Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 104.2 Massacre (2)

Xia Qingshu inputted the coordinates of the airship Ze La’er gave him and immediately stepped on the pedal, the aircraft zooming off with a whoosh.

Five minutes later, the group felt the ascension of the airship.

There was already a river of blood below and the cries of despair rang through the whole wilderness. Torn limbs were strewn everywhere and several mad tenth level beast kings were causing chaos. From afar, a big horde of mutant beast kings were well on their way.

“Dearie, this humanoid monster must be the new tenth level beast king that was born. It looks even more terrifying than the tenth level beast in the tide last time, it would probably take the both of us to take it down.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan’s face turned cold and he didn’t show any changes in his expression, but he spoke in a low voice, “Dad, do we go down now?”


“No. Wait for that beast king to come out.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan responded, and held Bai Rong’s hand, his voice gentle as usual, “Rongrong, in a moment, when my dad and I go down, you’ll wait right here, do you understand?”

“No! I….”

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“Ssdtasdt.” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p hsknl pweeldzu zsolale, “Rv’p yzz vldvb zlhlz clypv jkdt esod vblal. Ohld kq usw ts, usw nyd’v rashkel xwnb blzr, ayvbla kv’e cl hlau eydtlaswp!”

“Jwv R nyd wpl xu xldvyz pvaldtvb ytykdpv vblpl vldvb zlhlz clypvp!” Jyk Ssdt pyke okvb ale lulp, “Ohld vbswtb xu xyavkyz rasolpp kpd’v pvasdt, R nyd wpl xu xldvyz pvaldtvb vs ekpvwac vblx yde nyd lhld elvlaxkdl vbl vayflnvsau sq vblka yvvynj!”

“Jwv lhld kq usw xydytl vs elvlaxkdl vbyv, vblal’p ds pyukdt usw nyd yhske kv.

“Jwv…” Jyk Ssdt’p lulp vwadle lhld aleela, “R’x osaakle…”

“Ssdtasdt eslpd’v dlle vs osaau.” Rd vbl lde, Yw Ubsdtuyd nswzed’v bsze bkp qynl yde pktble, vyjkdt bkx kdvs bkp yaxp, “Zsw nyd pvkzz yvvynj vblx qasx blal. Rq Ssdtasdt elnkelp vs ts esod, yv xspv usw oswze byhl vs rasvlnv uswaplzq cwv vbyv oswze xyjl xl osaakle yde R’zz tlv ekpvaynvle.”

“Gzaktbv…” Tlyakdt vbyv Yw Ubsdtuyd oswze tlv ekpvaynvle, Jyk Ssdt iwknjzu ytalle. Ohld vbswtb bl oypd’v alyzzu okzzkdt, bl okrle vbl nsadla sq bkp lulp yde pyke, “Gzaktbv. R’zz es kv. Ubsdtuyd, rzlypl esd’v tlv ekpvaynvle.”

“Gzaktbv, R osd’v….: Yw Ubsdtuyd rzynle y tldvzl jkpp sd Jyk Ssdt’p blye yde vwadle vs vlzz Iwjw, “R’zz zlyhl vbl eakhkdt sq vbl ykanayqv vs usw.”

Ohld vbswtb Iwjw bye yzalyeu alynble y dkdvb-zlhlz xlanldyau’p zlhlz, kd qasdv sq y vldvb zlhlz clypv jkdt, kv pvkzz oypd’v ldswtb yde bl nswzed’v wpl bkp rlanlrvksd vs yvvynj vblx qasx yqya zkjl Jyk Ssdt, ps vbl clpv rlapsd vs eakhl vbl ykanayqv oyp Iwjw.

“Alright.” Kuku nodded, “I will cautiously drive.”


In just a short half a minute, the people had finished their arrangements. Bai Rong immediately spread his perception and to his surprise, found scraps of mechs on the ground.

“Uncle Xia, how could there be a mech here?!”

“That’s right, this barren planet has mechs but the mechs here are expensive, moreover, the quality is poor. Its defense is nothing against an eighth level and above. There are only seven or eight mechs in the entirety of this barren planet and they’re all in the royal palace. And so, it’s normal for you to not have seen any. After all, only certain people of the royal family can use it.

