned before he shook his head strongly, leaving quietly with a hot stiff face.

The author has something to say:

A huge misunderstanding has been made.

T/N: Holy shiz. Mother Mu is cray cray. Someone contact the relevant authorities and arrest this crazy beeyotch

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