Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10 – Sounds More Like the Real One (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Rong Jing was shocked to see the auditorium full of people.

When they first came over, there weren’t many students inside yet. Most students rushed to attend the program apart from the members of the student council who were setting up the stall for charity. After the heavy curtain on the stage was parted, the auditorium looked like this:

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Rong Jing answered matter-of-factly, “You’re just saying that because you haven’t seen me perform.” Who said that a salted fish could not enter the entertainment industry?

Ji Leping bluntly answered, “Oh wow you’re humble. There shouldn’t be many people in the university who haven’t seen you perform, though.” 

Ah, right. The flop acting incident. I keep forgetting that I’m not the same person as I was before anymore.

Ji Leping had never seen an Alpha who was so indifferent to Omegas. Was he really charmed by Qi Ying? Well, it was true that Qi Ying’s charms were too great.

But if Qi Ying was to be compared with Gu Xi… no, they were in different leagues. There was too much of a gap between them.

“You must truly be in love with Qi Ying.” Almost to the point of being blinded and losing the power to judge.

“It has nothing to do with him,” Rong Jing somehow felt baffled and wondered why there was always a need to associate him with the ex-boyfriend. 

So even after they broke up, the students never forgot all the things that the original owner did for his ex-boyfriend. Sometimes, Rong Jing wanted to fish out the original owner from wherever he was now and lecture him on how to find a good wife. Don’t just look at the face! 

“Don’t you think there’s a chance you’d get picked up by Gu Xi among all these people and become the new drama male lead? Why don’t you try that?” Ji Leping added to motivate this salted fish of an Alpha who he had just gotten acquainted with.

Rong Jing: “…” Who would think that’s possible?

Rong Jing followed Ji Leping, who was apologizing as they walked through the crowd. Since they were kind of late, they drew attention to themselves as their seats were close to the front row.

The stage was still almost empty and the lighting was still being fixed by the Stage Design Department, who paid attention to making the stage neat and aesthetically pleasing. One emcee stood on the stage, holding a microphone and reviewing the past works of their two featured guests. The LED display behind him was also showing their images.

When the two arrived near the third row, they saw many familiar faces. Rong Jing also saw some students from the acting department, who had already graduated but still came early to listen to the two star’s lecture.

Rong Jing recalled what Ji Leping had told him. Gu Xi’s upcoming movie was still looking for people. This could be an opportunity for him to earn a chance at acting.

He was very familiar with this industry. He knew that he had to grab on all opportunities that would come his way to be able to move forward and have endless possibilities to be selected as an actor.

A group of students greeted Ji Leping, who asked. “Why are there so many people here today?”

It was so crowded even though the classes were still on-going.

One girl pointed to the front row seats. “Gu Xi happens to be shooting <A Day in the Life of a Star> today~”

They were in the third row as the front row seats were not allowed to the students. When Rong Jing turned to look at the front row, he saw several people with cameras, and thought to himself that they were camera men filming Gu Xi.

“It’s a given if Gu Xi’s here. Only a popular variety show can hire him,” Jing Leping said, expressing his understanding why the venue was crowded. If they could appear in this kind of popular variety show, then it was no doubt that this was more important than going to class.

Soon, the rest of the group saw Rong Jing, who had deliberately hidden his presence behind Ji Leping. A few girls commented awkwardly.

“So you’re here too.” 

“I heard that you and Qi Ying broke up. Is that true?”

“Qi Ying seems to have helped you snatch an appointment. But even after sending your resume a hundred times, no crew bothered with it?”

“What? No way, that’s too miserable,” one girl said. Realizing that she had said too much, she covered her mouth. 

It was true. Rong Jing didn’t refute any of their questions and remarks.

The original owner was very persistent and did send his resume a hundred times. He was trying to overcome his fear of facing the camera with little success over the years. He wanted to adapt slowly by joining a group performance or by being an extra but no crew ever wanted him. Though he was good-looking, he had earned a negative reputation and feared the camera. No one was willing to waste their time to hire him.

Some students looked at him with sympathy, some with disgust. Some just ignored him. Rong Jing was too out of place here.

The guy who helped Ji Leping save their seats also whispered, “Why did you bring him with you?”

Ji Leping used to just sit on the sidelines. However, after having caught the pervert on the subway together with Rong Jing, and also finding out that he was actually kind of a good person, he felt kind of upset. “Why shouldn’t I? So many years had passed since that incident happened. Do you still have to be like this to him?”

Ji Leping intentionally raised his voice a little so the people around him could hear him, temporarily stopping the whispers from the people.

Though Rong Jing often ignored the people’s whispers, it didn’t mean that he was unaware of the original owner’s predicament. They didn’t like him. Since that was the case, there was no need to force himself to stay.

His phone vibrated in his pocket, only to see that it was Qi Ying, who had never once initiated to call the original owner when they were still dating.

Wanting to leave, he told Ji Leping, “There are still many people looking for seats. I should probably give my seat to someone who wants it more.”

“Hush! Gu Xi’s here! You’re here now anyway so just stay. Just thank me that I brought you here.” And with that, Rong Jing was pressed down to his seat.

After the emcee’s introduction, Gu Xi walked to the podium. Rong Jing couldn’t help but look over, his eyes stopping to move for a moment.

This was the kind of person Gu Xi was. A person who made people sigh with wonder whenever he appeared, crossing the boundaries of gender. Even Rong Jing with the most critical observation power couldn’t find a flaw in him.

Rong Jing only froze for a few seconds before he came back to his senses.

Silence filled the venue because of Gu Xi’s arrival, followed by a loud applause. It wouldn’t be appropriate to leave now.

Rong Jing stayed for a while but felt frustrated inside. Now that he had seen Gu Xi in person, he still didn’t feel any familiarity at all. 

Huh? Why does it feel like he’s looking at me?

The two men’s pair of eyes met for a moment, then quickly turned away as if they were electrocuted, a slight electric current extending deep into their bones.

When Rong Jing looked again, Gu Xi was already looking ahead, waving his hand at the direction of the moving light, causing a clamor.

Oh, he’s not.

Rong Jing listened to his words. Gu Xi shared many interesting things about filming and his understanding regarding graduating and postgrad students.

Oh, did he just look at me again?

Though it was brief, their eyes met yet again.

Rong Jing looked around and saw many good-looking people, all six genders present. The largest number among them were the Alphas and Omegas.

He realized then that for all the students present here, this was actually a good opportunity to show their faces. He remembered Ji Leping saying that Gu Xi had the casting rights over his upcoming film.

Probably just an illusion that he’s looking at me. Overthinking is a disease and has to be cured.

There was nothing special about him. There were so many people in the auditorium. He wouldn’t be able to attract Gu Xi’s attention.

As he thought this way, Rong Jing finally calmed down.

Gu Xi’s speech was coming to an end. The next part was the question and answer portion. 

Rong Jing looked again at the phone that he had forgotten for a moment, only to see that he had already missed two of Qi Ying’s calls.  

Wow, Rong Jing, you’re unreachable now, huh?

To think that the original owner’s dream Omega was rejected just like that.

Should I call back? Nah, forget it. It’s better not get involved with him after breaking up.

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