Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 170 [Big Shot’s Story 4] Your Marksmanship is Amazing

In the end, Chu Jiao did not manage to finish listening to the young Lord Du’s new play.

This was because Governor Yan had given instructions to change the tune of the play to a more jubilant repertoire.

“All that endless weeping, how disheartening.”

With just these two phrases, the theater master, Du Shourong, immediately confessed his sins and hurriedly gestured to his adopted daughter on stage to change the play.

Although Du Xiruo didn’t know the reason for this abrupt change, she could only obediently heed his commands.

Everyone knew that Governor Yan’s methods were ruthless and terrifying.

“Are you worried that I’ll feel sad listening to it?”

Chu Jiao propped her jaw with one hand and innocently tilted her head, plainly asking the man in front of her.

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Even though she didn’t like Chu Jiao, Cheng Biyun still maintained the haughty air of a Commander’s daughter. Previously, she wanted to fight Chu Jiao fair and square. But, since the man’s attention was evidently not on her, she looked as though she was the one who harbored wishful thinking. In the end, the one who was humiliated was none other than herself.

Every person in the room was consumed by their private thoughts until a polite knock resounded from outside the door.

The stage play had already changed to perform ‘Romance of the Western Chamber.’ Zhang Sheng sang foolishly to Cui Yingying, “The number of common women is as plenty as the fish in the sea, but only one orchid stands alone in the empty valley. My yearning of thee overwhelms me….”

A little tea-serving servant lowered his head and meekly entered the doors to replenish the tea for some people. Behind him, there followed Du Xiruo, who had yet to take off her thick makeup.

She had come to apologize.

Even though she didn’t know why the Governor had suddenly requested a change in the repertoire midway through the program, he was still an influential figure who had immense power. Whilst, they, as nobodies, could only smile politely and sincerely apologize, unable to offend the other party.

The servant respectfully raised the copper pot and poured tea in the people’s cups.

He first filled Cheng Biyun’s cup full before filling Chu Jiao’s cup with scalding hot water.

After doing all of this, he quietly bypassed the table and walked towards the Governor.

Although the original host’s body was not versed in even the basics of the military arts, Chu Jiao herself had practiced it, so her senses still remained superior. Looking at the little servant’s footsteps, she could see that he was walking a little too steady, as though he was trained for this.

Her gaze congealed, and she lifted her cup to splash the hot water at the servant.

Because she was pressed for time before, she could only hurriedly sweep through the plot and remember that the two supporting females’ fight led to the first meeting between the male and female lead. She had forgotten that the male and female leads’ first interaction was also due to a failed assassination inside the theater. The female lead happened to rescue the male lead, but she also revealed the fact that she was dressed as a man as a consequence.

Now that she had suddenly recalled this, the uneasiness in her heart soared.

Scalding hot tea splashed over his direction, but the little servant quickly tilted his body to the side to avoid the burn. However, this revealed the hidden agileness that his body possessed. Now, his cover was blown and so, he moved his hand to his chest as if he were pulling something out.

But, Governor Yan’s reaction was far quicker than his adjutant. Taking a browning from his waist, he cocked the trigger and aimed it at the servant’s forehead, and with a loud ‘bang’ sound, blood had spilled inside the theater.

While he did this horrid act, he didn’t forget to use his other free hand to cover the eyes of the girl beside him, unwilling to let her watch such a gruesome scene.

The sounds of the gunshot were aptly masked by the sounds of the gongs being struck in the stage below as the red liquid was consequently splashed onto the unsuspecting faces and bodies of Cheng Biyun and Du Xiruo who were both standing not too far away.

Although Cheng Biyun was innately domineering, she had never killed an actual person before. Seeing the servant instantly turn into a corpse and blood splattering on her arm, she had wanted to shriek but was quickly stopped by Cheng Lianshan before she could do so.

Even if Du Xiruo did not scream, her face was similarly pale, while her eyes were wide open.

Seeing a person get killed in front of you was not a normal experience everyone had.

Yan Zhan coldly withdrew his gun as Adjutant Li swiftly stepped forward to search the servant’s body, finding an untriggered hand grenade.

“Fortunately, Miss Chu had discovered him in time…” Cheng Lianshan saw this and felt his incessant fears still lingering on, “Otherwise, the aftermath would have been too horrible.”

Adjutant Li absent-mindedly nodded and thought to himself. Governor Yan’s fiancée had such keen judgment and instincts, just like his boss. It was so sharp, it was simply amazing.

Governor Yan slowly lifted his hand that covered the young girl’s eyes.

Originally, he thought that the young girl would’ve been frightened of the situation and scared and terrified of him.

After all, he was able to kill a person without batting an eye.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the girl’s eyes were shining brightly and looking at him expectantly.

“Yan Zhan, your marksmanship is amazing!”

“Can you teach me how to do that!?”

Hearing his name being called, Yan Zhan felt somewhat pleased.

He lifted the corner of his lips and happily said.


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