The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

129. Memory

Yan Shi turned her eyes away, pretending to be nonchalant. The moment when the elevator door was about to close, a hand stopped the door from shutting.

Yan Shi raised her head and her eyes met a handsome, smiling face.

Yan Huayun looked like he was just around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. His handsome face had a slight delinquent look. His aura was gentle yet flirtatious, which should be contradicting but it seemed very harmonious on him.

Yan Lihui was already forty-five. Yan Huayun was Yan Lihui’s younger brother, so logically their age gap shouldn’t be too big, but Yan Huayun really looked too young in comparison.

However these were the things that she shouldn’t be curious about. She should be thinking about how to distance herself from Yan Huayun. Yan Huayun’s closeness made Yan Shi feel danger, as she never knew what Yan Huayun wanted to do the next second.


Yan Shi took two steps backwards subconsciously. She tried to keep the farthest distance away from Yan Huayun in the elevator.

Yan Huayun saw through the fear in Yan Shi’s expression. He raised his eyebrows and deliberately approached Yan Shi.

“Why do you look so afraid of me? Do you think that I will eat you up?” There was an apathetic smile on Yan Huayun’s face.

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Night time approached. Crickets’ sounds came in from outside, so Yan Shi closed the windows. Outside was Yan family’s garden, all the plants were tended to so well that they looked full of life. The flowers bloomed in the flower bed, giving out a thick floral scent, like a princess’ garden in the fairytale.


Until now, Yan Shi still felt that this was unreal. All of this was like a groundless dream, if she believed it, she would fall from the sky anytime and be broken into pieces.

Yan Shi truly hoped that this was a dream, if only everything went back to the past.

It was a dreamless night. Yan Shi already woke up before the alarm rang. Her sleepy eyes were swollen as she made her way to the bathroom. After she washed up and changed her clothes, someone came knocking at her door just in time.

Yan Shi didn’t ask a single question and only followed the person downstairs.

A car was waiting for them. Yan Shi was sitting in the same car as Yan Lihui and Yan Yu. Yan Shi felt so awkward that she didn’t know where to put her hands. When Yan Lihui talked to her, she simply replied with vowels.

Yan Shi was the one who said to pretend that nothing happened that night, and it was also herself who couldn’t let it go. How could she forget it just like that?

She could consciously ignore that memory when she didn’t see Yan Yu, but when Yan Yu was in front of her, her brain would instinctively recall the image from that night.

The passionately hot bodies, steaming breaths, strong and powerful arms. She was fucked till her eyes lost focus, squirming till her small hole could only leak out water.

Yan Shi forced herself to suppress the memory, but her body still turned hot inevitably. She told herself to not think nonsense anymore. The subjects of her imagination should be Nan Fengyi, Cheng Yimian or Liang Ziqian.

Fortunately Yan Lihui sensed Yan Shi’s awkwardness so he didn’t continue talking to Yan Shi anymore, and talked about other things in the company with Yan Yu who was in the same car.

About ten minutes later, they finally reached the horse riding arena.

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