Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 54.2 It’s! Very! Normal! (2)

But after staring for a while…Bai Rong found that he could not refute it at all because he could not reveal his identity, so he immediately made a “click” and logged out of the virtual star network.

Bai Rong wandered around the room twice, took a deep breath, pressed open his music library to play the Great Compassion Mantra, telling himself not to get angry while listening to the music full of Zen. You can’t get angry on this fortuitous day.

After making mental preparations for a while, Bai Rong finally reluctantly suppressed his dissatisfaction, and started processing the materials on the console.

He was completely unaware that the title of the “New S-level Spell Card Master” and “Shengya’s Eleventh S-level Spell Card Master” had completely dominated the virtual star network as well as climbed up to the top of the hot search rankings, even setting off a storm among the major forces of Sheng Ya….

After Bai Rong finished creating the third intermediate-level spell card, he tested them using the spell card detector and found that they barely reached SS-level specs, so he heaved a breath of relief and put the three virtual intermediate-level spell cards into his spatial button.


Sweeping a glance at the time on his watch, Bai Rong saw that it was already 6pm and so, he tidied the console and shut the door, returning to his room and leaving the virtual city.

Bai Rong opened the spell card information and studied for a while, but after some studying, he suddenly remembered the love book he had previously requested for on the star net.

Opening the star net page quickly, Bai Rong entered his account.

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“Usxralbldpkhl Uszzlnvksd sq Nshl Fvsaklp”

“Nshl Usel sq Usdewnv 666”

“Nshl Yselz: Mbl Fvsau sq vbl Ohkz Ylnb Eyaaksa yde vbl Qldkwp Frlzz Uyae Qkaz”

Jyk Ssdt’p pxyzz qynl zkv wr kd rzlypydv pwarakpl, yde bl iwknjzu srldle kv vs esodzsye, cwv kd vbl dlmv xsxldv, bl pweeldzu pvsrrle.

Synjkdt bkp caykd qsa y obkzl, Jyk Ssdt piwkdvle bkp lulp, yde y pzu tzkdv qzkvvle ynaspp bkp lulp. Tl xshle vbl nwapsa qasx “esodzsye” vs “sdzkdl ralhklo”.


Mbl vlmv oyp nzknjle srld okvbswv ydu scpvawnvksdp.

Heheh, Bai Rong snickered to himself before scrolling down to read it.


He was not stupid. The last time he had tried to download something, he had eaten a  loss, did they think he was going to repeat the same mistake?

After watching for half an hour, Mu Chongyan’s footsteps finally rang out the door.

Bai Rong, whose face was red and ears were hot, quivered after reading some unknown content. He quickly shut off the optical computer acting like a thief.

With wet eyes looking left and right, Bai Rong reached out both hands and rubbed his face fiercely, walking out of the bedroom with a resolute face.

But in truth, his calves were secretly turning limp….

As soon as Mu Chongyan walked to the middle of the living room, he saw his little sweet cake wearing a red face in the crystal case placed in the corner of the living room, however, he also seems to carry an inexplicably gallant and spirited aura as he walked over.

Mu Chongyan’s footsteps paused, before soon following suit.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Chongyan squatted in front of the crystal glass case, and warmly asked: “Why is your little face so red?”

No matter how you looked at it, it looked odd….

“I’m fine.” Bai Rong proudly rubbed his small face fiercely, pretending to stare at Mu Chongyan in a tough fashion, his heart beating very fast as if it was about to jump out of his throat. Holding his breath, he forced himself to speak: “I…I have something to tell you!”

“…What is it?” Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who not only looked strange but was also acting extremely strange and paused before speaking.

“…It’s a secret!” Bai Rong stretched out his little arms, his face flushing like a tomato that grew very well under the sun, “Let’s… let’s go to the sofa and talk “


For some reason, Mu Chongyan actually heard the underlying tone of “Let’s go to bed and talk” and immediately shook his head, giving himself a slap on the inside as the roots of his ears instantly turned red.

Wh-…What beastly thoughts he had!

Why didn’t he realize before that he was actually l-….like this…

“…Chongyan?” Bai Rong was so red it seemed as if he was about to explode any time soon. He dragged Mu Chongyan’s trousers cautiously and complained, “Why are you ignoring me?”

“…I , I was just thinking about some work matters…” Mu Chongyan cleared his throat and stiffened his face, his ears appearing half red.

“Wh-, what’s the matter…?” Mu Chongyan gently picked the little star pet up and walked towards the sofa, his steps a little rigid.

“I…I…” Bai Rong stammered for a long time, and seeing that Mu Chongyan had finally sat down, he then summoned the courage to say: “You, you lie down first… “

Mu Chongyan suddenly remembered his dream where the little star pet asked him to lie down and then madly kissed him, and a faint flush quickly dyed his whole face. His body, however, was extremely honest as he quickly laid down obediently.

Bai Rong, who was placed on Mu Chongyan’s chest, “…”

His plan seems to be proceeding well?

Seeing the person lie down obediently, Bai Rong controlled his expression, and clenched his small fist tightly to encourage himself.

Be brave like a serious tough guy! Be bold! Determined! And don’t flinch!!!


Bai Rong coughed fiercely and started walking forward.

