Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 32.1 To Achieve a Harmonious and Sweet Atmosphere (1)

Once a dazzling golden color finally lit up, Bai Rong was able to relax. And right after this happened, he speedily inserted the new spell card into the detector slot for testing.

He seemed to have heard Mu Chongyan cough earlier, so he wanted to quickly go out to see how he’s……eh?!!!

Bai Rong’s big black eyes instantly widened as he stared at the black characters written on the screen, amazed at what he saw.  

Detecting Card: Golden Arrow Card

Spell Card Energy: 67,346 Carters


Comprehensive Grade: S-Class


He had improved again!

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He promptly stood up and jovially logged out of the virtual city.


Little did he know that before he logged off, the three spell cards had all been cleanly swiped off the market.

In a distant central city, an elegant and luxurious villa stood.  

“Did you manage to get it?” A middle-aged man pushed through the doors.

“I only managed to grab one.” A pale-faced youth sat in front of a big optical computer, indifferently shrugging his shoulders before grabbing a cup of water at his side to take a sip. “Plenty of people were eyeing this store. The net almost lagged because of it.”

“Just one card?” The middle-aged man scrunched his brows, expressing his disappointment.

“Even though it’s only one card, it’s still a pleasant surprise.” The youth slightly narrowed his eyes.

“A pleasant surprise?”

“Come and have a look.”  

The middle-aged man inquisitively walked over and his eyes expanded as soon as they landed on the screen.


“That’s right.” The youth gently placed the cup down on the table and smiled. “And, it was only set at 100 million virtual star coins. We’ve hit jackpot.”

“Only for a 100 million?!!” The middle-aged man’s eyes contained astonishment. S-Class Virtual Spell Cards were usually set at a range of 100 million to 500 million star coins. Due to its scarcity, the price had always been raised to a range between 500 million to 1 billion for just a single card. They….truly did hit a jackpot this time!


The middle-aged man hastily responded, “You wait right here and grab whatever you can grab! I’ll retrieve more funds from the clan.”

“Fine. But in exchange, you better give me an upgrade for my optical computer.” The youth sloppily tapped the ground with his foot and languidly turned his chair around in a half-circle, saying, “After today, I’m afraid that there’ll be more people and more clans that will be closely watching this shop.”

“Alright.” The man stooped down and patted the youth’s shoulder. “Shen Ya, try and contact that Spell Card Master. Ask him if he takes custom spell card orders. You can give him a higher offer…”

“Higher than what the other clans would propose?”

“……….They probably wouldn’t set it outrageously high.” The middle-aged man straightened and said, “Those closely watching the market would probably be clans who only have one or two A-Class Spell Card Masters, or smaller clans, who don’t have any A-Class Spell Card Masters. So with all likelihood, their offers wouldn’t be that ridiculous…”

The youth hooked the corner of his lips up and went to the star net’s popular searches, retorting, “That’s not necessarily the case. This tough guy’s spell card shop is already trending…”


After shutting off his optical computer, Bai Rong quickly darted out of the villa with an everlasting smile plastered on his face. Currently, it could be said that everything else had been prepared. The only thing left to do was to grow taller. He didn’t even have to worry about the betrothal gift. By the time he could marry Mu Chongyan, he would have earned at least 10 billion star coins!

Hehe, The corners of Bai Rong’s lips hooked up as he smiled proudly and mightily. He was such a capable manly man, who really doted on his wife!

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong couldn’t wait to share his joy with his precious wife. However, as soon as he was out of the villa, he saw Mu Chongyan sitting on the sofa——and his expression was unpleasant, to say the least.

Bai Rong’s heart immediately dropped with a ‘clunk.’ Mu Chongyan couldn’t have gotten sick, could he?!

“Mu Chongyan, what’s wrong?”


Mu Chongyan moved but completely ignored Bai Rong. Or rather, he raised his wrist and quietly turned on the optical computer.  

Seeing that Mu Chongyan heard him call him yet did not budge, Bai Rong’s face withered. But thinking that there was a possibility that Mu Chongyan wasn’t feeling well, he became extremely distraught and ran towards Mu Chongyan in worry.  

Bai Rong ran across half the living room and panted, reaching Mu Chongyan with a red face and gasping in big breaths while asking in a small voice. “Mu Chongyan, what’s going on…..Are you feeling unwell?”

