Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 32.2 To Achieve a Harmonious and Sweet Atmosphere (2)

“Then you won’t be angry anymore?” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head, who was reluctant to punish him. His heart had already melted into a puddle of water from all this sweetness.

…….To have such a little star pet accompany him, even if he had to spend his lifetime alone, it didn’t seem to be such a bad deal.  

”I’m just too lazy to get angry.” Bai Rong arrogantly raised his small head. In reality, his anger had already subsided when Mu Chongyan apologized. There was no other way since he was this magnanimous of a manly man.

Taking in the little star pet’s haughty yet adorable appearance in his eyes, Mu Chongyan’s heart warmed. And so, he subconsciously picked up the little star pet’s hand and kissed it.

“?!!!” Bai Rong’s face instantly deepened to the shade of a tomato.


Why did…Mu Chongyan…suddenly kiss him…when they were about to make up……  

After what he had done, Mu Chongyan’s face turned taut as soon he realized what he had done. “……”

Why did he just unconsciously…..?!!!

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“Alright, Mr. Mu.” The youth took out another tablet from his breast pocket and handed it over to him. “Your order has been prepared in less than 10 minutes, please give the restaurant a 5-star rating….”


Mu Chongyan received it. “En.”  

“Are you an employee of Dizhi?” Bai Rong saw the small tag on the youth’s chest and asked out of the blue.

When the youth saw an extremely cute little star pet talking to him, his heart melted. He immediately changed his tone as if he were talking to a little kindergartener, “That’s right ah~”

“…..” Bai Rong turned silent. Why did the staff’s voice suddenly turn strange…..  

“Isn’t your restaurant far away from here?” Bai Rong asked in a puzzled tone.

“We just opened a new branch.” The youth smiled brightly, itching to touch the little star pet in front of him. “It’s quite close from here too.”

“It’s finished.” Mu Chongyan abruptly stuffed the tablet back into the youth’s arms and closed the door.

Once they returned to the living room, Mu Chongyan took out the thermal box from the spatial button and laid out each type of dish on an individual platter on the table.

Bai Rong watched him silently “….” Why did he suddenly feel that the atmosphere around Mu Chongyan was a bit gloomy…  

Mu Chongyan picked out some dishes for Bai Rong and placed a little plate and bowl in front of him.

“Don’t talk to strangers.”

“Huh?” Bai Rong was stunned for a while before he curved his eyes.  


Hahahahaha…..His wife was actually eating vinegar(1)! 

  1. To eat vinegar means to get jealous.

And it was this kind of flying vinegar(2) too!!!  

  1. The difference between eating vinegar(吃醋) and flying vinegar (飛醋) is that the former has a reason to be jealous, while the latter is baseless.

With a doting expression that implied ‘Little minx, you’re hopeless’, Bai Rong gently patted Mu Chongyan’s wrist and softly said, “Don’t worry…..I only want you.”

Mu Chongyan had originally wanted to retell several ‘star pet trafficking’ cases that have happened these last few years. But when the little star pet opened his mouth, these words were stuck in his throat.

The little star pet’s words probably meant…

‘Don’t worry. I won’t be easily tricked. I only have you as my master.’ right?

En. Convincing himself that this was what the little star pet meant, Mu Chongyan nodded his head in content. He then reached out a finger to stroke the little star pet’s head and said, “Eat a little more.”

“En, you should also eat a lot more.” Seeing Mu Chongyan display a smile of happiness from a mere promise that he made, Bai Rong’s manly heart turned soft..

……Mu Chongyan loved him so much, to simply become happy just from hearing him say the words ‘only want you!’  

Aiiii, Bai Rong secretly sighed before raising his cute little face to reveal a sweet smile to Mu Chongyan.

Perhaps the reason why he and his wife had fought earlier was because he hadn’t received a promise like that and was troubled by his insecurities……  

Mu Chongyan saw the little star pet showing off a lovable smile and felt as though his dimples were filled with honey, melting his heart immediately.


His little star pet was so adorable. Having only him in his heart, he should treat this little star pet a little better…..  

The two people communicated without the need for words to be spoken, leading to a strange yet harmonious and sweet atmosphere as they happily finished their dinner……

After dinner.

For the sake of praising as well as comforting Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong offered to play fruit cut.