Mu Chongyan was completely stiff straight, holding his breath, as his face turned red.

However, his heart had started thumping wildly: Was his little sweet cake about to kiss him again?…H-How many kisses was he going to give…..this time around?

Bai Rong walked to the edge of Mu Chongyan’s shoulders, clenched his small hands and jumped off. He then walked towards Mu Chongyan’s cheek with a taut face, thinking about the words written in the book with a thoroughly red face.

[A serious kiss with your wife needs to be… needs to be… from mouth to mouth…]

The writing he read on the optical computer flashed quickly in his mind, Bai Rong’s whole body was a little abnormally red, and he could not hear anything in his ears. He could only hear the thumping of his heart violently hitting against his chest cavity. And it felt as though it was going to jump out in the next second.

Bai Rong’s gaze drifted towards Mu Chongyan’s light-colored lips. His lips were slightly thin, but the shape was perfect and had a manly quality…Bai Rong suddenly cleared his throat and gulped nervously. Thinking that he was going to do a mouth to mouth with Mu Chongyan, frantic shame instantly overwhelmed him, burning his whole body hot…

The thought of retreating secretly crept up in his heart… ….

But in the next moment, Bai Rong smacked it back!

He was a tough guy! A tough guy! A tough guy!

Would he still be considered a tough guy if he shrank away from kissing his wife?!!!

Bai Rong bit his teeth and pursed his mouth. After taking a step forward, he lowered his head and sent a kiss over.


Mu Chongyan, who had been lying down stiffly, swept a glance at the large-screen TV on the opposite side of the sofa, and suddenly saw the image of the little star pet’s action being reflected on the smooth silver rimmed TV…

Seeing that his kiss was aimed towards his mouth, Mu Chongyan’s brain exploded with a “kaboom”!

His whole person turned red in an instant, Mu Chongyan’s blood rushed towards his ear fervently, and his heart rammed wildly against his chest. His breathing seemed to have stopped for a moment, and he instantly leapt out of the sofa.

Bai Rong was taken aback by Mu Chongyan’s sudden action.

Mu Chongyan sat up and closed his eyes, pressing his fingers on his temples. He did not ignore the excitement that was just faintly beating in the depths of his heart, but he also realized that this would not work. This was sim-…simply…….too beastly!

So in an instant, he bounced up in reflex.

Only…he didn’t ignore the regret that slowly crossed through his heart.

“Chongyan…?” Bai Rong tugged on Mu Chongyan’s clothes in slight confusion, the crazy shame he felt gradually fading, making him sigh with regret, not realizing that he had also felt quietly relieved. .

It seems that mouth to mouth kissing was a little too exciting for a tough guy like him….

Mu Chongyan rubbed his temples, the danger his heart slowly dropping down. He did not ignore the fact that he felt abnormal excitement and joy…when he realized that his little sweet cake was about to kiss him on the lips.

But this…this was abnormal, right? Who would have…feelings for their little star pet?

“Chongyan…?” Seeing that Mu Chongyan still did not respond, Bai Rong frowned, and then tugged on the corner of Mu Chongyan’s clothing.

Mu Chongyan finally reacted and looked down at the little star pet who was tugging on the corner of his clothes, his gaze gently sweeping over the little star pet’s red cheeks, watery eyes, and pursed red lips…

Mu Chongyan’s eyes then lit up, as if he suddenly “realized” why he felt such excitement just now.

It was because… because his little sweet cake was so cute!

Other little star pets couldn’t even match a single strand of hair in his little sweet cake!!!

That was why he was acting abnormally!

Now that he thought about it, it wasn’t abnormal at all. It was just because he really really loved his little sweet cake so much, and it was actually! very! normal!

That’s right, very! normal!

Feeling that he had finally been enlightened, Mu Chongyan’s heart was instantly relieved, and he didn’t feel tangled anymore, nor did he feel that he was a beast. He gently picked up Bai Rong, and said in a very gentle voice: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s, It’s nothing….. “Bai Rong’s courage could only be summoned once in a wave before it gradually died. The thoughts of kissing he had before were already tragically pressed down in his heart.

“Are you sure it’s really nothing much?” Bai Rong’s voice was very soft, but Mu Chongyan sounded as though his tail was raised happily.

Bai Rong lowered his head and pulled the corner of his clothes with his little hand: “It’s really nothing.”

“If it’s really nothing, then…” Mu Chongyan gently carried Bai Rong in front of his face, and suddenly kissed the top of Bai Rong’s hair gently. Then, he slowly moved towards his ears, “Then let’s go eat now..alright?”

Bai Rong who was suddenly kissed behind his ears, had turned completely frozen. His small face quickly reverted back to the deep red shade it was before, and his whole body felt as though it was about to float. The numb feeling exploded from behind the ear, accompanied by Mu Chongyan’s deep and magnetic voice, quickly spreading throughout his body, as his head turned blank….

Bai Rong felt as though he had turned stupid.

The author has something to say:

Was it sweet today!!!

However, Mu Chongyan was really silly and cunning today….to actually bully tough guy Bai Rongrong!

T/N: AND THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. Damn, I was really looking forward to Bai Rong just completely rendering Mu Chongyan frozen stiff kekeke

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