Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 48.1

Rong Jing completely froze.

It felt like Gu Xi’s tongue had circled around his adam’s apple. A subtle warmth surged up, staining Rong Jing’s neck with a blush.

The next moment, Gu Xi seemed to lose strength and slumped softly into Rong Jing’s arms. He caught him and then looked at the dumbfounded Zhou You, “You saw.”

Zhou You quickly swung his head from left to right in denial, “I didn’t see anything.” I am but an emotionless assistant.

Rong Jing touched the place where he was bitten. It wasn’t painful since it was only a soft bite. However, the place was now a bit wet, indicating that what happened really just happened for real.


It felt like he had just been teased, not even sure if it was intentional or not, and it was beyond his ability to bear. Suddenly, a line from the book popped into his mind: With the strong scent of blood, a vivid rose can bloom whilst killing without a trace.

Rong Jing took a deep breath, cleared his mind of distractions and said, “Send them to the hospital after fifteen minutes.”

Wouldn’t fifteen minutes be too late for his current state? Zhou You looked at the heavily bleeding lower body part of Fang Jue Lian but felt he deserved what he was going through; it just so happened that there are still a lot of things that need to be taken care of, they’re not deliberately delaying time, okay?

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“Mm,” Xie Ling smirked.


Finally, the kid was acting like a normal teenager, confessing his mishaps. After making mistakes, he now knew how to tell the grown ups about it. It was a sign of growth.

“Brother, do you know Fang Jue Lian?” Rong Jing asked.

Xie Ling thought for a moment, “You mean the Fang family that deals in electronic components, the one with the wayward youngest son.”

Rong Jing: “…Mmhmm.” He wasn’t sure how to react to his brother’s description; truly one with a venomous, sharp tongue.

Rong Jing briefed him on the situation, omitting Gu Xi’s name. He only mentioned how Fang Jue Lian had used solar-powered surveillance equipment from the Wu family for illegal purposes, spying on others, and now the victim had come knocking. He had just been a bit too hot-headed, he had also lent a hand.

Xie Ling: “Are you trying to stir things up?”

Rong Jing: “You’re using the wrong idiom. I’m standing up for justice, fighting against injustice.”

Xie Ling: “Why haven’t I seen you stand up for others?”

Rong Jing: “I can’t handle everything, but this one’s…” This one’s different.

Xie Ling: “How extreme?”

Rong Jing: “Like inhumane kind of extreme?”

“So is his gender an Alpha, Beta or an Omega?” Xie Ling remembered the ambiguity regarding his little brother’s sexual orientation. He also thought about how that guy Ji Leping took his money and did nothing.



“Does it have anything to do with gender?”

“Of course, the law protects the Omegas more. If things get too extreme, an Omega’s actions could be considered self-defense.”


Xie Ling silently pressed down the worry in his heart. It’s all good if it’s an Omega.

He didn’t wish for his little brother to be gay, not out of discrimination, but because it was incredibly tough for homosexuals to survive in this world.

Xie Ling: “If they were in the wrong first, then you didn’t really get into trouble. They were in the wrong, so they also deserve what they got. But if this goes to court, one injured party being an Alpha won’t bode well for us. It’s better to settle things privately. I’ll talk to the Fang family about settlement terms.”

“Brother, the Fang family have some sort of connection to the Wu family, right?”

“The Fang family supplies components, and the Wu family is their biggest buyer. They have a mutually beneficial relationship. Are you worried about the Wu family getting involved?”

Rong Jing analyzed the situation, “Well, the Wu family could either abandon the Fangs to save face if this scandal gets out, or they could aid and abet them in suppressing it.”

Rong Jing disliked dealing with Wu Hanqi. It was easy to get pitched because you could never guess what he was up to.

Xie Ling: “Wu Hanqi has a very clear style of doing things; he usually doesn’t take sides. Even without the Fangs, the Wus can find other suppliers, but the Fangs can’t afford to lose the Wus.”


“So it’s the Fangs who are seeking the Wus’ favor. I just need to make sure the Wus don’t meddle, and this matter will be settled.”

“Pretty much,” Xie Ling agreed, and while thinking about Wu Hanqi, he added, “In the business world, you’ll encounter all sorts of people. You can’t avoid interacting with them, and you can’t block all malicious intentions. Instead of that, it’s better to understand them more and, if necessary, use others’ strength to our advantage, breaking things down piece by piece.”

Xie Ling had already returned to his office, his icy voice carrying a tone of guidance.

He could tell that Wu Hanqi was no ordinary person, and Xie Ling was certainly not oblivious to it.

What the phrase meant was to survive no matter what, and see who gets the last laugh.

However, Rong Jing felt sure that he couldn’t be direct; he needed to be subtle.

He needed to strike while the iron was hot, so he decided to take the initiative and dialed Wu Hanqi’s number. “Uncle Qi, it’s Rong Jing.”

Though Wu Hanqi’s breath was slightly unstable, he remained composed, with a hint of casualness, “Rare to receive a call from you. You haven’t forgotten about this Uncle, have you? How have you been lately?”

After a brief exchange, Rong Jing went on to talk about the reason why he called, “If someone were to illegally monitor others using your company’s products for years, it would surely tarnish Pai Sen Tech’s reputation if this news were to break out.”

“Of course, I knew this kid wouldn’t call me if he didn’t have something to ask of me. Get to the point,” Wu Hanqi raised his eyebrows, intrigued. He had never been threatened by any of the younger generation kids.

Rong Jing briefly outlined the situation, “Uncle Qi, don’t you think it’s necessary for you to step in to resolve the trouble your family caused?”

The solar powered surveillance device itself was already somewhat controversial. If it ended up in the spotlight now, it would certainly affect Pai Sen Tech’s operations.


Wu Hanqi was seated in a chair of his own club, with a beautiful Omega below him, puffing away on a cigarette. The Omega, seeing him on the phone, felt disgruntled and wanted to snatch his phone away, but was deterred by Wu Hanqi’s gaze.

The Omega’s somewhat pampered and arrogant look instantly went away.

“While this is about Pai Sen’s reputation, ultimately, isn’t your friend the one benefitting the most?”

“The product being used for illegal purposes is a significant blow to the Wu family’s reputation. Isn’t it only right to do something to rectify the situation? This is a win-win situation. Uncle, you make it sound like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“Silver-tongued as ever. Everything depends on your smooth talk. Alright, no need to beat around the bush. I won’t help the Fang family. What will you offer me in return?”

While holding the phone, Rong Jing returned to Fang Jue Lian’s house once again, where he found Zhou You busy dealing with the blood stains at the scene. An ambulance had been called, and they were waiting for it to arrive.

Rong Jing opened the doors one by one, noticing one room secured with an electronic lock.

An electronic lock. There must be something inside.

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