Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 105.2 Take Off (2)

After taking another sip of the nutritional dose, Mu Chongyan realized that his Little Sweet Cake had opened his eyes. He was stunned at first before joy welled up in his eyes. The joy was so intense, it turned the rims of his eyes red.

“Rongrong…you’ve awakened. Do you feel unwell anywhere? Where does it…!”

“Chongyan…” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s face, Bai Rong’s nose turned sour. He wrapped his arms around Mu Chongyan’s arms and slowly revealed a small smile, “I’m fine. Everything’s fine…”

Mu Chongyan didn’t believe him at all but he didn’t refute him. He only bent down slightly and gingerly embraced him, his actions extremely careful, “How did you lose consciousness?”

“I was attacked by the monster’s mental strength. However, I’m alright now…” Bai Rong held Mu Chongyan’s neck, “I just feel a little weak but after a few more hours of rest, I should be completely fine…”


“Alright…” Mu Chongyan dropped his head slightly and pressed down the surging feelings of happiness and worry in his chest, planting a soft kiss on Bai Rong’s forehead, “Alright. Then Rongrong should properly get some rest…” He said while tucking Bai Rong back.

Bai Rong shook his head, “Chongyan…I’m alright. I don’t need to lie down and rest. What’s going on outside? Has the beast been controlled?”

“It’s under control.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “You don’t need to worry. The beast tide’s been brought under control an hour ago. We’re now settling the aftermath of the battle.”

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“Ls, kv’p pvkzz lyazu…” Jyk Ssdt pbssj bkp blye, “Ubsdtuyd, obyv ycswv Bdnzl Dky yde Iwjw?”

“Pye yde Iwjw yal qkdl. Pye yzalyeu caswtbv y nswrzl sq rlsrzl vs bydezl vbl ykapbkr. Iwjw yzps oldv yzsdt okvb vblx.”


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“Mblu’hl…vblu’hl yzz clld jkzzle?!!!”

“….Zlyb.” Yw Ubsdtuyd bwttle Jyk Ssdt yde pktble, “Gxsdtpv vbl rlsrzl obs csyaele vbl ykapbkr, sdzu Hl Ny’la yde Ew Hl xydytle vs pwahkhl.”

Bai Rong was completely frozen. He completely didn’t expect..that the outcome of the airship would be…this severe!!


Fortunately, the monster acted quickly. Most of the people in the flying ship were killed within one hit. Their corpses are also intact. Dad and the others have already sent their bodies to be cremated.”

“Cremated…” Bai Rong looked blank. He paused for a few seconds before asking anxiously again, “Then what about the city, how many people died in the city?!”

“….I don’t know.” Mu Chongyan thought for a moment but decided to conceal the numbers. He gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head and said, “However, dad said, rescue had come in time so the result was more or less the same as the last beast tide. Rongrong doesn’t have to worry.”

“Then…Then what about Lu Ya and the others?!”

“Lu Ya…” Mu Chongyan paused, “Lu Ya and Na Erya are fine, but Lu Kun and Bo Ke have both gotten hurt in the leg and there’s a high chance they won’t be able to recover from the injuries here.”


“However, Rongrong doesn’t need to worry too much…Even though their injuries can’t be healed here, it doesn’t mean there’s no hope at Sheng Ya as well.” Mu Chongyan pulled Bai Rong into his arms, “The first inspection of the airship showed no concerning problems so we can take off.”


Bai Rong let out a breath of relief, happiness appearing on his face, “Then we can return to Sheng Ya?!!”

“We can…” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “But, dad has also said that the airship can only take off  once you’ve properly rested.”

“I…I’m all rested!” Bai Rong quickly tensed up his little face and said.

“Nonsense.” Mu Chongyan pressed Bai Rong back into his quilt, “If you don’t sleep right now, I’ll tell dad. Your body isn’t fully well yet.”


“Chongyan, you…” Bai Rong glared unhappily at him, “You can’t make up false reports!”

“If you sleep right now, I won’t.” Mu Chongyan tucked the corners of Bai Rong’s quilt, “Listen to me, ok?”

“Ok…” Bai Rong had still wanted to say something, but seeing the worry and fatigue on Mu Chongyan’s face, he chose to remain silent.

“Alright, I’m going to rest now. Chongyan should also rest up.”

“Yeah, ok…” Mu Chongyan gently kissed Bai Rong on the lips and smiled, “This marks the hundredth time..”

“The hundredth time for what?” Bai Rong asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing much…” Mu Chongyan smiled and kissed Bai Rong’s nose, “Rongrong should quickly go to sleep. Once you do, I’ll do too.”

“A-….Alright.” Knowing that he couldn’t convince Mu Chongyan anymore, Bai Rong could only close his eyes and do his best to enter slumberland.

Bai Rong originally thought that it would be hard for him to fall asleep after being in bed for such a long time, but he didn’t think that after exhausting all his mental strength, in less than 10 minutes, his breathing became softer and prolonged…

Mu Chongyan’s gentle gaze lingered on Bai Rong’s face a little longer before he finally bent down and pecked Bai Rong’s forehead. He reluctantly left Bai Rong’s room and quietly closed the door. However, he didn’t head back to his room, instead, he walked down the stairs and left the villa.


