Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 47

Rong Jing picked Gu Xi up, placed him in the bedroom, and covered him with a blanket. Even in his sleep, Gu Xi’s brows were tightly furrowed.

Gu Xi’s strong reaction was related to the stringent expectations society had for Omegas. In the memories of the original soul, Omegas enjoyed special treatment in society. However, both Alphas and Betas had specific expectations for them—they should be pure, clean and untarnished.

Despite Gu Xi being independent, he still lived in such a societal environment, inevitably influenced by it. Just like online, when Gu Xi uploaded the video of an Alpha invading his privacy, most people thought Gu Xi did well, exposing the wrongdoings of those people and giving the unruly Alphas a lesson. However, a small portion felt that Gu Xi was the problem; they thought Omegas should simply stay at home and take care of their own kids. He should’ve done the same instead of parading himself to the public.

But because this incident gained traction on social media, authorities had already started an investigation. It was believed that by the time Xu Shengteng gets released, Shengteng Entertainment would have already undergone a drastic transformation.

As for the impact of Gu Xi’s absence from work, it was no longer a topic of discussion. Instead, there were more messages urging Gu Xi to protect himself.


Rong Jing felt that the Gu Xi he knew differed a bit from the reserved personality described in the original story.

Even though he has entered a new society, the invisible shackles attached to Omegas have never disappeared. Some time ago, a female Omega celebrity had her intimate photos leaked online. Her agent couldn’t reach her for many days, and by the time they found her, she had already met a tragic end.

With Gu Xi’s cold and arrogant demeanor, how could he tolerate being watched in his own home?

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Xu Shengteng and Yang Qi were still quite too carefree in their locked cells. Rong Jing called Zhou You again, asking him to contact other celebrities from Shengteng Entertainment, especially those in the second or third tiers, to see if anyone was willing to sue these two. They could provide free legal assistance, including covering litigation costs.


Regardless of success or failure, the reputation of these two individuals in the entertainment industry would be bad like never before, and there was no possibility of making a comeback.

Next up were these cameras. If the devices were out of power, would the scumbags just accept not being able to see anything? Rong Jing knew that the will of this world wouldn’t let him remember anything that could possibly change the plot, so he deduced according to his own logic.

Rong Jing’s gaze swept across the entire room, carefully examining each one. Suddenly, his eyes focused on the wall near the painting in the living room, where there was a pair of European-style wall lamps.

The lamps had an iron design with a half-fist sized colored glass embedded underneath. During movement, one could see the rotating colors, matching the overall blue theme of the house.

Rong Jing stared at it and approached for observation. There was nothing particularly suspicious except for the beautiful lamp.

Suspicions require bold actions!

Rong Jing directly picked up the glass on the table and shattered the semi-circular colored glass. Behind the glass was empty, revealing a large hole in the wall that connected to another room.

This hole allowed someone on the other side to see what people in the room were doing. There were two households on one staircase, but there was no telling who was on the other side of the hole.

Rong Jing was about to pick up the glass pieces with his bare hands when the nearby technician stopped him. How was he supposed to explain to his boss if the young master gets hurt?

Rong Jing gestured that it was okay; he preferred to inspect it himself and asked the man to call Zhou You.

Rong Jing studied the material. This was kind of like the two way glass mirror used in the matching center. From Gu Xi’s side, one would only be able to see the glass resembling artwork.

It seemed that surveillance devices without power couldn’t satisfy the perverted desire of this person to peep. Only this direct and real-time view of Gu Xi’s activities was stimulating enough.


Perhaps the noise from breaking the glass was too loud; it seemed that the person on the other side noticed. Rong Jing leaned in to listen and vaguely heard a sound.

The glass pieces also had soundproofing effects, so Gu Xi had lived here for many years without noticing. Now that the glass was gone, the sound naturally penetrated through.

Rong Jing heard the slight rolling sound of a wheelchair on the floor. He looked around and found darts hanging on the wall. Rong Jing didn’t hesitate; he took one down from the board, waited for the rolling sound to stop, counted silently for three seconds, and then threw the dart.


A shrill scream came from the other side of the hole.

Rong Jing hadn’t thrown darts for a long time. His throwing skills had been a bit rusty, but his accuracy was still good. The dart pierced through Fang Jue Lian’s eyelid. Even if he dodged it, it still reached the surface layer of his pupil.

Perhaps due to the anger and shock reaching its peak earlier, Rong Jing surprisingly felt no guilt now.

