Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 104.1 Massacre (1)

Xia Qing’s face appeared dark and his face was strained, “Ze La’er, you should board the ship with them first. After you leave the planet, if there’s a chance to go to Sheng Ya Star Region, then go to the Sheng Ya Star Region’s Main Planet’s City Center. In the government building, look for Manager Lei Na and tell him de-….Mu Chongyan is in the barren planet.”

Luo Ersi had kept his info concealed so tightly, so he couldn’t just directly reveal it. Fortunately, his Dearie had already met Luo Ersi and he believed that Luo Ersi would quickly bring people to come get them.

“Teacher, what are you saying?!!” On the other side of the call, Ze La’er’s voice rose very sharply, unable to contain his anxiety. With a faint sob in his tone, he asked, “Teacher, are you not coming anymore?!!!”

“Ze La’er, the beast tide this time is really serious and the arrangement of military strength throughout the whole city is like this-…” Thinking that that scummy emperor was still Ze La’er’s father, Xia Qingshu swallowed down the harsh words he initially planned say and instead said, “this unreasonable, if I were to leave, do you think that the people of this city, all 30 million people, would live?!”

“But teacher, even if you stay here, it’s not as if you’ll be able to deal with the tide!!” Ze La’er’s voice broke, fear and terror pressing down on his heart. His hands quivered slightly. He didn’t dare to think that if his teacher were….were to leave him, what would he do!!


With redness tinting the rims of his eyes, Ze La’er continued to howl, “Teacher! Even if we followed the previous arrangement, to get past this tide would be extremely difficult. Now that ninth level soldiers are all gathered in Zone S, it’s clear as day that Zones D,C,B and A would be breached in no time. By then, you’ll be surrounded by millions of mutant beasts. Teacher! You cannot stay here!!!”

“That’s why we need to quickly deal with that tenth level beast king.” Xia Qingshu heaved a deep sigh on the inside, “Ze La’er, once you get out of here, you should live a good life.”

With a click, the call was cut off.

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“Rongrong, are you still unable to find any?”


“I still haven’t….Ah-!” Bai Rong suddenly yelled out in pain, his face pale, “I sensed something! I discovered a fire mouthed beast king! At the 11 o’clock position!!”

A fire mouthed beast king who mainly relies on perception to attack?!!!

The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes immediately changed and he immediately took out a nutritional dose from his spatial button, “Rongrong how are you feeling?!”

“I-…I’m alright.” Bai Rong took the nutrient dose and guzzled it down.

He had just spread out his perception too far wide, which caused certain areas to be spread thin. This was how he had been successfully raided by that fire mouthed beast king. Otherwise, that beast wouldn’t have been his opponent!

“Rongrong you should rest for a while.” Xia Qingshu said as he drove the aircraft in pursuit.

After Bai Rong rested for 3-4 minutes, the color of his face returned and he continued to spread his perception, chasing after the beast king. This time, he congealed his perception into a thick three-meter belt with a few slender tentacles floating above it. He carefully followed the beast king and did not attack it.

“It turned in the 10 o’clock direction.” Bai Rong reported real-time.

“Did Rongrong discover any other tenth level beasts?” Mu Chongyan suddenly inquired.

“No.” Just as the word left his mouth, the look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed as he finally sensed something wrong. In normal circumstances, tenth level beast kings would be followed by 5 or 6 tenth level beasts so why was this beast moving alone by itself?!

But before he could voice out his concerns, one of the tentacles of his perception belt bumped into another tenth level beast king!

“Another glutton horned beast king has appeared!!”


“Glutton horned beast king?!!” Xia Qingshu was shocked, “They didn’t get into a fight?!!”


Xia Qingshu’s gaze also changed, his face getting darker. Fire mouthed beasts and glutton horned beasts were famous enemies. 20 years ago, when the beast tide hit the city, these two waves of tenth level beasts attacked the city separately, particularly fire mouth beast kings and the glutton horned beast kings. Every time they encountered each other, they had to battle one another.

Now, they were actually rushing to the same place together without getting into a dispute?!!

This was too abnormal!!

Could it be…

A light flashed across Xia Qingshu’s eyes as surprise covered his face, “Not good!!”

“Uncle Xia, what’s wrong?!”

Xia Qingshu’s hand moved and he immediately drove faster, “The tenth level beast king this time isn’t the same as before!”

“Not the same?!”

“Yes. To be able to easily suppress the nature of fire mouth beasts and glutton horned kings, and allow the two beast kings to harmoniously run to the same place to carry out a task could only mean that this beast king’s power must be terrifyingly strong!!”

Bai Rong’s pupils quivered, “Then what should we do?!”


“If he is truly that terrifying, me and Dearie will have to deal with those beasts together.” Xia Qingshu said with furrowed brows. “Rongrong, is there any development?”

Bai Rong immediately spread out his perception belt and weaved a big net extending to all areas.

The perception net unfolded in the air like a colorless cobweb. After spreading to about a meter long, Bai Rong’s fist suddenly clenched tight.

“Not good. I discovered several more tenth level beast kings!”

“?!!” Xia Qingshu’s voice abruptly rose high, “Where?!!”

“There’s at least 300 beasts coming from the 10 o’clock direction and they’re among the ninth-level beasts!”

300 tenth level beast kings!!!

Deeply realizing the abnormality of this beast tide, a deep ravine appeared in between Xia Qingshu’s brows and his right hand tightly gripped onto the clutch, his joints turning pale.

Three hundred tenth level beast kings was most likely all of the tenth level beast kings. To gather them all together must probably be the intention of the leader of these beast kings, and the city that’s about to be attacked, probably wouldn’t even hold for more than half an hour.

However, if the tenth level beasts attacking Zone S and Zone A were to lose the leadership of beast kings, they would become more chaotic and this would only give them more time to hold out.

Along with Bai Rong’s unceasing reports about their coordinates, the group of people quickly followed the beasts, but after several minutes, they had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

Why did it seem that the beast kings were headed towards the direction of the airship?!!


Before they could figure out why, Xia Qingshu’s wristwatch started ringing again.

Lowering his eyes to sweep a look, Xia Qingshu’s pupil’s quivered when he saw a call and he quickly answered it.

“Teacher, i-it’s not good!!!” Ze La’er’s terrified voice rang from the wristwatch, “A beast is running towards the airship! A lot of people are going to die in a moment!!!”

“What kind of beast?!” Xia Qingshu’s eyes turned cold, the feeling of realization dawning on him.

“I don’t know but it’s definitely not any lesser than a tenth level beast king!”

Along with Ze La’er’s voice were several terrified howls and wails of anguish.

“Where are you? Why haven’t you set off yet?!”

“One minute just after we finished boarding the aircraft, when the last person had just stepped foot inside and the door hadn’t closed, a beast had suddenly charge in!” Ze La’er’s voice was quivering, “I had never seen this beast before. It’s whole body was covered with fur but it looked just like a human!”

“Human?!!!” Xia Qinghshu’s pupils shrank and he took in a breath, calming himself, “Ze La’er, where are you?”

“I…I’m in the car outside the airship. Just after boarding the airship, Wu Ze and I ran out again because I wanted to find you..” Ze La’er choked out, his voice faintly revealing deep fear as well as a hint of relief, “I didn’t think we’d manage to escape that…”

“Alright, Ze La’er. Drive back to Zone S and I’ll head to the airship. Do you hear me? Go to Zone S right now, quick!”

“….Ye…Yes sir!”

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