Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9 – So, which one is real? (2)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

This person was the class president of the drama class B in Level 12 and was Rong Jing’s classmate. He was very sociable and reliable. He was also a member of the student council.

He was one of his classmates who was still willing to talk to him even after the series of his failed performances that caused the class B to be ridiculed and isolated. 

The original owner had a highly favorable opinion of Ji Leping.

But just like with Xie Ling, Rong Jing wanted to know him himself and only used the original owner’s memories as a reference.

Ji Leping asked casually, “The first exam’s results for graduate students are being announced today. Did you pass?”

Rong Jing also worked in the entertainment industry in his previous life. He had already seen people like Ji Leping. They knew how to manage their own circle of people and they didn’t easily upset people. They were also even careful around people who were on the lower part of the circle, like the original owner of the body. These kinds of people were the most elusive, so Rong Jing tended to avoid them.

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“I have a laptop in the dormitory. I’m still studying for the exams while acting, so I still live in the dorm. Wanna use it?”

Rong Jing refused, “No thanks. I don’t have to look at the results.”

Ji Leping didn’t force him. The results weren’t that important. What was important was to find a good mentor that you have a good relationship with. Ji Leping knew Rong Jing’s reputation. He couldn’t bear to tell him that he might flop the interview if the mentors brush him down because of his bad reputation.

Ji Leping thought that it was cruel to tell him, but if he didn’t tell him, he knew he would have to watch Rong Jing hit a brick wall again. Anyway, he and Rong Jing weren’t actually friends. Since it was unlikely that the guy would be able to make a comeback, he didn’t bother anymore to tell him.

While seeing Ji Leping’s changing expressions, Rong Jing had already guessed what he was thinking. He took the initiative to continue the conversation, “Are you on your way to see the results?”

Ji Leping: “Well, have you chosen a mentor yet?”

Rong Jing answered, unsure, “So I can choose?”

Ji Leping choked a bit. He really didn’t expect Rong Jing’s good mood and nonchalance about things even after the break up. He was unexpectedly in a good state of mind.

For Ji Leping, the postgraduate examination was a big deal.

The first part of the exam was still okay. One would have to show one’s thesis, answer questions about some terminologies, ideologies, political theories, english and etc., then obtain a passing score.

But to really pass, it all comes to the second part, the interview. To pass, you could only trust one thing: Fate. It was because it would become easier to pass if one was familiar with the mentor that will conduct the interview. It will become more of a subjective exam.

To Rong Jing who had a bad reputation, even if he did pass the first examination, the possibility of passing the second part would be zero. Most of the mentors in the university had their own pride, status and reputation to protect. Why would they pick a student with a tarnished reputation?

“You’re not worried at all?”

“It’s pointless to worry.”

After listening to Ji Leping’s questions, Rong Jing’s mind started to wander again.

He touched the corner of his coat. When he ran away earlier, somehow, he felt like someone pulled him? Was it an illusion?

When the two went back inside the station, they noticed that the place was crowded. The station was indeed usually crowded with people, but something strange happened today. Instead of riding the train when it arrived, they all acted excited.

After asking the people around, they found out that the show <A Day in the Life of a Star> was secretly filming in the subway. Their guests were usually famous idols. Gu Xi, who was one of the top 50 most beautiful people in the world, was among them.

The judges for that list were all Europeans. If an Asian ever wanted to be there on that list, they should be very popular because it wasn’t really based on a person’s appearance. Only with the public’s approval would they be shortlisted. They had to have a high national approval rating.

But during the making of that list, one year had only passed since Gu Xi debuted. No matter how popular he became, he was still considered a rookie back then. Yet he fought his way up and made it through the list purely by his appearance, which only showed that the lethality of his beauty was universally recognized.

Rong Jing listened to Ji Leping’s explanation about Gu Xi’s popularity. Gone was the elusive character that he once showed. The guy thumped his chest for missing the opportunity to get close to Gu Xi.

“Are you his fan?”

“Are you kidding? Which Alpha would be able to escape his charm? If there’s one, there’s no way they’re an Alpha!” Ji Lipeng looked at Rong Jing’s nonchalance, “Why aren’t you reacting?”

Rong Jing: “…” I’m only concerned about the ever-changing expressions on your face.

Rong Jing also wondered why he was always hearing the name Gu Xi, like the man was some kind of protagonist in a book. He really seemed like he had it all, like he was perfect.

Rong Jing thought that the idea was absurd, and that transmigrating to another world made his reasoning warped.

Heck. The idea of transmigrating itself was absurd.

Ji Leping looked at him weirdly, as if the idea of Rong Jing not liking Gu Xi was a great sin.

“Oh no, you’re in too deep. Qi Ying’s poison has already permeated inside your body. I must cleanse you now otherwise you won’t be able to see the real beauty! I have to let you see what it feels to see a fallen angel.”

Rong Jing wanted to say that not liking Gu Xi had nothing to do with Qi Ying but it was really hard to stop the man’s rainbow fart1refers to lauding one’s idols using exaggerated expressions.. He was such a big fan.

