Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 55.3 They wouldn’t complain or cry…(3)

Regardless of whether it was regret or helplessness, Bai Rong intuitively felt that Sheng Ya Star Region would not be able to advance to the eighth level this time. After all, there was only less than a month left. Apart from his wife who had become an SSS level Mech Warrior, the chances of an SSS Spell Card Master appearing were almost close to nil.

Heaving a long sigh, Bai Rong reluctantly turned off the news page. He opened the romance book he bought yesterday and continued reading.

After reading for a while, a series of familiar footsteps suddenly rang out, inciting Bai Rong’s small face to light up. He quickly threw his optical computer off and ran out with happily curved eyes, soft little dimples appeared faintly on his cheeks.

But as soon as he ran towards the door of the villa, the sound of footsteps immediately became chaotic, accompanied by the sounds of what seemed to be quarrelling.

He could hear extreme anger in Mu Chongyan’s voice. Some chaotic footsteps moved outside the door for a moment, then all of a sudden, a somewhat shrill voice sounded, which then proceeded to walk towards the door.


Among the footsteps he heard, two of them sounded like the clacking of high heels.

Bai Rong subconsciously stepped out and unwittingly walked towards the edge of the crystal glass case, finally seeing the three people who had walked in.

Mu Chongyan with a dark complexion, the incessantly chattering Mother Mu, and…a pretty young woman with long hair.

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“Brother Mu, don’t you like these dishes?” Fenya’s voice was overly sweet and unctuous that Bai Rong who was eavesdropping all this time at the edge of the crystal glass case, flared up in anger.


Who was this woman, actually daring to come and seduce Mu Chongyan?!!!

Mu Chongyan had already seen through Fenya, who was obviously arrogant and vicious, but wanted to pretend to be gentle and pure. He didn’t even want to pay her any attention and merely replied to his mother: “Mother, I beg of you to please let your son know beforehand before doing anything next time, you…”

Fenya looked at Mu Chongyan, who didn’t even spare her a glance, unable to maintain her gentle mask any longer. She gritted her teeth, unwillingness and anger stirring turbulently in her heart and rushing through her veins, carrying the darkness from the bottom of her heart straight to her eyes, piercing her eyes with pain.

Realizing that she couldn’t behave like this, Fenya clenched her palm and took a deep breath. Her expression contorted for a bit before resuming her gentle look. She glanced around and suddenly found a little star pet standing at the door of the crystal glass case.

As her eyes swept across the little star pet’s particularly delicate and cute face, Fenya paused for a while before smiling even more sweetly. She quickly walked over and fished the little star pet into her hand.

Bai Rong saw that the woman had suddenly started walking towards him, and immediately wanted to run back, but just after running more than ten centimeters away, he was grasped very tightly.

“Brother Mu, I didn’t know you like little star pets. I also particularly like little star pets, They’re so cute, they make my heart melt.”

“Who allowed you to touch him?” Seeing Bai Rong struggling to get out of Fenya’s hand, veins immediately popped out of Mu Chongyan’s hands in anger, “Put him down.”

“Brother Mu, why are you so stingy? Can’t I play with it for a while…” Fenya feigned anger coquettishly, her watery eyes roaming around. But at the bottom of her heart, she was extremely angry because she had just seen how much Mu Chongyan had cared for this little star pet.

This was just some garbage robot! How dare it steal someone away from her?!!

As she stroked the little star pet with more and more strength, Fenya’s two slender white fingers pressed up against Bai Rong’s back. Her face carried an excessively sweet smile but her nails were digging into the little star pet’s flesh, and she ruthlessly gave it a twist.

In any case, little star pets only know how to smile and please their owner. They wouldn’t know how to complain or cry.


“Ahhh!” Feeling the sharp nails digging into his back and a ruthless piercing pain caused by the pinch, Bai Rong immediately yelled out, tears flowing down his face as he started quivering from the pain.

“What did you do!!!” Seeing the little star pet suddenly let out an anguished wail, and then curl up and tremble from pain, Mu Chongyan’s gaze immediately turned dark. He immediately discarded any considerate thoughts the little star pet would feel from being forcibly snatched and twisted Fenya’s wrist to retrieve the little star pet back.

“What’s the matter?!!!” Mu Chongyan felt that the little star pet in his hand quivering non stop his heart began to tremble as well, he anxiously and incoherently asked, “W-What happened?”

“……Hurts……It hurts…..” Bai Rong lifted his tear stained face, his teeth still chattering, “My back….hurts so much…”

Fenya held her wrist that ached from the twist, feeling her bones almost break from the action and stared at the crying little star pet with extreme bitterness and disbelief, but the next moment, she complained aggrievedly: “Brother Mu…is there something wrong with your little star pet? I just rubbed its head lightly, and it suddenly yelled and frightened me… Brother Mu, you should send that little star pet to get dismantled for repair…”

Fenya’s voice sounded gentle and sincere. She knew that even if the little star pet was dismantled, there wouldn’t be any scars appearing on its skin, so she was not afraid of being exposed. As such, she continued speaking with teary eyes, “Brother Mu, I didn’t tell you that I was actually frightened by your little star pet, but you actually twisted my wrist…You are too much…”

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