Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9 – So, which one is real? (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

The man’s voice resounded through several train cars, attracting everyone’s attention.

Rong Jing’s eyes held no trace of pity as he stared at him, stone-faced, and tightened his hold on the other man. But his face was covered by the cap above his head and only showed a faint shadow.

Rong Jing didn’t care about the good-looking figure underneath the jumpsuit. What he cared about was that it was a cat!

Here was a man who worked hard for his life to the point that he even forgot to take off the blue jumpsuit, his uniform to his work. Was this the reason the subway wolf acted so recklessly? Because he thought that his prey was already tired and weak, no longer strong enough to defend himself?

Rong Jing became even more angry. This molester didn’t really want to stop harassing people. First, he targeted a student, then a white collar worker, and now a cat. They were all very vulnerable.

He really knew how to pick people, ah!

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He didn’t expect that someone would be fearless enough to call him out today. Bah, such bad luck!

The other hand of the black-rimmed glasses guy quickly moved and took out something from his pocket. Rong Jing didn’t know what it was but he responded quickly and warned the people around him.

“Close your eyes!”

Who would have thought that the subway wolf would carry pepper spray with him!

Rong Jing was stunned by the man’s shamelessness for a moment. The man took advantage of this. He looked at the door to check when it would open so he could escape.

Rong Jing’s clothes were gently pulled by a soft force, but it only seemed like a feather swept by him. He didn’t notice it and didn’t look back. When he found that the subway wolf had already disappeared and that the opportunity to catch him was fading, he immediately rushed out of the train car.

A person’s malice wouldn’t stop growing if they don’t get punished every time they do a bad deed.

Rong Jing ran like a cheetah, leaving Gu Xi, who had just taken off his hoodie to check the other person clearly. His wet hair was sticking to his sweaty face. He looked at Rong Jing’s running figure, his face looking very shocked.

You— You— At least let me see what you look like!

Gu Xi hasn’t been resting since the last 50 hours. Now, he was wearing a jumpsuit. Even though it was thin, he still felt stuffy and dizzy inside, and he was sweating nonstop.

After getting into the train, he quickly looked for a place to take a rest. He had no intention of paying attention to his surroundings.

Not until he heard a familiar voice. He immediately looked over to check where it came from. But the mascot head of his costume blocked his view. He could only see through Doraemon’s mouth that was covered with a thin layer of cloth.

In the moment the man passed by, Gu Xi saw his angular chin and thin red lips under his cap.

Seeing that the man was about to leave, he grabbed him almost immediately, but the man didn’t notice him and left.

Gu Xi took off his costume’s mascot head. He was sweating like crazy. The whole subway was filled with screams. The people around couldn’t believe that Gu Xi was inside the train with them.

The cameras even recorded Gu Xi’s stunned expression and everything that he did earlier.

Gu Xi played with the people who recognized him but he looked out from time to time, hoping for that person to appear again. As the camera crew came to give the rules of the game, he still searched for the man’s figure until the doors of the train closed.

People around forgot about the molester and no longer cared about what happened earlier. The appearance of Gu Xi was the most important now.

Rong Jing continued to run even as he heard wild cheers and screams coming from behind him. But the train had already left. Rong Jing glanced back but didn’t think too much of it.

He wanted to catch the perverted bastard. There were several men running behind him. Although they didn’t know each other, they all had the same goal.

Rong Jing had always thought of himself as selfish. He didn’t like getting in trouble. Most of the time, he only wanted to save himself and the people he cared about.

But sometimes, there were times when he went back on his words and rushed into problems without using his head.

He got off at a very crowded station. The problem was that he wasn’t familiar with this station and the rest of the men who came with him had already left to look for the pervert.

However, Rong Jing didn’t rush. He looked first for the railway policemen then showed them a video of the man harassing the people in the train. The video was cut abruptly to the scene where he had almost touched the jumpsuit guy.

The railway police immediately notified the patrolling policemen near the station’s entrances. The man’s physical features and clothes were recorded so any suspicious person was to be stopped and inspected.

Rong Jing believed that the man wouldn’t have enough time to change his clothes. In the end, he really did find the man who wanted to escape in the east entrance where there were only a few people around.

Rong Jing, along with the other men who helped to search, identified the man as the one on the video. It served as conclusive evidence so he was successfully detained and handed over to the police.

But the railway police no longer could stand that ‘smell’ anymore, “Student, you’d better wash your face first and take a rest.”

Only then did Rong Jing realize that the place where the pepper spray sprayed him still felt a bit hot and sore. He ran to the nearest restroom but even at this critical time, he still carefully read the signage to look for the toilet for an Alpha. After ten minutes, his face finally cooled down.

Unexpectedly, when he came out, a man was waiting for him outside. He was one of the Alpha among those Betas who helped to chase the molester. Rong Jing was pleased to see that.

After he had transmigrated over to this world, most people’s opinion about Alphas were polarized. Rong Jing also felt the particularity of this gender.

That Alpha stopped him and stared at him for a while before saying, “Rong Jing?”

Rong Jing’s temperament had changed greatly so the other person hesitated to ask and was afraid of mistaking him.

Rong Jing actually didn’t really pay attention to him much. He just knew that the man was also an Alpha. He didn’t know that the person actually knew him.

He hid his surprise and tried to recall memories of the original owner, searching for this person’s information. Then he greeted him like the original owner would, “Hey, Ji Leping. Long time no see.”

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