Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 48.2

Rong Jing wanted to try opening the lock, but brute-forcing it wouldn’t work. Dragging the unconscious Fang Jue Lian to the door, Rong Jing pressed his index finger against the keypad. Click. It opened.

I truly am an unremarkable little genius.

Inside was an art studio, filled with portraits. Aside from the imaginative painting in the living room, which was based on Gu Xi, there were many other portraits of different individuals.

Just like the fake photos that Ji Jong Jie created, they didn’t need to physically see the person to cause trouble; they could do it based on imagination alone.

Since Gu Xi served as a model for the living room painting, it was possible that the portraits here had real-life counterparts too.


“Rong Jing smiled as he spoke into the phone, “Uncle Qi, I think I don’t have to give you anything in return.”

Wu Hanqi became interested, “Oh? Tell me more.”

Rong Jing hung up the phone and took photos of all the oil paintings, sending them to Wu Hanqi: Does Uncle Qi recognize anyone in these paintings?

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According to Rong Jing, if he was willing to suppress the Fangs, then it would be the Wus’ voluntary action to resolve the scandal. Moreover, Rong Jing’s ability to find a solution in such a short time was unexpected. Each owner of those portraits had a status; how could they tolerate being depicted like that on canvas?


When the Fang family faces collective criticism, they’ll be in dire straits. If the Fang family really falls, who would be the one to take the lion’s share of the spoils? It seems to be getting more and more interesting.

Wu Hanqi closed his phone, his breathing suddenly rapid, as if he had been stimulated in some way, and then he suddenly dashed out.

After it was over, he patted the Omega’s bewildered face. “Go pay outside. I don’t like people who act on their own.”

This Omega was one of Wu Hanqi’s lovers, a graduate of a prestigious university who had a promising future but refused to leave Wu Hanqi’s side because of his feelings for him.

Seeing Wu Hanqi’s emotionless gaze, he knew that begging for mercy would only make the other person look down on him. It was better to leave with dignity and still earn some respect. With tears in his eyes, he nodded vigorously.

Wu Hanqi liked his understanding of when to advance and when to retreat. He lightly flicked the Omega’s chin with his finger, “You’re a bit like that kid in that regard, knowing when to seize the moment. Alright, go out first.”

The Omega was pleasantly surprised and nodded vigorously. 

Wu Hanqi zipped up his pants and picked up the phone to make a call. “Check what’s happening on Xiao Jing’s side. It’s unnecessary to provoke a conflict with the Xie family over a ruined Alpha from the Fang family. Let them deal with it themselves.”

Wu Hanqi came to the floor-to-ceiling window, gazing at the rich colors of the sunset merging with the soft glow of dawn.

“If only that child were mine.”

He was probably the most admired junior in all these years. Much more useful than the brat in his family.

To think that a major issue got almost resolved with just a few phone calls. Not only did he consider everything carefully, but he also tried to win over allies as much as possible.


The younger generations will surely surpass us in time.

Wu Fuyu, who was driving around looking for someone, sneezed violently.

Who’s talking sht about me?


Rong Jing was busy packing up the paintings. He asked Xie Ling for the address of the models of those oil paintings, intending to send them out through express delivery.

The sunset adorned the sky, casting its glow into the room.

Gu Xi slowly awakened from his slumber, gazing up at the ceiling, blinking.

Slowly, memories of the series of events orchestrated by his other personality came back to him, leaving him speechless for quite a while.

This personality was him, yet also not him. In the words of the other, it carried his deepest desire buried in his heart.

Gu Xi, while he covered his head: Did you, like, hurt that someone with the surname Fang?

The other voice: I thought you wouldn’t wake up, so I took the liberty of doing it for you.

Gu Xi: Have you considered the consequences?


The other voice: No big deal, we can always stop being celebrities. The barefoot are not afraid of those who wear shoes2Meaning: the poor, who have nothing to lose, do not fear those in power.