“Let’s not play fruit cut today.” Mu Chongyan walked towards the sofa and sat down, placing the little star pet gently at his side and turning the optical computer on. “Take a look and see which of these pique your interests?”

In the past two days, he had discovered that a group of little star pets who came form the same batch his Little Sweet Cake was, was trending. All of them had developed a variety of hobbies and were even considered ‘gifted’ at them. Take, for example, A08, who was good at drawing, A16, who was better at playing the piano than a 7-year-old child, and A28, who could make all kinds of food (that are at least edible)…..All of them had gone viral on the star net.

Of course, these little star pets weren’t the reason why he wanted to discover his Little Sweet Cake’s ‘gifted interest.’ He didn’t even want to let his little star pet go viral for the whole star net to see. He simply didn’t want to waste the little star pet’s underlying potential that could be developed just because of his neglect.  

After watching more than 20-star pet videos, Bai Rong felt a little complicated. Did Mu Chongyan want him to learn these kinds of pointless activities?  

“Are you not interested?” Seeing that his little star pet kept silent, Mu Chongyan rubbed his head comfortingly and reassured him, “It’s alright. We can just look at other stuff.” He closed the videos and played the video of a famous dancer in Sheng Ya Planet dancing a classical movement.

“…..” Still affected by what Mu Chongyan had shown him, Bai Rong thought, ‘Was Mu Chongyan secretly implying that he liked these kinds of men?!!!’  

When the quiet little star pet’s appearance turned uncomfortable, Mu Chongyan temporarily paused the video and said, “It’s alright. If you don’t like it, we won’t watch it anymore. You haven’t eaten the strawberry honey milk cake, right? I’ll bring it over.”

As Mu Chongyan walked away, he sighed deeply in his heart, concluding to not ‘force’ his little star pet to learn anything new anymore. Even if his little star pet wasn’t good at anything, wasn’t he still the most adorable star pet in the entire star region? 


Back then, when photos of his little star pet from the auction were leaked, it had trended on the star net for a full week. If a daily video were to be released, then…

It would break the entire star net.

However……he simply couldn’t do it.  

After finalizing his resolve, Mu Chongyan cut off a soy bean-sized piece of cake, placed it on a plate, and delivered it over to the little star pet. Seeing that the little star pet was typing away on the optical computer with a serious face, he spoke, “If you don’t like it, you don’t need to watch it anymore. Just have some….hm?”

Mu Chongyan, who had just arrived by the sofa, finally realized that the classical dance video from earlier had been cut off. Now, his little star pet was in rapt attention watching an advertisement.

——It was an advertisement for the card-making equipment they saw back then at Hua Xia Mall. 

Bai Rong stared intently at the advertisement, feeling a little downcast on the inside. Why did Blue Canon suddenly decide to move up the release date?!

It was going to be on sale in the morning of the 27th… he was originally planning on asking Mo Xi to transfer him some money to help him buy the set, but he had been so busy these past two days that he hadn’t had the time to contact him!  

Bai Rong was incredibly sad. So much so, that his face wrinkled into the shape of a steamed bun. Mu Chongyan, who was sitting at the side, had a glint in his eyes. How could he have carelessly forgotten that his little star pet was interested in this card-making equipment the most?!

That’s right. His little star pet wasn’t only the most good-looking, he was also the smartest and the most talented one of all!  

And so, just as Bai Rong was about to dejectedly ask Mu Chongyan to carry him back to the crystal glass case, Mu Chongyan’s magnetic voice slowly floated over his head.

”Eat this dessert first. I’ll buy that for you tonight.”  


The author has something to say:

After being ignored by Bai Rong for half a minute, Mu Chongyan couldn’t take it anymore and firmly yielded his defeat hahaha!

[Little Theater]

Mu Chongyan: My wife is the best-looking! The smartest! And, the most special!

Bai Rong: (looking at a villa)

Mu Chongyan: Buy!

Bai Rong: (looking at a set of card-making equipment)

Mu Chongyan: Buy!

Bai Rong: (looking at some underwear)

Mu Chongyan: Wifey….that’s going to be a little too big for you, but if you like it, then I’ll buy it.

Bai Rong (little face turns red from embarrassment): I’m buying this for you ok!

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