Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 168 [Big Shot’s Story 2] My Fiancé

Yan Zhan’s body moved all on its own.

“What are you doing?”

Chu Jiao lowered her head and stared at the big hand with distinct joints clasping her wrist with a confused look.


Yan Zhan also didn’t know why he did this. When he heard the girl’s voice, a familiar feeling brewed in his heart, telling him to stop her.

Like it was instinct.

Yan Zhan knew who the person in front of him was.

She was Chu Jiao, the girl his father arranged to be his fiancée.

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The girl’s back still maintained a perfect posture, and the tone of her voice remained insufferably proud.

On the inside, Yan Zhan wondered why he used the words ‘still’ and ‘remained,’ when this was the first time they had met.

While deeply pondering over this matter, Chu Jiao had already turned impatient.

The whiplash on her arm had already started bleeding, and the firm strength of the man’s hold only made it worse.

“Hey,” She angrily shook her arm to alert the man who was about a head taller than her, “Can you let go of me?”

It hurts.

Yan Zhan slowly lowered his head and saw fresh blood trickling down the seams between his fingers. The aura around his body suddenly became cold, causing Du Lianshan to tremble at the side.

“Who did it?”

Chu Jiao was rather upset at the moment, “What’s it to you!?”

The people around them took in a deep breath. This little lady truly didn’t want to live. She even dared to talk to the ruthless Governor Yan like this!

But to their surprise, the cold-faced man did not get angry from her words, instead, he spoke calmly.

“What’s it to me?”

He let go of his strong hold, took out a silk linen handkerchief from his trouser pocket, and skillfully tied a knot over Chu Jiao’s wound.

“Someone hurt my fiancée, can I not avenge her on her behalf?” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Not so far away, Cheng Biyun’s face immediately paled when she heard this. She had always hoped that Chu Jiao’s claim of having an amazing ‘fiancé’ was just a product of her own wishful thinking. After all, Governor Yan had never admitted to it before.

However, the face-slapping fact came so quickly that it caught her off guard.

Seeing that the situation was about to spiral out to an uncontrollable mess, Cheng Lianshan quickly stepped forward and intervened.

“It was my daughter’s willful actions that hurt Ms. Chu. I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry.” He said as he pulled Cheng Biyun towards him, smiling at Chu Jiao and Yan Zhan who stood side by side. “Miss Chu, today’s setting is not suitable. If you have the time, this Uncle Cheng will definitely take this girl to your door to sincerely apologize. Is that alright?”

Seeing how he used the term ‘Uncle Cheng’ to refer to himself, Chu Jiao also understood that it was time to conclude the dispute.

Chu Jiao noticed Cheng Lianshan’s anxious demeanor and knew that he certainly had some important matters to discuss with the male lead, but unfortunately, he had unexpectedly found his daughter digging a sizable pit for him. It must have been rough.

She casually waved her hand, saying with pretense, “Uncle Cheng is exaggerating. It was not a big deal.”

“Then…this play…” Cheng Lianshan stammered as he looked over at Yan Zhan, “Shall we continue?”

Yan Zhan frowned, “No… “

At the moment, how could he have the heart to watch some play when his mood had turned sour. His eyes were glued to the irksome injury on the girl’s wrist. 

“Of course, we’ll continue.” Chu Jiao changed her plans at the last second.

Since the male lead wanted to support her publicly so much, she’ll happily stay and watch the play with him.

“After all, Sir Du will be going on stage….” She leisurely looked at the elegant-tempered Du Xiruo, who was standing near them, and smiled, “I have no doubt that it would be a fantastic show.”

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