Bai Rong slept very deeply and by the time he awoke, it was already morning. He had just sat up when Mu Chongyan and Xia Qingshu entered the room.


“Rongrong, are you awake?”

“…” Not expecting to be caught by his father-in-law for the second time, Bai Rong felt a bit embarrassed, “I…I got up late.”

“It’s alright. It’s not late. It’s only 9am.” Xia Qingshu walked towards Bai Rong and said in concern, “Rongrong, how are you feeling?”

“I’m very good, Uncle Xia. You don’t have to worry.” Bai Rong smiled energetically and promptly raised his little arms, “I’m feeling very good right now, I can even take on a ninth level beast!”

Xia Qingshu and Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but chuckle over Bai Rong’s actions. Xia Qingshu felt a lot more relieved and rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “Alright. Since Bai Rong’s already completely rested, we’ll board the airship today!”

“We’re boarding the ship today?!” Bai Rong was surprised and elated, “That quick?!”

“Yeah. The airship didn’t receive much damage so there’s no problems in taking off. Plus, the earlier we get back, the earlier you and Chongyan can do a body check. Moreover, Lu Kun and the others also have to get treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, their injuries would affect their aptitude.”

“Then…Then let’s go and head there quickly!” Bai Rong immediately wanted to jump off the bed but was held back by Mu Chongyan.

Xia Qingshu looked at the two and chuckled, “Then Rongrong and Dearie should prepare. I’ll go out first.” He said before turning around to leave.

“What’s wrong, Chongyan?” Bai Rong blinked.

“It’s nothing.” Mu Chongyan suddenly recalled Bai Rong’s guarded sleeping appearance last night and let go of his hands with slightly flushed cheeks, “Rongrong should go and get prepared.”

He said before leaving the room.


Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s figure, a question mark appearing on top of his head.

Did his wife turn stupid after the battle?!

After a night of sleep, Bai Rong was filled with energy and quickly washed up and changed his clothes.

Mu Chongyan gave the last bottle of nutritional dose to Bai Rong and said, “Let’s go. Kuku, Lu Ya and the others are waiting for us at the airship.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong quickly nodded.

Mu Chongyan sat in the driver’s seat of the aircraft while Bai Rong sat in the passenger’s seat. As for Xia Qingshu who was busy the whole night, he sat at the window seat at the back and took a little rest.

Half an hour later, the group arrived at the airship. Upon spotting Bai Rong, Kuku immediately rushed over to him.

“Brother! Are you alright?!”

“I’m fine.” Bai Rong smiled and rubbed Kuku’s head.

At the side, the utterly exhausted Wu Ze let out a yawn and enviously watched Kuku. He didn’t understand. They both were busy for an entire afternoon and night, so how could Kuku still be so energetic?!

After walking into the airship, Bai Rong was surprised to find that there was not the slightest stench of blood in the vehicle at all. He had originally made ample mental preparation, expecting a bloody hell-like site.

“Brother Bai Rong, you’ve come!” Lu Ya walked over to him with red peach eyes, “Are you alright?”

He heard that his idol helped Big Brother Mu and Uncle Xia kill several tenth level beast kings and was still truly worthy of his admiration. However, he was also heavily injured by that beast king. If his brother wasn’t hurt, he would’ve definitely gone to see his idol earlier.

“I’m fine. How is your brother?”

“My brother…” Lu Ya’s peach eyes turned red, “isn’t in any serious condition, it’s just that a big chunk of his right leg had been bitten…but he’d already been treated and the bleeding has stopped….”

Bai Rong sighed, and patted Lu Ya’s shoulder in distress, “Don’t be too worried. Even though Sheng Ya’s treatment device is unlike this barren planet’s, the level of medical technology there is very good and we should be able to treat your brother.”


“Rongrong, there’s still half an hour before the airship is about to take off.” Mu Chongyan suddenly walked over, “Is there anything else you want to bring with you?”

“We’re setting off this fast?” Bai Rong felt pleasantly surprised, “I haven’t thought about what to bring.”

“But…” Bai Rong suddenly thought of something, “Didn’t the pilot of the airship die?”

“Yeah, but it’s not as if he’s the only one who knows how to fly this airship, there’s a lot of people who can pilot and hadn’t boarded the airship, going through the events in the city. We’ve already convinced them to drive us.”

“Why didn’t they board the ship?”

“….” Mu Chongyan paused, “Probably because they were schemed against. Those people were framed by the previous pilots and didn’t get selected for the exam, so they weren’t chosen by the emperor.”

“Oh…” Bai Rong nodded.

“Rongrong, come here. Don’t stand there when the airship ascends and come to my room with me.”

Bai Rong obediently followed Mu Chongyan back to the room and even went to the opposite room to see Lu Ya and Bo Ke.

Half an hour quickly passed and just when Bai Rong was completely settled in, the airship quivered slightly, rising slowly to the clouds. Under the route Mu Chongyan and Xi Qiaoshan provided, the airship headed towards the distant Sheng Ya Star Region.

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