Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 169 [Big Shot’s Story 3] Malicious Intent

“I only knew a life of riches, but I didn’t expect that life would change this drastically in an instant.”

“Thinking back, I used to act like a spoiled brat. Now, I find the past hard to believe.”

“This is also the lesson God had painfully taught me. He taught me to accept the lingering hatred. To avoid the anger. To reform myself. To change my character. To not cling to the past riches. To not wallow in my past sufferings. In this way, I can break away from my miseries and attain happiness.”

Du Xiruo was singing on the big stage, while several people watched this new play with indiscernible thoughts as they sat comfortably in the booth located on the second floor.

Cheng Lianshan held onto Cheng Biyun, who sat on the far left with him, and shook his head with gusto as he sang along with the music played on stage. In truth, he was also a theater aficionado and has recently been fond of the young Lord Du of Pear Jade Theater very much. Knowing that there was a new play showing today, he originally planned to root for him, but Cheng Lianshan didn’t foresee a setback to occur in his official business, so he thought of inviting Governor Yan to watch the play together, while privately building relations along the way.

Cheng Biyun, who had dug a pit for her father, was currently in a daze. She couldn’t help but shoot an absent-minded glance at the two people sitting on the right.

Naturally, the people who sat beside each other on the right were Chu Jiao and Yan Zhan.

Chu Jiao keenly propped her cheek on her hand, listening to the lyrics and raising the corners of her mouth with great interest.

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Such behavior was obviously disrespectful to the performer, and it also made the originally indifferent male protagonist develop an ill impression towards his fiancée.

Chu Jiao didn’t know if she was overthinking it, but she always felt…that this female lead Du Xiruo had a very strong malicious intent towards the original owner. She had even created a new play, centered around mocking and satirizing her experience.

The original owner made a commotion and only embarrassed herself in the process. However, the female lead magnanimously apologized to the guests and won praise for her exquisite and superb performance. 

This also left a mark that was neither light nor heavy in the distant heart of the male lead.

Chu Jiao was lost in deep thought when the prickling pain from her wrist drew her attention back.

The cold-faced man had untied the temporary knot on her wrist and was holding a vial over it, sprinkling what looked like white medicinal powder on the wound.

Adjutant Li, who was standing behind Yan Zhan, thought that he was hallucinating. The always-stern governor was actually administering medicine to a girl! He also looked impeccably serious, more serious than when he saw the Mosin Nagant1Mosin Nagant: a military rifle used by the Russian forces  they worked so hard to get!

Yan Zhan only felt that the wound looked particularly unpleasant to his eyes.

The girl’s figure was tall and straight, but she couldn’t conceal her thinness. A sole green jade bracelet hung on her wrist, emphasizing the slenderness of it, where the bone looked especially prominent. In all likelihood, the death of her father must’ve affected her a lot. Yan Zhan couldn’t help but feel pity in his heart thinking so.

His mother also had a similar jade bracelet, which looked like a matching pair with hers. Yan Zhan guessed that it must have been a token of their parents’ marriages.

He carefully applied medicine to the bleeding wound and bandaged it neatly. Seeing the girl’s big black grape-like eyes looking at him clearly, Yan Zhan instinctively pursed his lips.

“I’m stopping the bleeding first,” he explained dryly, “When you go back, just apply some medicine.”

If it wasn’t for the girl wanting to watch the show, he would have taken her back immediately.

Chu Jiao laughed in spite of herself.

But she didn’t say anything. The man seemed to be afraid of her misunderstanding something.

Curving her eyes, she responded, “Thank you.”

She could still distinguish good intentions from hypocrisy, and although the male lead looked somewhat imposing and scary, she was not afraid of him. Instead, there was a familiar feeling that made her feel close to him.

“…No need for thanks. It’s only natural.”

Adjutant Li’s eyes widened from surprise. He felt as though he had to go see the doctor after work today.

His hallucinations were still a bit strong. Did he just see the cold governor blush?! 

This was impossible. This was absolutely impossible.

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