Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 55.2 They wouldn’t complain or cry…(2)

Bai Rong’s small head was already red to the point that he was discharging smoke, and he was also rendered speechless as his black watery eyes appeared wide open.

“It seems that this should be alright?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair with a smile without placing him back yet, “This shouldn’t be considered too casual, right?”

Bai Rong closed his mouth tightly, almost crumpling the corner of his clothes. He whispered, “It’s…It’s passable.”

He was a bit flummoxed. This kind of kiss shouldn’t be considered casual. He also felt his whole body becoming quite heavy, he must probably weigh the same as an iron mound in Mu Chongyan’s hand….

“Then…shall I put you back now?” The smile arising on the corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips could not be suppressed at all.


His little sweet cake was obviously acting spoiled for him, even actually complaining that his kisses were done too casually…

Truly….so adorable that his heart couldn’t help but tighten.

“…Ah, um…” Bai Rong nodded in a daze. In fact, he himself couldn’t figure out the boundaries of this so-called “casualness”. So, he decided to acknowledge it first…

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“Flnsde rakdnl, kv’p Qaynl.”

“Come in.” A lazy voice drawled out from the room.



Grace respectfully opened the door and walked in, before gently closing the door.

“Did you manage to find out?” The chair that had its back to the door, turned around, revealing the second prince, who had his hands folded on his chest, his face carrying an insipid smile.

“No.” Grace lowered his head, “The optical computer firewall of that Spell Card Master is too tight, Jia Suo and the others couldn’t invade it.”

“Oh?” The second prince, however, did not get angry. Instead, he laughed out loud, “He’s becoming more and more interesting.”

“Second prince, should we continue to investigate him?”

“Certainly.” The second prince stood up and walked towards the warm-colored diamond framed windows, “However, you don’t need to hire any more hackers. Let’s tackle this from another place.”

“Understood “

Faint clamorous voices from the outside started transmitting over, and the second prince furrowed his brows undetectably. “What’s going on outside?”

“The third princess is cooking.”

“Cooking?!” The second prince’s voice raised slightly. This sister of his wouldn’t even pick up anything that had fallen but was now actually learning how to cook?!

“Yes.” Grace recalled the mess he had seen in the first floor of the hall, and responded expressionlessly.


“There’s a lot of interesting things going on today. Let’s go take a look then.” The second prince put on a light smile and walked out the door with his long legs.

Grace followed him from behind silently.

“Hey hey hey, is this cooking or blowing up the kitchen?” The second prince walked to the entrance of the kitchen located at the corner of the first floor main hall. He looked at the chaotic and dark mess set at the side, and clicked his tongue twice, “Fenya. If you can’t cook, don’t make a mess. If you fry it all like that, will everyone still be able to eat lunch?”

“Droga, you should speak less, I am cooking for father and… to eat, not for you and some other random people.” Inside the kitchen, a beautiful woman with brown hair and slim waist, wearing a pink dress, glanced sideways at the door, anger and hatred flashing past her eyes, “Get lost, all of you, get out!”

“Tsk, you think I’m happy watching something like this.” Droga snorted and turned away with a smile, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

Fenya and him had never gotten along since they were young. He couldn’t stand Fenya acting arrogantly, pompously and maliciously every day. In front of their father, she would always act like a spoiled child and pretend to be behaved. Fenya too was also extremely dissatisfied with his continuous interference and destruction of every single one of her plans.

Today was the day their father was announced to be coming back from Planet Leima. However, to tell the truth, it was nothing special at all. After all, it was normal for their father to rush around between planets to handle military and government affairs. Yet this Fenya suddenly had the urge to learn how to cook for father to eat. No matter how you looked at it, there was something fishy about it…

Could it be something related to Mu Chongyan?

A flash of realization swept through Droga’s eyes and a wrinkle appeared in between his brows. Ever since Fenya was young, she had to have whatever she fancied. When they were young and she had taken a liking to his little star pet, she begged and wept to him endlessly for it. However, no matter how much trouble she made, he didn’t give in to her. In the end, due to his carelessness, by the time he had returned to his room, he found his little star pet dismembered into pieces. Its limbs were pulled apart and the computer chip that was stuck on his chest had also been crushed….

As the anger from his memories resurfaced, Droga’s eyes instantly turned ice cold. It was also at that time that he had noticed that his sister who looked cute and pure on the surface, actually had a vicious and cruel heart…

However, nobody stood in the same camp as him. Ever since that matter happened twenty years ago…..his father rarely asked about them, working himself like a mad cow everyday. His elder sister was also actually a sweet naive young woman despite being powerful and valiant, so it would’ve been best not to tell her about it.

Droga walked out of the hall with a cold face, and took out an aircraft from his spatial button, a light smile appearing in his eyes.


“Let’s go, Grace. I’ll take you out for a meal today.”

Grace hesitated for a moment, before ultimately agreeing: “Understood.”


After studying for four hours, Bai Rong made a long yawn. He rubbed his eyes and turned the computer off to begin training his body according to the plan that Mu Chongyan had formulated for him.

After training for three and a half hours, Bai Rong finally finished the share for today. He wiped the sweat from his small forehead, and collapsed on the bed with a thump, spreading his arms out like a pancake.

After resting on the bed for ten minutes, Bai Rong turned around to fry himself evenly as a pancake before sitting up slowly, turning the optical computer on again.

After learning the spell card data for two hours, Bai Rong felt a little tired. He ran to the living room to find a nutrient dose to gulp down before heading back to the room and opening the star network.

En…he was striking a balance between work and rest time…

After browsing the hot search news on star network for a while, Bai Rong’s eyebrows tightened and unfolded, and then tightened again, his appearance looking extremely tangled.

He had just read that at the end of November, the chairman of the Star Region Alliance will be bringing the jury to Sheng Ya Star Region to carry out the centennial star region rating.

It was no wonder the Spell Card Contest and Mech Contest have been held ahead of schedule…

Bai Rong held his chin with his small hand, poking open the news to continue reading.


The Star Region Rating was going to be based on the economy, culture, and military aspects of the Star Region, of which the military accounted for 50%. The level of Sacred Spell Card Division and Mech fighters were the most important in military ratings. There were altogether a total of nine ranks for star regions. At present, there were only 3 Level 9 star regions, 12 Level 8 star regions, 83 Level 7 star regions, and more than 600 Level 7 star regions…. In the last rating, Sheng Ya star region was rated as a Level 7  advanced star region, which was only one SSS-level Spell Card Master and one SSS-level Mech Warrior away from becoming a Level 8 Star Region

That was because one of the requirements for being a Level 8 star region was that, in addition to the overall military strength, they must possess 1-3 SSS-level Spell Card Masters as well as 3-6 SSS-level Mech Warriors.

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