Rong Jing felt a little nostalgic. In his previous life, he also had a large number of fans. He had already met many types of fans. He didn’t want to put a damper on his mood since his praises for Gu Xi seemed really sincere. He only listened quietly and responded with a word or two.

The originally aggrieved Ji Leping suddenly felt pleased after seeing Rong Jing’s attitude. He suddenly thought that Rong Jing was a good man. It was rare to find an Alpha with such a warm temper like him.

When they arrived at their university, they didn’t expect to see a banner hanging outside with words: Welcome to our alumni speakers, Gu Xi and Xun Jiarui.

Both of them were popular and had starred in famous movies and TV shows. They would definitely attract a lot of students to watch the school’s program.

Thinking of what just happened in the subway, Ji Leping browsed the internet to check Gu Xi’s schedule for today. He saw several photos of Gu Xi on the subway in Weibo, taking off a mascot head and bending over to sign autographs for fans.

Though the photos were fan-taken, Gu Xi, who was slightly sweaty still looked dazzling.

Ji Leping immediately messaged his friends and classmates to save two best front row seats for him.

Ji Leping asked, “You gonna go there?”

Even if the man was not a fan, he thought that no one would ever refuse the chance to see Gu Xi. Yet there in front of him was a man so strange that he would refuse to go.

Seeing that Rong Jing didn’t want to go, Ji Leping felt aggrieved, “You can check the results any time. The mentors won’t disappear but Gu Xi just might.”

He also wanted to say something more. With Rong Jing’s current standing, this could probably be the last chance for him to be able to see a superstar.

Rong Jing just didn’t want to be disappointed again. He had once confirmed that Gu Xi’s face couldn’t stimulate his memory. As his hope of going back to his world got smaller, seeing him might only just increase the sadness he felt.

He couldn’t help but laugh at Ji Leping’s words.

Ji Leping also realized the words he said, “Ah, ptoo ptoo! Gu Xi will live a long life! Forgive this believer for that momentary slip of the tongue! Anyway, Gu Xi’s next movie is produced by a large crew and they’re still looking for the other leading artist! I heard that Gu Xi has a veto power. Let’s go! We might get the chance to be scouted because we’re too handsome.”

Rong Jing nodded without much thought but he didn’t think he’d actually get scouted like Ji Leping said. Professional actors like Gu Xi definitely wouldn’t casually scout boys who were still studying and had little acting experience.

Rong Jing searched for Gu Xi’s profile again and found that he had carefully selected all his projects. Otherwise, how else would he still be popular even after taking a three-year break?

He was a man with his own principles. Such a person would always have a good head on his shoulder and wouldn’t ruin his future.


Gu Xi was in the lounge, fixing his makeup. His make up artist also realized that he didn’t put on much makeup. It was amazing since he had just been filmed a while ago.

Gu Xi was a bit absent minded. His mind kept playing back to the scene on the subway and the familiar voice he heard.

Just then, another man, who had been speaking behind for a while, walked in. He was handsome and stylishly dressed. He recently starred in a remake of an idol drama as the second male lead.

Because of his love for the female lead, he became her silent guardian and was sacrificed for her lover. That’s when this actor’s popularity soared. Though the plot was corny, people still liked it.

Xun Jiarui’s eyes lit up when he saw the eye-catching Gu Xi.

“Gu Xi, I didn’t expect you to come so early.”

Gu Xi froze. He lightly pushed the makeup artist’s hand and stared at Xun Jiarui. “Y-your voice…”

Xun Jiarui touched his Adam’s apple. His voice didn’t originally sound good, but in order to make it better, he took the risk to go to a korean clinic for a vocal tract surgery to change his voice. Now that he has recovered, he was very satisfied with his low and magnetic voice. It was sure to attract a lot of Omegas.

Unexpectedly, even the famous aloof flower in the entertainment circle was charmed. He immediately put on his most handsome smile, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Xi was in a bit of a trance, “Is that your real voice?”

It was so similar to the voice that he remembered! The man’s stature was also a bit similar to what he saw then. Was he the same person he was looking for?

“Of course,” A flicker of panic flashed across Xun Jiarui’s eyes but he quickly regained his composure.

Just then, the host informed Gu Xi that the program was about to begin.

Gu Xi tried to calm his nerves to prepare for his speech yet he couldn’t but ask, “Is Mr. Xun free after this? There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Xun Jiarui was ecstatic.

Seems like this unapproachable flower was actually really easy to approach?

When Gu Xi entered the stage, the small auditorium was filled with applause. 

Gu Xi was used to seeing a big audience without panicking. He bowed slightly to the audience and prepared to start his speech.

Then, he suddenly saw a tall student in the front row, who stood up and seemed to want to leave but was stopped by his companion. Gu Xi only happened to look at his direction but his eyes suddenly stopped moving when his gaze landed on him.

He squinted his eyes slightly. This student’s stature was also the same as that person’s stature.

Gu Xi looked at Xun Jiarui, who was smiling and watching him. Xun Jiarui was swept away by the soul-stirring beauty of Gu Xi’s eyes. If he wasn’t in front of a camera, he would immediately rush over towards him.

At this moment, Gu Xi felt like a fried egg on a pan, at the risk of being overcooked.

So, which one is real?


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