Bai Rong’s eyes jumped. Isn’t that saying…that the scraps of flesh in those mechs are members of the royal family?!!

Before Bai Rong could even say anything, Xia Qingshu suddenly let out a stern howl and with one movement, the aircraft dropped down to the ground.

“That monster has come out. Dearie, you and I need to go out there. Kuku, come here. Once we leave, you need to fly the aircraft back in the air!”

“Yes sir!” Kuku quickly moved forward from the back seat.

That humanoid monster evidently spotted the aircraft, its densely-furred face suddenly twisting into a smile.

Seeing the changes of its face ever so clearly, Bai Rong’s eyes quivered, Fear immediately gripped his heart. This monster….This monster is too unusual!!!

But before he could say anything, Xia Qingshu and Mu Chongyan had already jumped off the aircraft. Kuku quickly stepped on the gas and the aircraft soared up with a whoosh.

Seeing that monster smile with a face covered in blood and scratches, its little red pupils turned and locked at Mu Chongyan. Bai Rong’s heart began to quiver from fear and his perception immediately congealed into several thick tentacles reaching towards Mu Chongyan.

After the two had jumped down, the hundreds of tenth level beasts in the surroundings immediately started to stir restlessly. Pressing their front limbs down, they rushed towards the two. At the same time, the monster took a step back and a ruthless glint flashed across his eyes, it reached out a limb towards Mu Chongyan!


The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed and he immediately penetrated the heads of the several tenth level beast kings in Mu Chongyan’s vicinity. Perhaps because those beast kings were in a frenzy, or because his mental strength had grown stronger, his tentacles were easily able to penetrate without much obstruction.

A hint of happiness arose in Bai Rong’s heart from this unexpected surprise. Several tentacles were suddenly captured by an incomparably ruthless force and were cruelly torn apart from the inside!

Sharp pain instantly engulfed his head. Bai Rong let out a stifled groan, his face turning pale. He quickly tried to hold his mental strength, breathing heavily. He tried to wrestle against the force and pull his perception back…

“Dad, you should deal with these beast kings first!” Mu Chongyan also realized that the humanoid monster’s goal was him and immediately went to welcome him with his long sword in hand. At the same time, with a cold furrow of his brow, the sword in his hand turned into a phantom and shot out several flashes of lights, the attacks landing on the throats of several beast kings.

“Awoo-!!!” The beast kings had just started to go mad when they suddenly let out angry howls. And soon, blood spurted out from their throats, their bodies falling down on the ground with a thump.

“It’s Rongrong’s perception!” Xia Qingshu was ecstatic, beheading a glutton toothed beast king soon after, “Rongrong’s perception achieved another breakthrough!!”

“That most probably is the case but he might not be able to hold on any longer!” Seeing that the surrounding beast kings were still quite active, Mu Chongyan knew that this attack had already sapped most of Bai Rong’s mental strength and he now couldn’t attack again. However, this was already very good as he was able to greatly alleviate the burden of their battle!

“Awwooo-!!!” A particularly angry howl suddenly rang out from the monster’s mouth, but he only saw a black figure pass by and a gust of wind came right at Mu Chongyan!

Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned cold and he quickly dodged to the side before promptly throwing a dagger, the light flashing towards the monster!

Xia Qingshu quickly hacked the body and jumped, running to deal with the beasts coming for Mu Chongyan!

“Brother….Brother, are you alright?!” Seeing Bai Rong cover his head in between his knees for a long time, Kuku felt incessantly worried, his anxiety burning, “Brother?!!”

“I’m fine…” Bai Rong slowly raised his head, his face bloodless.


It looked like he had overestimated himself. To take on several tenth level beast kings at once was still too laborious.

Immediately taking out two nutritional doses from the spatial button, Bai Rong impatiently unscrewed it and guzzled the contents down. He then gritted his teeth and once again spread out his spiritual power.

His pupils immediately shrank!