From this moment forward, Fang Jue Lian would likely harbor a profound fear of peepholes, right? Let’s see you try again, you peeping tom!

The continuous moans of pain echoed like background music wafting through the living room, sending shivers down Zhou You’s spine as he surveyed the shattered glass and the ominous peephole. In this modern age, were there really still such deeply hidden perverted people?

Rong Jing contemplated how to use the surveillance cameras to his advantage, hoping to consign the pervert behind the peephole to the trash where they belonged.

Perhaps it was the piercing nature of the screams, but Gu Xi, who had been sleeping in the bedroom, suddenly snapped open his eyes.

Rising from the bed, his gaze underwent a transformation. He resembled a siren, every movement dripping with an irresistible allure. 


Barefoot, he touched the ground.

When he entered the living room, he discovered Rong Jing and the peephole that was designed for the explicit purpose of spying.

“Young… young master,” Zhou You stammered, calling out to Rong Jing.

Rong Jing turned around and realized that Gu Xi had somehow gotten up from the bed and left, his departing figure moving fast. When Rong Jing chased after him, he saw Gu Xi already standing at the neighboring door, ringing the bell.

The servant on the other side was frantically trying to stop the bleeding for Fang Jue Lian, who had been shot in the eye. Seeing the culprit on the surveillance camera, they immediately opened the door. Before they could speak, Gu Xi swiftly and accurately attacked them with something that flashed in his hand.

Unable to scream, the servant was knocked unconscious by the taser Gu Xi had pulled out.

Rong Jing, witnessing this scene just as he noticed Gu Xi’s absence, hadn’t even reached there when he saw Gu Xi enter and slam the door shut, locking them out. He didn’t expect Gu Xi to be so bold, facing two Alphas all alone.

Rong Jing took three quick steps and reached the door, knocking, “Gu Xi, open the door!”

He intended to handle the situation reasonably, but Gu Xi seemed to be up to something more exciting. He couldn’t blame Gu Xi, though. Anyone would probably react the same way in such a situation.

He wasn’t worried about the Alphas, but about Gu Xi being implicated. He was well aware of how much Gu Xi cared about his entertainment career. So, in handling this kind of situation, he aimed to minimize the damage to Gu Xi’s reputation and well-being.

Gu Xi couldn’t be ruined by these scumbags. In the original story, after the mall incident, Gu Xi completely faded from the limelight. He couldn’t let that possible scenario ever come to life.

Gu Xi, who had already entered the house, calmly used the taser to incapacitate the house servant. He walked barefoot in the living room.


He noticed the hole in the wall, connecting to the wall lamp on his side, originally concealed by his wall decor. He had been here many times before, but only now did he finally realize that it was prepared for spying.

He looked at Fang Jue Lian, who had fallen from his wheelchair and was struggling on the ground, no longer the elegant and composed figure from the matchmaking center, screaming while covering his bleeding right eye.

In his mind flashed the image of how Fang Jue Lian looked when he first moved in—he remembered his smiles, his kindness, and the leisurely weekends they spent together. Gu Xi let out a bitter laugh.

He knew that the host personality genuinely considered Fang Jue Lian as a friend.1I think we are now talking about the other voice in Gu Xi’s head, mentioned in the previous chapters. He was one of the few people that he truly considered his friends in this lifetime. And yet, all the beauty and trust now seemed to be wrapped in a honey-coated poison, silently mocking him.

Everything, it turned out, was just a deception.

You know what, you’re way worse than any other perverts I’ve encountered. I trusted you yet you broke my trust little by little, and betrayed me!

Gu Xi walked over, taking out a small knife from his pocket.

He lowered his gaze and looked at a certain part of Fang Jue Lian’s body that was now, at some point, standing up.

So peeping is what makes him reach his peak?

Fang Jue Lian was in unbearable pain. He had sensed the danger just now and dodged, but the other person’s dart was too fast and still pierced his eyelid and part of his eyeball. He covered it with one hand, intending to call his servant’s name, but in the chaos, he unexpectedly saw Gu Xi standing above him, holding a knife, ready to act.

Fang Jue Lian looked at the man, now so enchanting, with fear. This wasn’t the Gu Xi he knew; this person before him looked too evil.

With danger approaching, Fang Jue Lian couldn’t remain as calm as usual. Almost pleadingly, he said, “Gu, Gu Xi, I can explain! After all, we’ve been neighbors for so many years! I bear no ill will towards you, believe me! It wasn’t me, I swear!”

