Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 105.1 Take Off (1)

Seeing the aircraft suddenly land, an ominous feeling welled up in Mu Chongyan’s heart and he didn’t bother seeing the monster take its last breath. He quickly ran towards the aircraft and abruptly pulled the door open.

He only saw Kuku hugging the pale-faced Bai Rong with red eyes.

“Rongrong?!!” Overwhelming fear rushed out from Mu Chongyan’s heart, his body acting faster than his head. He reached Bai Rong’s side in an instant and pulled him into his arms.

“What’s the matter?!!!”

“I-…I don’t know….”


Kuku shook his head with red eyes, worry and fear written all over his face, He stared at Bai Rong with tears in his eyes and upon lowering his head, his tears landed onto Bai Rong’s clothes one by one.

Xia Qingshu saw Mu Chongyan leave and quickly leapt towards the motionless monster at the side. Without caring whether it had stopped breathing or not, the sword in his hand swished around, and countless eye-piercing lights flashed. By the time the display of lights had ended, the monster’s brain and chest had been slashed to bloody bits!

In the end, he even lit the monster’s corpse on fire lest the other mutant beasts devoured it and evolved into an even more terrifying monster.

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“What is going on?!” Kuku swept the surroundings a look, great surprise washing over him, “How did Zone S get breached so easily?!!”


A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Xia Qingshu’s eyes as he hammered his hand on the controls, “I should’ve known!”

“What is it?!”

“This scummy emperor. He said he left all the ninth level mercenaries in Zone S but in reality, he brought the majority of them aboard the airship. I knew that the empress’s family wouldn’t be able to use up 150 quotas. Moreover, with the empress’s selfish nature, she wouldn’t have brought her collateral relatives away!” Xia Qingshu gnashed his teeth, “There’s only less than a hundred ninth level mercenaries in the entire Zone S so he had probably taken away more than a half. With limited manpower here, how long will this place last?!”

“Then what do we do?!!” Kuku’s anger and worry rose and he couldn’t help wanting to peel off the emperor’s skin, “That scummy emperor!”

Xia Qingshu didn’t speak, his face turning ice-cold. He quickly drove the aircraft to the villa and landed the vehicle.

“Dearie, take Rongrong back home first and take good care of him. You and Rongrong have already done a lot today. Just leave the rest to me.”

Mu Chongyan agreed and bent his waist, carrying Bai Rong down the airship. He took two steps before turning his head and asking in a deep voice, “Dad…will you be able to handle it by yourself?”

“It won’t be a problem.” Xia Qingshu walked over and stroked Bai Rong’s sweaty forehead in distress. He raised his eyes and said, “Dearie, don’t worry. You just take good care of Rongrong. You’ve already dealt with the tenth level beast king so there’s nothing that can intimidate me. Moreover, without a beast king to give orders, after the first wave of the beast tide has been settled, there won’t be any other waves coming.”

“Alright….” Mu Chongyan turned around and was about to leave when he caught sight of Xia Qingshu’s wristwatch and he immediately stopped in his tracks, “Dad, I recommend you go find Ze La’er and let him overthrow the response policy announced before to make new arrangements.”

“….Alright, I will.” Xia Qingshu nearly forgot about this matter and his face darkened as he responded, “I’ll immediately contact Ze La’er.”

“Ok.” Mu Chongyan nodded and no longer stayed around, immediately walking back to the villa carrying Bai Rong.

Xia Qingshu then turned to look at Kuku, “Kuku, stay here and guard the courtyard. If any tenth level beasts come charging over, immediately let dearie know and don’t engage them by yourself, you won’t be able to win.”


“Alright.. I understand.” Kuku sniffled and nodded with red eyes.

“I see.” Seeing that he had finished arranging the matter, Xia Qingshu turned his wristwatch on to contact Ze La’er while walking to the aircraft, piloting it for takeoff.

Mu Chongyan gingerly carried Bai Rong back to the bedroom, placing him gently down on the bed. He looked at the pale-faced and sweaty Bai Rong. An incomparably dark vortex swirled in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, carrying all of his negative feelings. Fear, anger and sadness gripped him completely, poking at Mu Chongyan’s nerves.

He clenched his fists and loosened them, trying to suppress something. In the end, he reached out a hand and swept the messy hair off of Bai Rong’s forehead.

He then took out a clean towel from his spatial button and soaked it in some warm water from a thermos. He gently wiped Bai Rong, the darkness in his eyes covered by his lashes, his mood hard to ascertain…


Hot…It’s so hot…

Bai Rong only felt his head being stuffed into an extremely hot oven, the heat so high his nerves were in pain, even his brain felt like it was being burned dry. Bai Rong imagined that the fire had formed the shape of a hand and was ruthlessly tearing at the nerves of his head, causing his whole body to tremble nonstop.