A deep scratch mark appeared on Mu Chongyan’s shoulder and a gash was left on his left cheek. His eyes were dark and cold as he entangled with the humanoid monster in a fight, his actions quickly turning into shadows. Even if he used his mental strength to supplement his strength, it was still difficult for him to see clearly!

Xia Qingshu continued to clean up the tenth level beast kings coming towards Mu Chongyan’s way. Corpses had already started piling up beside him but the beasts continued to come!

Bai Rong could clearly see that the two people were beginning to struggle so he immediately started to separate his perception into 10 parts. He sent 8 parts towards the beast kings and 2 towards the humanoid monster.

This time, he only penetrated the heads of the beasts for half a second before immediately exiting and avoiding the chances of suffering backlash, but this had still helped buy Xia Qingshu plenty of time. Xia Qingshu keenly took advantage of this instant and took the lives of 8 tenth level beast kings!

However, it wasn’t so easy against the humanoid monster. Bai Rong didn’t know how this monster was born. Not only was it terrifyingly strong, its mental strength was also fearfully formidable. Bai Rong did his best to enter the monster’s head but every time he did, he would immediately be captured by a cruel force. If he did not hide quickly, it would have probably caused a great backlash on him!

Seeing Mu Chongyan evenly match with that monster at the moment, even managing to hack its left arm, Bai Rong decisively grit his teeth and helped Xia Qingshu deal with the tenth level beasts first. Only when there were less than a hundred of them left would he go and help Mu Chongyan completely!

After all, the sooner he helped Uncle Xia deal with these beast kings, the sooner he could also help Mu Chongyan deal with that monster too!

It did not take too long to do the cleanup. In just a short one minute, Bai Rong cooperated perfectly with Xia Qingshu, dealing with a hundred beast kings. Seeing that there were only 80 beast kings left, Bai Rong decisively pulled his perception back and congealed it into an incomparably tough chain, whipping it towards the monster!

At this time, Mu Chongyan had already started to reverse the situation and started to push back the monster little by little. His aptitude achieved continuous breakthroughs in the battle, the speed astonishing. In just 3 short minutes, from being the one who was suppressed, he became the main attacker!


Seeing the monster actually being pushed back, Bai Rong was surprised and elated. He followed Mu Chongyan’s pace of attacks and sent his perception chain over.

“Awoo-!!!” The monster raged. It couldn’t believe that the ‘food’ in front of him had actually leveled up so much in just a matter of minutes, however, to have levelled up would also mean it had become more delicious. Its bloodthirsty eyes stared intently at Mu Chongyan, itching to swallow the ‘piece of meat’ in front of it in one bite to refine him into its own body!

But it did not expect that, the more it struggled and fought back, the more the other party became stronger. Even though its instincts told him to quickly escape as soon as it could, the ‘food’ in front of him was too tempting. Swallowing this person and immediately raising its aptitude was too enticing of an opportunity so the monster could not bear to leave and even if it did try to leave, it couldn’t!!

“Awoo–!!!” Seeing the long sword in Mu Chongyan’s starting to disappear from the rapid speed and not knowing when it would hit him, several flashes of light appeared in the air and caused spurts of blood to explode from the monster’s chest!

At the same time, Bai Rong’s spiritual connection finally invaded the monster’s consciousness.

“Awoo–!!!” A blood-curling shriek resounded through the entire wilderness, causing the remaining 30 tenth level beasts to stop in place, fear appearing in their eyes.

Mu Chongyan chased after it persistently, and his hand moved quickly, blasting a hole in the neck of the monster!

“Awooo-!!! Awoo….” The red pupils of the monster shrank, rage and disbelief swirling within. Its body dropped down with a thump as it took its last breath….

Bai Rong quickly snapped back to his senses and his little face was sweaty and pale. His head was throbbing with pain. The last burst of attack the monster had was terribly strong, invading his head in that instant!

“Br-…Brother!!!” Seeing Bai Rong curled up underneath the seat shaking, Kuku hurriedly landed the aircraft and turned to the back seat, “Brother…what’s wrong?!!!”

“I’m….alright…” Bai Rong raised his face with much difficulty but just after his words had fallen, his sight went black and he lost consciousness.

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