Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 35.1 I have a wife! (1)

As the leading city among the B-Class cities, Xin Ma City was not only far more prosperous than other B-Class cities but it was even more developed than a few A-Class cities. The auction this time, required three months-worth of great effort to hold. Moreover, its quality wasn’t any less than half of the auctions held in the A-Class cities, attracting many Mech Warriors and Spell Card Masters from large and small clans. After just a short ten minutes, hundreds of B-level aircrafts and a dozen of A-level aircrafts had parked outside the auction site.

The clamorous voices from outside entered the inside of the hall, crowding the aisles seats as well as boxes. The entire pale gold auction hall seemed to have reversed the flow of time. It was brightly lit, like daylight, and the staff everywhere were so busy that their feet didn’t seem to even touch the ground. The gleaming twinkle of the chandelier shone upon everyone’s face, adding a hint of warmth to everyone’s mien, with the exception of…

Bai Rong, who appeared to be in anguish in his seat.

Bai Rong’s manly face stiffened as he fully concentrated on looking straight ahead. The cold air emitted by the man sitting next to him seemed to drill into his neck incessantly that he didn’t even dare to shift in discomfort, his robust waist standing pencil straight. His hands were properly glued on top of his thighs as though he was being questioned, appearing pitiful.

It was already ten o’clock. Why hasn’t the auction started yet?!!!


In front of the optical computer, Bai Rong aggrievedly shrunk into a ball under the small quilt and frantically howled on the inside.

Mu Chongyan cast a faint glance at the behaved big man sitting next to him. The irritability in his eyes easing a little. Although this big man looked a little foolish, he didn’t look like someone who would make trouble out of nothing.

Ten minutes later, under the warm prologue of the hostess, the auction hall gradually submerged into silence.

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Ekzz 2.1 ckzzksd hkavwyz pvya nskdp….cl ldswtb…

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Mbl Frlzz Uyae Sswde vssj yd bswa yde y byzq, ywnvksdkdt y vsvyz sq 18 plvp (108 kd vsvyz nyae dwxcla) sq G-zlhlz hkavwyz prlzz nyaep,11 F-zlhlz hkavwyz prlzz nyaep yp olzz yp y plv sq yehydnle nyae-xyjkdt liwkrxldv.

Gxsdt vblx, pkm sq vbl F-zlhlz hkavwyz prlzz nyaep olal osd cu vbl vlaakqukdt xyd dlmv vs bkx, nspvkdt y vsvyz sq 7.38 ckzzksd pvya nskdp!!!

Bai Rong was secretly tongue-tied. This terrible cold man was actually a rich man. He just didn’t know if he was going to compete with him over the mech lots after bidding on so many spell cards…..


He only had 2.1 billion virtual star coins so he’ll definitely lose against this pervert if it also proceeded at this same rate!!!

Bai Rong sighed sadly, regretting that he didn’t accept any of the orders that asked for  custom-made virtual spell cards. Now that he wanted to accept them, he couldn’t even do so…. Eii? Wait a second!

Could he open up a link for custom made virtual spell cards now?!!

With a small flame ignited in his eyes, Bai Rong quickly logged into the spell card mall and opened up a virtual spell card custom link.

“S-Class Virtual Spell Card Customization. Price: 300 million virtual star coins. Goods description: Customers who click on this link can get any basic spell card custom made and shipped within one month. After shipment, customers need to pay another 100 million virtual star coins. Limited to twenty pieces.”

Bai Rong quick-wittedly relaxed the shipping time to one month because he knew that the success rates of other spell card makers were very low. Many of them even have a success rate of less than 30%. By stalling the shipment to one month…..he probably wouldn’t stand out too much.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the break time has now ended. The second half of the mech auction will now officially begin.” The sweet voice of the hostess rang out, and Bai Rong immediately withdrew his eyes and sat upright.

“The first lot in the second half of the auction is an A-Class Mech.”

A giant pitch-black mecha immediately appeared on the gigantic screen. Its outer shell shining with a metallic gloss, revealing an extremely terrifying grandeur. It was evidently twice as large as the other mechas, highlighting its undoubted tank status in battle. With just one look, it was easy to see how amazing its defensive and offensive powers were!

Bai Rong’s eyes instantly grew round as his eyes glued tightly to it and his hands clenched into fists restlessly.

This mech was so manly!

It simply… couldn’t fit him any better!!!


Bai Rong’s eyes sparkled as his right hand moved to the bid button in a flash, however, when the hostess announced the start of bidding … he quickly gave up on the thought of placing a bid.

He came to buy an S-class virtual mecha for his wife, so he couldn’t just think of himself…

Bai Rong lowered his head, feeling a little dismayed. He was still too poor now. If only he had enough money… he could’ve bought two mechas.

The first mech was quickly sold at the price of 110 million virtual stars, followed by a white A-Class mecha, which was a little worse in defensive power than the black mecha but it was a lot nimbler.


