Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 35.2 I have a wife! (2)

The hostess silently swallowed the words ‘going thrice’ that had already arrived at her mouth, and smiled, “Now, the highest bid is 7.1 billion. Does anyone want to increase the price?”

For a moment, Bai Rong froze from shock, the sharp disappointment in his eyes slowly becoming magnified as his little excited heart fell splat to the ground….

Why did it suddenly…

Bai Rong turned his head angrily, glaring at the terrifying and cold-looking pervert. Gritting his teeth, he pressed the bid button, “7.3 billion!”

In his anger, Bai Rong threw all his fears towards the man, to the back of his head. He could only think of mechas and his wife at the current moment!


Despite being stared at by such angry eyes, Mu Chongyan’s expression remained unchanged, and he continued to bid, “7.5 billion.”

“7.6 billion!!!!” Bai Rong clenched his fists and yelled out the total amount of money he had brought with him. Inside, he felt angry yet he was also terrified. If this man called out again, he would not be able to raise the price any longer…


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Rv oyp y obkvl xlnb vbyv bye vbl pyxl prlnp yde yrrlyaydnl yp vbl ralhkswp xlnby!!!

Bai Rong’s dim eyes lit up once again.


He could also buy this for his wife!

“This one is very similar to the previous mech, sharing the same specs. The overall appearance is also the same, but the size is slightly smaller than the previous one…” The hostess smiled and gestured with her hand. “But just a little bit, and the difference is almost negligible if seen from far away.”

“This mech is also comparable to SS-level virtual mechas, so everyone, you may now start placing your bids”

Bai Rong immediately pressed the bid button.

Five minutes later, the price had inflated to 7.1 billion. Bai Rong clutched the auction button nervously and despondently, holding it so strongly it looked like he was about to crush it.

Now that the man next to him no longer competed with him, why were there new people participating now!

Since the target of his anger had shifted, Bai Rong unconsciously removed the label of ‘pervert’ he placed on the man next to him…

The price slowly climbed to 7.61 billion and perhaps because the people who were bidding accurately surmised that Bai Rong only had 7.6 billion with him, everytime they increased the price, it would only be by a small amount.

“7.63 billion.” In the end, Bai Rong finally yelled out the complete savings he had brought with him, and when he heard the other party shouting “7.64 billion” in response the next second, his whole person crumbled.

Seeing that no one intended to raise the price again, the auction hostess started the countdown of closing the bid.

Bai Rong curled up inside the quilt miserably in front of the optical computer…

“I can lend you 100 million.”


“What?!!!” Bai Rong turned his head to look at the man who suddenly spoke out.

“I can lend you 100 million, but there are requirements and they’re not harsh.” Mu Chongyan raised his eyes coldly, “Do you want it or not.”

“I’ll take it!!!” Bai Rong did not care whether the man’s request was difficult to complete, and immediately pressed the bid button, “7.7 billion!!!”

“…” The hostess swallowed the words ‘going thrice’ silently again, maintaining the smile on her face, saying, “The highest bid is now 7.7 billion. Do we have any other bidders?”

Seeing that there were no other responses, the hostess struck the hammer, ” 7.7 billion going once, 7.7 billion going twice, 7.7 billion going thice, sold!”

Hearing the deal, Bai Rong started glowing all over. He looked at the man next to him with bright eyes, “Thank you!”

He realized that this man wasn’t actually bad at all, only his gaze was a little cold, but his personality was pretty good and he also looked really good too!

Though he couldn’t be compared to his wife!

The staff quickly delivered the spatial button containing the virtual mech over and Bai Rong carefully stored it away. Once the mech auction had concluded, people began to leave one after the other.

“Then … what is your request?” After leaving the auction, Bai Rong carefully looked at the expressionless man in front of him.

“You’re a Spell Card Master right.”

“Ho-… how did you know?” Bai Rong watched the man in front of him with vigilance as if he had run into an enemy. Was he….being investigated?!!


“It was just a guess.” Mu Chongyan walked towards an aircraft, opened the door and sat inside, coldly saying, “Come in.”

“Ho-, how did you guess?” Bai Rong stubbornly remained outside, not moving an inch.

He…he still had to go back and take Mu Chongyan as his wife, if he by any chance, ran into a dangerous person….

“I saw you log into the Virtual Spell Card Mall.” Mu Chongyan rapped on the steering wheel, “Did you want to renege on repaying the money?”