He tried his best to push the hand away but as soon as he gathered his mental strength, the hand would disperse it and continue to ruthlessly attack his nerves again!

It hurts!!!

Bai Rong’s teeth and fingers were about to start trembling from the pain but he knew clearly that as long as he drove this ‘hand’ out, he could safely wake up. And so, he gritted his teeth and gathered his mental strength once again, sending it towards the hand.

However, before he could even last a second, his mental strength was dispersed again and soon after, an even more ruthless counterattack came at him!


Bai Rong shut his eyes tightly and groaned, feeling his brain about to be ripped into pieces by that force. He was about to throw up blood but he didn’t give up and continued to muster his mental strength once again, even managing to form a hand and using it to contend with the opponent!

This time, he had finally lasted over a second but was still quickly dispersed and hit back by an even more ruthless counterattack.

….Gather, get dispersed, suffer a setback. Gather again, get dispersed again and suffer another setback again…Bai Rong didn’t know how many times he repeated this process. His head seemed to have turned into a battlefield where limbs were strewn everywhere. The growing pain didn’t seem to have an end but the more frightening thing was that, he was completely awake all this time, feeling every single bit of the pain.

Fortunately, in the end, his efforts weren’t for naught. After an uncountable time of gathering his mental strength, the hand he formed grew stronger and more robust. In the end, he was able to resist the hand and even attack it!

That hand was even more formidable than he imagined. The moment it realized Bai Rong could resist it, it actually turned mad and morphed into a red sharp claw. The temperature of the claws rose up again, as if holding all its energy in its hand as its last resort!

It was a pity that its last spurt of effort didn’t yield any result. Bai Rong was just like Mu Chongyan. The more terrifying the opponent was, the more their strength grew. It grew so quickly that Bai Rong’s mental strength formed into a thick palm and it held the sharp claw in a death grip, its fingers made up of five strong tentacles. It tangled around the sharp claw so tightly it deformed and pushed it with all its strength!

Taking the sharp claw out of his head!


All of a sudden, before he could heave a breath of relief, an incomparably gentle and distressed voice floated into his head.


Bai Rong struggled to open his eyes but even if the force had been expelled, his head had been battered and bruised. Bai Rong struggled for a long time but still couldn’t open his eyes.

What should I do….


Feeling Mu Chongyan use a soft warm towel to repeatedly wipe his forehead, cheeks, neck, collarbone and gently call his name over and over, Bai Rong couldn’t suppress the anxiety in his heart. He didn’t need to think to know how worried his Chongyan must be at this moment…

Mu Chongyan wiped Bai Rong several times. Seeing that he finally stopped having cold sweat, happiness flashed across his eyes and he quickly lowered his head, asking softly, “Rongrong..can you hear me?”

I can…I can!

Bai Rong wanted to nod but after trying for a long time, only his lashes quivered slightly.

“Are you out of strength?” Even though Bai Rong didn’t make any sound or move, Mu Chongyan could somehow feel that his Little Sweet Cake had gotten better. He pressed a kiss on Bai Rong’s eyes and took out the last 10 nutritional doses from his spatial button.

Mu Chongyan opened a nutritional dose, and wanted to feed Bai Rong but found that he couldn’t.

Pausing for a short while, Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes. He drank the nutritional dose and soon bent down, pressing his lips against Bai Rong’s lips.

Bai Rong was originally anxiously thinking about how to get up quickly when he suddenly felt a wetness on his lips. He soon felt liquid trickle in between his teeth, the sweet tastes enveloping his mouth.

“!!!” Suddenly realizing what it was, Bai Rong’s cheeks flushed red and he subconsciously gulped it down.

Seeing Bai Rong swallow it, Mu Chongyan heaved a sigh of relief and felt a hint of happiness. He quickly downed another nutrient dose and delivered it mouth-to-mouth to Bai Rong.

Being kissed again…no, fed water, Bai Rong’s heart beat quicker. The nutritional dose certainly worked well in restoring his mental strength, in fact, even the blue stone Bai Rong carried in his chest emitted a strong calming magnetic field. However, Bai Rong only grew more and more dizzy. By the 80th time he was kissed, Bai Rong’s cheeks had already turned completely red, his face so hot it could fry eggs.

The soft and moist contact of their lipsy was magnified infinitely by their senses, to the point that Bai Rong could feel how tender and precious Mu Chongyan’s kisses-I mean, fed him the nutritional dose. His heart thumped uncontrollably loudly against his chest, as if it were about to jump out of his chest at any moment.

Finally, on the ninety-ninth time, Bai Rong finally…under extremely bashfulness and nervousness, fluttered his eyes open.

Entering his line of sight was Mu Chongyan’s worried yet gentle face.

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