Indeed, if he burned bridges, Fang Jue Lian wouldn’t gain much advantage. Gu Xi didn’t regret it, but he worried about implicating Rong Jing.

His emotions had gotten the better of him before, causing him not to think about controlling the other personality. Perhaps, subconsciously, he wanted the other to do it.

Suddenly, Gu Xi remembered something: Wait a minute, you, you, you also kissed his adam’s apple!!!

The other voice: Wasn’t that what you wanted to do? I saw an opportunity, and he was right in front of me, so yeah…

Gu Xi was furious: How could you kiss him?!!!

Another voice: Are you angry because I kissed him, or because the one who kissed him wasn’t you?

Gu Xi: …

Gu Xi was too angry to speak.

Another voice: You’ve been sneaking glances many times, haven’t you? Didn’t you always find his adam’s apple sexy?

Another voice: I did you a favor and I’m not even getting a thank you? Ungrateful.

Gu Xi: “Get lost!”


Shameless! I would never do such a thing!

That shout caught the attention of Rong Jing outside, “You’re awake. Did you have a nightmare?”

Rong Jing just finished packing up the paintings and sent his assistant to call the courier. Soon, the Fang family wouldn’t have time to bother with Fang Jue Lian.

Seeing Gu Xi in a daze, Rong Jing sat down at the bedside.

Gu Xi held the back of his neck, as if his head was hurting, a hint of vulnerability seeping through his usual cool demeanor, “What have I done… I…”

In front of Rong Jing, he was more than willing to show this side of himself. Gu Xi felt, deep down, that he was bad.

“You don’t remember?” 

“In bits and pieces, it’s a bit fuzzy.”

Rong Jing thought it might be a stress response. Well, it was better not to remember those kinds of memories. However, the sensation of the bite on his adam’s apple lingered.

Does Gu Xi still remember that he bit my adam’s apple? Rong Jing awkwardly averted his gaze.

Rong Jing roughly explained what had happened next, and Gu Xi finally felt relieved. He was most worried about implicating Rong Jing, but this person never seemed to see him as trouble.

Together, they sent Fang Jue Lian into the ambulance. Along the way, Fang Jue Lian even briefly regained consciousness.

When Fang Jue Lian woke up, he was in too much pain to speak. There was no trace of his usual elegance and composure.

He glared fiercely, while the outrageous pair, with their fake concern, looked at him. After asking the medical staff for assistance, Rong Jing leaned in close to Fang Jue Lian’s ear and said softly, “I’ve taken your computer away. There’s plenty of evidence of your misconduct there. And as for those oil paintings, if you don’t want them to return to their rightful owners, you should know what to say and what not to say.”

Actually, the paintings had already been sent out, but who cares?

Fang Jue Lian was well aware of everything he had done. He couldn’t help but let his gaze fall on Gu Xi, even though Gu Xi had treated him so poorly. In his heart, Gu Xi was still like a poppy swaying in the wind.

Gu Xi hid behind Rong Jing, looking at Fang Jue Lian, who had already lost a leg and now his sight, and who was being treated inhumanely. A faint smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Fang Jue Lian, go taste and savor all of my pain slowly.

Fang Jue Lian couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This flower, which seemed untainted by mud, had apparently been hiding something all along. He widened his eyes, wishing to expose Gu Xi.

Gu Xi clutched Rong Jing’s coat as if afraid.

Rong Jing, sensing something, patted Gu Xi’s back and whispered slowly, “Don’t be afraid. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

He thought that Gu Xi must be very scared.

Meanwhile, the sound of an ambulance nearby caught the attention of Wu Fuyu, who was passing by. However, there were too many onlookers, and he wasn’t interested in joining the crowd.

“Where the hell is that Rong Jing? How did he disappear in the blink of an eye?”

Wu Fuyu couldn’t shake off the strange sensation that suddenly swept over him, as if he had narrowly escaped a calamity.

So weird.

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