The mecha lots were auctioned off very quickly and soon, in the blink of an eye, twenty A-Class mechas had been sold, and the last A-class mecha was auctioned.

When Bai Rong found that the man next to him had not pressed the bid button once, he assumed that he was going for the S-class mechs. Bai Rong put on a bitter face and quickly pressed on his watch and logged into the mall.

Seeing that the customized quota was sold out, Bai Rong secretly heaved a breath of relief and quickly withdrew the money from his seller account.

Seconds after the withdrawal, the last A-class mech was auctioned off. A huge screen then displayed an orange-gold humanoid mecha with rows of data, and successive gasps continuously rang inside the auction hall. 

“My God! This type … is an advanced S-level!!!”

“God … oh my god, Wade, quickly see how many virtual star coins we have left!”

“Ahhhhhh so much regrets. If I knew this was going to come out earlier, I wouldn’t have bid on the two A-level virtual mechs just now…”


“Forget it, Andy. It’s useless even if you didn’t bid on the two A-levels. Unless you have more than 200 million star coins, you still wouldn’t be able to bid for this advanced grade S-level virtual mecha.”


Seeing the auction hall immediately bursting into uproar, a new peak had been reached. The hostess of the auction also exposed an excited smile and raised her voice, “In this auction, we were lucky to have come into contact with the S-class mech manufacturer Master Hill, so the next six S-class virtual mechas in this round were all personally made by Master Hill himself! I’m sure all the guests know that the S-class virtual mechas produced by an S-class mech maker are naturally of top quality among the S-levels!”

The hostess ’s finger rested lightly on the button. “In fact, Master Hill has also finished making an SS-level virtual mech but since he was going to send it to his son-in-law as a greeting gift, we were unable to have it here for sale.” The hostess winked and smiled, “Although … we are not as fortunate as that son-in-law, we can still compete in bidding for the S-class virtual mechas, and the starting price of this mecha is one billion virtual star coins. Distinguished guests, you may now raise your bids!”

Bai Rong looked at the rapidly changing numbers on screen and secretly clenched his fists but didn’t start bidding. The orange gold mech was too popular, and it didn’t match such a gentle person like his wife…

Casting a glance at the perverted man next to him from the corner of his eye, Bai Rong saw that the man didn’t start bidding for it either, and so, he pouted, feeling sullen on the inside.

This pervert was definitely going to compete over the later mechs with him!!!

The mech was finally sold for 4.3 billion virtual stars, and it was followed by a pink compact mecha, which immediately aroused the cheers of the ladies present.

Bai Rong shook his head inwardly and gave up again. Although his wife was gentle, he wasn’t compatible with the color pink.

The third lot was a very powerful black mecha, and the fourth one was a slim and lean green mecha, all of which Bai Rong passed on due to the simple reason of being ‘incompatible with his wife’. 

Seeing that the man next to him didn’t bid for it either, Bai Rong felt his heart turning bitter.

This mech-thieving rich pervert!


The rich pervert seemed to have sensed Bai Rong’s gaze and so, gave him a look.

“!!!” Bai Rong’s heart leapt as he sat upright immediately, his whole body stiffening.

Mu Chongyan retracted his gaze and lowered his lids, appearing to be deep in thought of something…

Once the fourth mech was sold for 5.6 billion virtual stars, a dark blue mech appeared on the huge screen. Seeing this, Bai Rong’s eyes immediately sparkled…

The contours were smooth, the figure was perfect, appearing powerful yet unawkward, nimble yet strong. The whole mech exuded a cold and sharp spirit! Its data was also nearly as high as an SS-level!

This was it!!!

When the hostess announced the start of the bidding, Bai Rong immediately pressed the bid button with glittering eyes: “1.1 billion!”

A man behind Bai Rong immediately cried out: “1.2 billion!”

Bai Rong: “1.3 billion!”

Another female voice: “1.4 billion!”

Bai Rong: “1.5 billion!”


Five minutes later, the price had risen to 6 billion, and the number of bidders became fewer and fewer. By the time Bai Rong shouted 6.6 billion, only one man remained competing with Bai Rong. After all, if they went any higher, the price was enough to be able to buy a SS-level virtual mech, “6.7 billion!”

Seeing that there was only one person left, Bai Rong gritted his teeth fiercely: “Seven billion!”

“M*fer…” Hearing Bai Rong add another 300 million at once, the man angrily pounded his fist on his armrest and reluctantly gave up.

When the auction hostess saw that no one intended to bid any more, she rapped the  decorative hammer with a smile, and announced, “Seven billion going once, seven billion going twice…”

Along with the hostess’s voice, Bai Rong’s eyes became increasingly brighter and an excited little flame burned deep in his eyes. His lips curled up in excitement for he was finally going to give his wife….

“7.1 billion.” Mu Chongyan suddenly pressed the bid button.

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