“Of course not!” How could he be such a shameless person, not paying back borrowed money was not a manly thing to do!

“Come sit inside, we have things to discuss.”

“Oh …” Bai Rong glanced back and forth before opening the door and sitting inside.

Mu Chongyan locked the door and asked, “Are you an A Grade Spell Card Master?”

Bai Rong started panicking immediately: “How … how did you …”

“I guessed..” Mu Chongyan’s fingers rested on the steering wheel, his face still expressionless. When he was looking at the spell card data on the screen, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the page on this big man’s wristwatch. He didn’t have a hobby of peeping, only vaguely seeing that the page appeared very similar to the background of a seller’s account, and he had seen that background at Dai Ya’s before.

So he surmised that this big man was a Spell Card Master. As for why he guessed he was an A-Class Spell card master….

When this big man was watching the S-level spell card auction, he looked so bored he was about to evaporate and turn into smoke. Seeing that he didn’t have the slightest bit of amazement towards S-Class Virtual Spell Cards, it could only mean that he was either an A-Class or higher-level Spell Card Master,  that or they were used to seeing S-level Virtual Spell cards.


Of course, he may have guessed wrong, so this was really just a gamble, but evidently…

He had just won the gamble.

This big man was not only an A-level Spell Card Master. He also seemed to be the Spell Card Master, who had suddenly advanced into A-Class without stirring a ruckus.

“The requirement is to make three S-level virtual spell cards of three types that I choose.”

Mu Chongyan cast a shallow gaze through the rear view mirror before retracting it. When this A-Class Spell Card Master appeared all of a sudden, all sorts of forces were searching for him, but aside from finding out that this spell card master was related to the tough guy spell card card shop, nothing else had been found. This Spell Card Master was not only very low-key but he didn’t come out for activities at all, and the optical computer he used was one that had the highest level of encryption.

It was not that Mu Chongyan didn’t let v67 people investigate him, but ever since they had lost contact with Du Xiao and Du Han, who were in the Barren Star mission, the v67 people’s ability in optical computer hacking had reduced to a pitiable level..

“Three S-level virtual spell cards?!” Bai Rong was surprised at the greedy words the man spouted.. “Three cards could be sold for one billion star coins!!”

Mu Chongyan did not say much, only replying, “If I sold you the mech that I bought for 8.7 billion, would you buy it? “

” …Buy.” Bai Rong murmured softly. He also really liked that virtual mech despite the fact that 8 billion was enough to buy a SS-level virtual mecha, because it’s hard to say when he’ll ever be able to encounter one….

Mu Chongyan no longer spoke and instead, stepped on the accelerator directly, driving to the villa he had just won a few days ago.

“You can make the cards here and leave after finishing.” Mu Chongyan said as he opened the optical computer and ordered a set of intermediate card-making equipment and three sets of spell card materials.

“Ah…” Bai Rong walked into the villa off guard. “Is this considered as detention?”

Mu Chongyan walked towards the sofa and sat down, still having no expression on his face, and only saying, “If I wanted to detain you, I wouldn’t need to bring you here.”

He wanted to hire this A-Class Spell Card Master for his own use, but now was not the time, he had to at least run a whole background check on him and find out whether there were any forces behind him before a deal could be discussed, and if there were any forces backing him….he had other ways to deal with them.

The moonlight spilled through the windows, appearing hazy. Bai Rong looked at the handsome man on the sofa, and suddenly, a strange thought floated into his head, “But…”

Mu Chongyan: “But what?”

Bai Rong tentatively looked at the person in front of him, “Do I have to live here for a few days?”

“That’s right. I will come at night to check the progress of your card making.”

Bai Rong’s eyes promptly became weird. The man had said so much in such roundabout words, didn’t he just want to bring him here to meet him alone at night!

On this big night, the sky was dark and windy, and with not a single soul in sight, two men were all alone together…

Bai Rong stared at the man on the sofa and suddenly spoke out, “I … I have a wife!”

The author of has something to say:

Mu Chongyan (cold voice): Which forces are backing you.

Bai Rong (puffs chest out): My wife is my backing force!

Mu Chongyan: What’s his name, which person is he.

Bai Rong: He’s called Mu Chongyan and he’s my person!

Mu Chongyan (imposingness instantly vanishing): Aiya, my wife is so cute, come give me a kiss!

Bai Rong (soon to melt from being kissed): Wuu … I-I knew you didn’t have any good intentions when you called me over….

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