Chapter 55.1 They wouldn’t complain or cry…(1)

All the way until Mu Chongyan placed him on the dining table, Bai Rong was still in a dizzy state, his little head was blank and his eyes were fluttering about restlessly…

Mu Chongyan placed the prepared food in front of Bai Rong. Seeing that his sweet cake still look as though his soul had departed on a journey, he felt an inexplicable sense of happiness and amusement, he clenched his fist and tried to suppress the smirk that was about to break out on his lips, rubbing Bai Rong’s little head gently and softly asking, “What’s wrong, aren’t you hungry?”

“…Ah?” Bai Rong finally recovered his senses. Confronted with the image of Mu Chongyan’s smile, his face heated up once again.

Seeing the little star pet lower his head in embarrassment again, the impulse to tease fortified in Mu Chongyan’s heart and he immediately poked the little star pet’s blushing face.

Warm and soft, tender and smooth…his face felt really good to the touch…

“Yo-You’re not allowed to poke me…” Seeing that he was becoming more and more passive, Bai Rong’s face turned taut and he lifted his head, revealing wet eyes as he pushed Mu Chongyan’s finger to the side.

His wife was becoming more and more unfettered, he didn’t know which minx he learned from to be able to seduce him. Before, he used to tempt him with a smile, now…he actually.. even used words and actions to do so…

His soul felt as though it was simply going straight to heaven.

But he also couldn’t blame Mu Chongyan…After all, he should’ve been used to this…

Bai Rong sat down harboring extremely complicated thoughts. He picked up the small chopsticks and small bowl and began to eat, his brows furrowed slightly. His small face revealed a kind of sadness that was unique to the vicissitudes a husband felt with a wayward wife…

After the two had eaten, Bai Rong returned to the crystal glass case.

He was afraid that if he were to stay out any longer, he would not be able to bear the enthusiasm of his wife…

After returning to the bedroom, Bai Rong turned on the optical computer to study the spell card information for a while, and then turned off the optical computer at 10:30pm to wash up and go to sleep.

The story of the pair of husbands in the royal family who had to separate due to serious illness, left a shadow on Bai Rong’s heart. He decided to pay more attention to his health for the sake of living a good long life with Mu Chongyan…

The next day, Bai Rong woke up even before the alarm clock could ring..

Opening his eyes in a daze, Bai Rong stretched out his arms and rubbed his eyes. He then kicked off the quilt, and sat up.

Taking the physical examiner on one side and scanning himself, Bai Rong looked at the numbers on the screen, and his eyes instantly curved.

25.00 cm. He had grown 1.04 cm since yesterday, the speed of growth was getting faster and faster!

It seems that Mu Chongyan’s aptitude was soaring!

Bai Rong got out of bed in a particularly happy mood, and picked up the small stalk to record his height in the mud dish, then while humming a song, he went to wash up.

After washing, Bai Rong turned the optical computer on and watched the intermediate spell card tutorial video while stretching his leg on the bed.

He had heard that one could grow taller by exercising in the morning, but he didn’t know whether this was true or not.

After watching the 40-minute video, it was only 6:41am, Bai Rong put down the leg that had been stretched out for a long time, and shut down the optical computer. He then ran out of the crystal glass case to wait for Mu Chongyan.

After waiting for about a minute or two, Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan walking over in casual clothes.

“Eh? Why aren’t you wearing your uniform today?” Bai Rong stared at the gray sportswear Mu Chongyan was wearing, and asked, raising his head.

“I’m not going to the academy today.” Mu Chongyan bent down and gently fished Bai Rong into his hand. He walked towards the dining table and sat down, “I’m going to be discussing some matters with Dai Suo and the others today.”

“You have a holiday today?” Bai Rong grabbed Mu Chongyan’s finger and patted it unconsciously.

“No.” Mu Chongyan shook his finger in amusement, scratching the little star pet’s palm, “I’m skipping class today.”

“Skipping class!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly grew extremely wide, revealing a hint of envy and even admiration.

He had only ever heard of the existence of skipping class, but he had never done it nor did he ever dare to do it…

“What are you thinking about…” Seeing the little star pet’s envious and even slightly excited expression, Mu Chongyan immediately knew that the little star pet was thinking about something weird again, and couldn’t help but stretch out a hand to mess up his soft black hair.

“I-… I’m not thinking about anything.” Bai Rong smiled embarrassedly, he wouldn’t tell Mu Chongyan that he was envious of him daring to skip class, after all, skipping class wasn’t anything worth commending. He couldn’t spoil his wife too rotten….

Taking the sight of Bai Rong’s sneaky and sheepish appearance as though he was a little mouse who had secretly drunk sesame oil, into his eyes, Mu Chongyan sighed in amusement on the inside He couldn’t help but bring the person closer to him and kissed him on the head, before quickly preparing the meal for his little star pet as usual.

Bai Rong, who was suddenly picked up and kissed but was also put back suddenly, blushed, “…”

This Mu Chongyan was too enthusiastic and too…bold, how could he just casually pick him up and kiss him. He even casually placed him back after giving him a kiss. It was simply a snub to his role as a tough husband!

The role of the husband should be the same as that of an iron mound, an iron mound! Do you know what an iron mound is? It’s very deep, very heavy and very hard. It’s not something that can just flutter around casually!

Look at Mu Chongyan again, his actions were casual. He casually picked him up and gave him a kiss and once he was done, he placed him aside.

In any case, it was simply too much, there was not a hint of restraint at all. He needed to assert his role as a husband to Mu Chongyan!!

Bai Rong puffed his small face, his small hand clenching the fork tightly as he stared at Mu Chongyan motionlessly.

Mu Chongyan had just taken a sip of the soup when he felt the scorching gaze coming from below him, and immediately paused.

Mu Chongyan looked down at the dissatisfied looking little star pet, and immediately put down the bowl, asking with concern: “What’s the matter? Was today’s breakfast not to your liking?”

“…It’s not that.” Being confronted with Mu Chongyan’s gentle gaze, half of Bai Rong’s arrogance vanished immediately, seeing that the other half was also in danger of being extinguished, Bai Rong immediately heaved a breath and straightened his chest, decisively making his statement.

“You had done something wrong just now!”

“I…did?” Mu Chongyan obviously didn’t understand what this “wrong” was referring to, but he still paid attention regardless. He immediately put down his chopsticks to show utmost attention and looked towards Bai Rong, asking, “Where did I make a mistake? I would like to express my apologies.”

“…” Mu Chongyan’s attitude of perfect acknowledgement had rendered Bai Rong speechless. He suddenly felt as though he had been a little unreasonable and the words of asserting his dominance as the husband, got stuck in his throat. However, upon thinking that it would be even more unreasonable if he were not to speak, he mustered all his courage to respond.

It’s just that the voice he used was a bit soft, “You…you just picked me up and kissed me casually, and then you put me back casually as well, thi-..this isn’t right…”

Mu Chongyan obviously didn’t expect to hear this reason, but before he could even think for two seconds about it, he suddenly let out a low chuckle and picked Bai Rong up.

Bai Rong had his head lowered and was twisting the corner of his clothes when he suddenly felt himself being picked up midair. In an instant, he hugged Mu Chongyan’s fingers swiftly.

His voice sounded flustered and panicked: “Wh-..what are you doing?”

“Apologizing.” Mu Chongyan’s deep eyes gazed profoundly at Bai Rong for a while, before he lowered his head slightly in front of Bai Rong’s increasingly nervous and bashful gaze, and kissed the top of his hair, twice.

“What about this…?” Mu Chongyan raised his head and chuckled lowly: “Is this kind of kiss alright?”

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