The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

128. Horse riding

Yan Yu saw Yan Shi’s scurrying back and the young man who was holding her hand. After a few moments, he looked away from them.

“Small President Yan, do you need something?” Xing Da Technology’s President Wang, Wang Lixing was feeling his heart thumping anxiously. He thought that Yan Yu’s silence meant dissatisfaction towards him.

Yan Yu gave Wang Lixing a quick glance, then walked forward in a straight line. Wang Lixing understood Yan Yu’s meaning, he quickly wiped away his sweat and followed him.


When Yan Shi brought Liang Ziqian back to her house, it was almost eight o’clock. Before she came home, Yan Shi had made a phone call to her grandmother, saying that she would be home late, so her grandmother should eat first. But her grandmother didn’t eat on her own first and persisted to wait for Yan Shi to come back home.


When Yan Shi introduced Liang Ziqian, she only said that Liang Ziqian was her senior. Her grandmother believed it and was very happy, because Yan Shi didn’t have many friends in the past. Now she had more friends, this was a good thing.

Because Liang Ziqian was here as a guest, her grandmother promptly added another dish.

After she finished eating, Yan Shi saw Liang Ziqian off downstairs. Although she knew that she could see him next Monday, Yan Shi still felt quite reluctant to see him off.

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“Bye.” Yan Shi waved her hand at Liang Ziqian.


The two days of weekends passed in the blink of an eye. On Sunday night, Yan Shi went back to school. Yan Shi’s life seemed to return to normal like it used to, but this was only temporary.

Yan Shi could avoid going back to Yan family for one week, but she couldn’t escape for two consecutive weeks. This week, Yan Shi called her grandmother before she was brought back home by the people of Yan family.

Yan Shi was most afraid of eating together with the Yan family members, because she felt very awkward in that atmosphere. In front of Yan Lihui, although everyone wouldn’t express an obvious discrimination to her, Yan Shi could still sense that these people disliked her.

Who would like a daughter born out of wedlock, although she also didn’t want to be that kind of daughter.

After she finished eating, Yan Shi couldn’t wait to leave, but Yan Lihui suddenly suggested to go horse riding tomorrow. He also wanted Yan Shi to go, and not always hide herself in her own room.

Yan Shi wanted to reject it, but Yan Huayun said with a smile: “Brother, you are right, Xiao Yan Shi is being too introverted. How will she develop a good relationship with Ah Yu like this?”

Yan Shi’s heart skipped a beat. She almost thought that Yan Huayun knew about what happened that night. But Yan Shi quickly calmed herself down, because Yan Huayun shouldn’t have known, she must not give it away by mistake.

“So this has been decided. Xiao Shi, don’t oversleep tomorrow.” Yan Lihui said with a smile.

Now that it had come to this, Yan Shi could only nod and say yes. Actually Yan Shi could somewhat guess Yan Lihui’s intentions. Yan family’s wealth would be inherited by Yan Yu in the future. If she had a good relationship with Yan Yu, even after Yan Lihui was no longer around, she could still live a better life.

After they ended this topic, Yan Shi prepared to go upstairs to her room after she left her seat. She briskly entered the elevator, and coincidentally met Yan Yu’s eyes who was still sitting at the dining table from a distance, talking to Yan Lihui.

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