Seeing Gu Xi unmoved, Fang Jue Lian tried to play the emotional card, “Have you forgotten those beautiful times?”

Gu Xi replied, “I remember.” I remember it clearly.

He looked towards a corner of the living room, where a giant oil painting hung, revealing a tantalizing scene. In the painting, a person was wrapped in fiery red bed sheets, with a lowered profile, only exposing a delicate butterfly tattoo on his back, facing away from the viewer. 

Against the black background, roses were scattered, creating a captivating beauty. If one didn’t make a comparison, it might not be obvious, but upon a closer look, the person in the painting resembled Gu Xi.

Gu Xi smiled, once again looking like a seductive siren.

“What’s the name of that painting?”

“Spring Night…” Fang Jue Lian, seemingly enchanted by Gu Xi’s demeanor, unconsciously answered, even forgetting the pain from his pierced pupils.

In a certain area of his body that was usually concealed by a blanket, things became even more spirited. His whole being yearned for this person named Gu Xi. From the first glance, he wanted to see Gu Xi blossoming in a seductive pose in bed. Like a high mountain snow lotus, revealing a completely different charm from usual. Isn’t that enticing?

“Is that so?” Gu Xi seemed to understand.

With a swift motion, Gu Xi’s knife stabbed towards the still excited area of Fang Jue Lian. In that instant, Fang Jue Lian rolled his eyes and almost immediately fainted from the pain.

“You’re better off without this thing.”

Blood quickly soaked the area beneath Fang Jue Lian, and Gu Xi licked his lips.

Holding the knife, Gu Xi’s fingers oozed blood through the gaps. He remained motionless, half-kneeling on the ground.

“Gu Xi, Gu Xi!”

The distant voice incessantly called, forcefully pulling back Gu Xi’s enraged consciousness. He saw his hand raised high, ready for a second strike if not for the sounds from outside the door. 

This guy, still concerned about the person outside the door, must be unwilling to become a criminal.

Gu Xi forcibly withdrew his hand that was about to strike for the second time, and silently stood up, reopening the door.

Rong Jing saw his bloodied hands as he walked in and found Fang Jue Lian lying on the ground, not knowing whether he was dead or alive. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Rong Jing knew this was intentional harm, a criminal act!

He signaled Zhou You to assess the situation. Seeing the injured Fang Jue Lian, Zhou You couldn’t help but feel a chill down his own thing. He also secretly admired Rong Jing’s lack of reaction.

He approached to check Fang Jue Lian’s breath, then nodded to Rong Jing.

Rong Jing breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he’s alive, there’s room for negotiation.

“Bandage him to stop the bleeding first.” It’s fine as long as he doesn’t die. Everything else is deserved. This scum doesn’t deserve to make Gu Xi carry the burden of taking a life.

The knife that was meant for Wu Fuyu ended up targeting another scum. The world indeed has some kind of operating principle; the original plot always found a way to complete itself in incomprehensible ways.

Rong Jing turned to Gu Xi, and Gu Xi looked back at him. However, unlike his usual cool gaze, there seemed to be a drastic change in his demeanor.

He saw Gu Xi staring at him dazedly, his face now somehow stained with blood. He appeared both crazy and sinister. The silence only made it worse, as if everything, even time, had stopped moving.

Rong Jing immediately explained, “There are no cameras in your bathroom.”

That meant that no one had seen him naked. Gu Xi also really didn’t have the habit of undressing outside of the bathroom.

Only then did Gu Xi’s gaze undergo slight changes, yet he still didn’t move, as if studying Rong Jing.

Rong Jing decided to tell him something that he had always wanted to say, “No matter what happened, it’s not your fault! The fault lies with the perpetrator, never the victim.”

Gu Xi looked at him, the crimson in his eyes slowly fading away the murderous intent.

He finally understood why the main personality insisted on this person. This person’s existence was like a warm light passing through a dark ditch covered with moss, quietly descending. Gu Xi smiled slightly, a smile that seemed a little like laughter but more like crying.

That smile contained too many emotions, and it was like a magnet that could draw other people’s gazes that couldn’t be turned away.

He took a few steps forward, tiptoeing lightly, and before Rong Jing could react, Gu Xi parted his lips and bit Rong Jing’s adam’s apple.

The soft touch was fleeting, and from his lips came one word, “Okay.”


Rong Jing: Ah! Huh???

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