The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

130. Hard to escape from a difficult situation

Yan Shi followed behind Yan Lihui after she came out of the car. She didn’t want to be too noticeable, so she fell to the last of the line as she followed.

The horse riding arena had a flat land and a broad field of vision. The weather was very good today, the bright sunlight was somewhat blinding to the eyes.

There were a few horses walking around the green pasture. There were even people riding horses from far away, but it wasn’t moving at high speed, like it was trotting.

Yan Shi watched in a daze. She couldn’t help but to imagine what it would feel like if she was riding the horse.

After a while, Yan Lihui waved his hand towards Yan Shi, hollering for Yan Shi to come over. Yan Shi walked two steps forward, her eyes full of inquiries.


Yan Lihui patted Yan Yu’s shoulder, then said with a smile: “Xiao Shi, why don’t you let your brother teach you how to ride a horse. Ah Yu already learnt how to ride a horse since he was ten years old. When he was eighteen, Lao Zhao couldn’t even compete with him anymore. Other people don’t even have the chance to let him teach.”

Yan Shi knew that Yan Lihui was just being kind, but she really wanted to reject.

“Actually I’m a bit afraid, I better not trouble him.” Yan Shi said.

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The knocking sounds came from the wooden door, then a hand pushed the door open.


Yan Shi’s body grew stiff subconsciously. She turned towards the direction of the sound, then took a step back.

Yan Huayun had also changed into a horse-riding uniform. He had an impressive body, broad shoulders and narrow waist, his body shape was long and lean, and the muscles on his body were just right, not looking too developed.

“Why did our Xiao Yan Shi take so much time to change clothes?” Yan Huayun’s smile looked unconcerned as he slowly walked towards Yan Shi.

Yan Shi moved to the side, then she told Yan Huayun: “I’m just preparing to go out.”

At this time, there were only Yan Shi and Yan Huayun in the room. The distance between both of them was less than two meters, Yan Shi could feel the pressure that came from Yan Huayun and the scrutiny in his eyes.

Yan Shi was most afraid of someone like Yan Huayun who showed an interest in her. She didn’t understand, she had been so low-profile yet Yan Huayun kept trying to talk to her again and again.

Yan Shi’s brain spun rapidly. Suddenly, an inspiration came to her, and she deliberately squeezed out a sweet smile, “Uncle, how rich is Yan family?”

Yan Huayun looked at Yan Shi meaningfully as he said: “That depends on how you define rich, if you compare with your original family, we are obviously wealthy. Why? Do you want to compete with your brother for the inheritance?”

If Yan Shi wanted to compete with Yan Yu, although she was overestimating herself, it was still quite interesting to see, Yan Huayun thought.

Yan Shi smiled meekly, “I’m aware of my own capability, I just want to get a fair amount of money at that time.”

“Then you should develop a good relationship with Ah Yu. Isn’t it a good opportunity to let him teach you how to ride a horse?”

Yan Shi felt that she’d underestimated Yan Huayun, and lost her composure a little. She explained: “I’m afraid of horses, so I don’t dare.”


Yan Huayun went towards her and hugged Yan Shi’s shoulder. He lowered his head and spoke softly: “Don’t be afraid, this is a good opportunity. Uncle supports you to grab it firmly.”

Yan Shi’s whole body went rigid. She was in a situation that was hard to escape from. Listening to Yan Huayun’s tone, Yan Shi knew that if she didn’t answer him the way he wanted her to, he surely wouldn’t let her go that easily.

Yan Shi could only nod, “Yeah, uncle you’re right, I’ll go and find Ge Ge (brother) now.”

Yan Huayun smiled, then he patted Yan Shi’s shoulder and said: “Go.”

Yan Shi hopped away like a rabbit once she was freed from Yan Huayun’s hand.

Yan Huayun looked at Yan Shi’s behind that seemed to be escaping, and fell deep in thought.

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