However, Mu Chongyan still gave him the cold shoulder. With a stiff face, he nonchalantly continued to browse the optical computer.  

Seeing that Mu Chongyan was still ignoring him, Bai Rong felt a little anxious. He gingerly tugged on the hem of Mu Chongyan’s trousers and raised his voice a little louder, yet still making it soft, “Mu Chongyan…..What’s going on with you? Are you sick?”  

Mu Chongyan suppressed the corners of his lips from twitching as his fingers tapped faster on the optical computer. 

Truthfully, ever since he saw the little star pet come out, his peripheral vision hadn’t shifted away from the little star pet, especially when he saw the little star pet run excitedly towards him.

However, he didn’t want to forgive the little star pet so easily, despite already feeling appeased……

“Why are you ignoring me…..?” Noticing that Mu Chongyan wasn’t sick and was even deliberately ignoring him, Bai Rong immediately felt wronged. He then pitifully blinked his captivating black eyes while tugging on Mu Chongyan’s trousers and grievously asked, “…..Why are you ignoring me?”

Mu Chongyan coolly lowered his gaze and was nearly unable to control himself. 

“You’re still ignoring me…..” Bai Rong’s heart broke a little. With slightly red eyes, he miserably sniffled and withdrew his hands timidly. He couldn’t understand why Mu Chongyan was suddenly ignoring him. For the sake of earning more money for him to spend, he had been working so hard these past few days and hadn’t even gotten a good night’s sleep, yet Mu Chongyan brazenly treated him like this. He didn’t want to like Mu Chongyan anymore……”Ah!”

Bai Rong was startled when he felt himself being picked up. He absentmindedly hugged the only thing at his side that could support him….


And that was Mu Chongyan’s finger.

After returning to his senses, Bai Rong immediately loosened his hold and gave Mu Chongyan a fiery glare. Then, he turned his head to the side.

Seeing his little star pet feeling indignant, caused Mu Chongyan’s heart to feel stuffy. He lowered his eyes and reached out a hand to gently touch the little star pet’s shoulder.

Bai Rong shifted his feet away, angrily ignoring Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan extended his hand again to touch the little star pet’s shoulder. He was already feeling regret, particularly when the little star pet’s hand fell back after tugging on his trousers. Now, he could only blame himself for having acted so childishly just then…..  

“What?!” After being touched again, Bai Rong sniffled and asked fiercely.

“Are you angry with me?” Mu Chongyan sighed and softened his voice. “Will you turn around, please?”

“No!” He was originally feeling a little aggrieved. But the instant that Mu Chongyan spoke softly to him, Bai Rong’s feelings of grievance had overwhelmed him, and tears quickly pooled in his eyes. “You deliberately ignored me earlier. I…..I don’t want to talk to you……”

Hearing the sadness in the little star pet’s voice caused self-blame to completely pour into Mu Chongyan’s heart. “I was wrong earlier. I’m sorry…..Don’t be angry, ok?”

“………Not ok.” Hearing Mu Chongyan’s apology, Bai Rong stood in place and rubbed his tear-filled eyes. After a moment, he then pretended to fiercely punch Mu Chongyan. “……You almost angered me to death!”

His fist did not contain an ounce of strength. Mu Chongyan knew that even if the little star pet’s strength was next to nothing, it was still impossible for his fist to feel as light as a feather. The most probable reason for this, was because the little star pet simply did not use any strength.

The corners of his lips raised into a shallow arc as he slowly lowered his gaze. Mu Chongyan’s current profile……was simply too gentle.

“It’s all my fault. Why don’t you hit me again?” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed the little star pet’s head. On the inside, he thought to himself that he had been too childish for having gotten angry with his cute and magnanimous little star pet.

Regardless, it won’t ever happen again.  

“Hmph, whatever!” Bai Rong turned around and glanced at Mu Chongyan with his big black eyes. He raised his small chin and said, “Hitting you hurts my hand anyway!”

“En….that’s also my fault.” Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched slightly as he used a newfound gentle voice, “Do you….want to punish me by not letting me eat dinner tonight?”

Mu Chongyan smiled charmingly and tenderly, causing Bai Rong to falter for a moment before his face turned red. “That won’t do! I’m too lazy to punish you not to eat…..”

Mu Chongyan was indeed cunning and was too much. Bai Rong indignantly stomped on his palm.

If his wife didn’t eat….. wouldn’t the person in distress still be him?!!  

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