I Was Genderswapped and Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I’m Making this My Personal Yuri Game

Chapter 1: Genderswapped and Reincarnated as a Villainess

Tomorrow was the release date of the dating sim “Blooming Flowers in Love 2”, something I was really looking forward to. I’m a guy, so I’m not really interested in dating sims. You might be thinking that’s contradictory, but it really isn’t.

I like seeing girls laughing and swooning over each other! So even in dating sims, I ignore the male love interests and go talk to the rival girls or the girl friends, changing their conversations to flirting in my head.

You might be thinking that it’d be easier just to buy a yuri game. Unfortunately, most yuri games for guys are focused on both characters having s*x. That’s not what I’m looking for! Well, I don’t hate it, but that’s not it!

Something more like… I don’t want just to see s*xual depictions of yuri… aah! I can’t really say it, but hopefully my emotions carry through!

I actually have bought yuri games marketed for guys. I have lots of yuri stuff inside my room, but I also love playing dating sims like they’re yuri games, especially the dating sim “Blooming Flowers in Love”. It was even better because the villainess had the same name as me. 

“Blooming Flowers in Love 2” isn’t just a simple sequel; they even reworked the characters. So the villainess with the same name as me but written with different characters1 “Blooming Flowers in Love 2” isn’t just a simple sequel; they even reworked the characters. So the villainess with the same name as me but written with different characters, Kujou Sakuya, wouldn’t be appearing1 Kuon’s Sakuya is written 朔矢 (new moon, arrow), while Kujou’s is 咲耶 (blossom, question mark) . My name’s Kuon Sakuya, so even our surnames sound slightly similar.

Kujou Sakuya’s a villainess, but not the vicious kind. She’s a comedy insert who doesn’t bully the MC, but directly challenges her to battles and gets beaten up. Because she’s that type of villainess, she’s really unpopular with the female players. 

To people who wanted to play their dating sims seriously, Kujou Sakuya, the comedic character, must’ve been really annoying. But, apart from having the same name as me, I think she’s really funny and a good character. She sees the other characters in the story better than anyone else.

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“Xo, vbyv bwavp!”

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“Is something the matter? Lady Sakuya!?”


I looked around. First, I saw a huge bed beside me. It was so big that there was no way it could’ve fit in my room. It looked like I’d fallen off that bed. But hadn’t I missed a step on my way home…?

Was this the hospital I’d been brought to after I’d fallen down? No way. It didn’t look like a hospital at all. Not just because of the big bed; the room itself clearly wasn’t a hospital room. It was more like… an embodiment of those rooms in manga and anime, the fake, comical ones that screamed: “This is a high-end room!”.

“Lady Sakuya! Are you alright?”

“Woah! You’re huge!”

I wasn’t all that tall, but I was about the average height of a modern Japanese person. Even so, a gigantic woman picked me up by the sides and lifted me up. Her appearance looked almost fake; something that’d make you say “That’s a maid!” the moment you saw her.

In the first place, calling me “Lady Sakuya”…  if she could look at me, someone who was obviously a guy, and still call me ‘Lady’, there must be something wrong with her eyes. And also, who was this girl that looked like a giant maid? What would she do to me?

“Wh-What’re you planning to do to a guy like me?”

“Huh? ……Lady Sakuya?”

The maid stared blankly at me and lowered me to the floor. It looked like she wasn’t going to take and eat me. Anyhow, she was huge, probably double my height. Well, double might be an exaggeration, but she was still pretty tall.

“Lady Sakuya, are you perhaps… still half-asleep?”

“For starters, calling me Lady Sakuya…”

She kept calling me “Lady Sakuya, Lady Sakuya” so casually, but I didn’t know how she could look at me and still call me “Lady”.

“Ah… good grief… Let us start morning preparations, then.”

“Hey! Wait!”

The giant maid who’d put me down now lifted me back up again and started walking. What? What was she going to do? Was she actually going to eat me?

“Then, before a change of clothes, let us start with washing your face~.”

“Wait…… whuh…… what’re you……”

She washed my face and wiped it with a warm towel like she was used to the motions. Then, she wiped my face with a dry towel… at that point, I made eye contact with a young girl in front of me. When I moved my hands, she moved her hands the same way; when I looked somewhere else, she did too. So if another person wasn’t in front of me, but instead a mirror… that meant the person reflected in the mirror was… 

“Wh-What is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!”

My scream echoed in the room.


After I let out a scream, the other maids and even a guy who looked like a butler came into the room. Everyone was so big that I thought they were twice as huge as me, but that wasn’t true. I was just small. They were all worried about me, but the first maid intervened and stopped it from becoming anything huge. 

After that, the first maid got mad at me, washed my face, and changed my clothes. When she finished preparations, she left the room.

Everything around me looked huge. But I knew that wasn’t true. I had become small, about a toddler’s age. The person reflected in the mirror earlier was a little girl. I was inside that girl’s body right now. And, after calming down and looking at her again, I realised I recognised her. The maid called me Lady Sakuya. So, basically… 

Was I possessing a young Kujou Sakuya from the dating sim “Blooming Flowers in Love”?


“Huh? Lady Sakuya? Are you alright?”

The moment I thought that, my head hurt like it was being split open. Then, it all came back to me… 

“I’m fine, Momoji.”

Oh… I get it… I haven’t been possessing her. I… was born and raised as Kujou Sakuya for the past 6 years. This wasn’t possession, but reincarnation… I didn’t know how I was so sure. I’d just gotten my past life’s memories back, but I was definitely born and raised as Kujou Sakuya…

“Are you sure? I know I scolded you earlier, but if you are feeling unwell in any way, please inform me, okay?”

“I’m really fine, though…”

The maid who got mad at me earlier but was now worried about me was Ichijou Momiji. She was Kujou Sakuya’s – my – maid and had been with me for as long as I could remember. In the game “Blooming Flowers in Love”, she worked with Lady Sakuya a lot…

Aah… I had… really reincarnated into the world of “Blooming Flowers in Love”…


My body shook. I tried to contain it, but I couldn’t at all. This was… This feeling was!


“Lady Sakuya!?”

Yes! I got to come to the world of “Blooming Flowers in Love”, something I really like! Any regrets from my past life? None at all. Who’d miss working for a black company that makes you work yourself to death every single day?

Well, I do regret not being able to play my precious yuri goods and “Blooming Flowers in Love 2”,  but that’s perfectly alright. After all, I was in the world of “Blooming Flowers in Love”!


But wait a second. In “Blooming Flowers in Love”, “Love Flowers” for short, Lady Kujou Sakuya gets an unfortunate ending in most of the routes, and in some, she even dies. This was really bad.

Being able to flirt with the protagonist and her friends, Sakuya’s followers, and the other rival ladies was very amazing. I’d definitely be making all the scenarios I imagined in my head reality in this world.

The problem was that if the game continued like this, at best, unlucky things would happen to me, and at worst I’d die. That was the only end I had to avoid.

Right! I should think of this as a typical villainess light novel or manga. My predecessors all worked hard and managed to avoid disastrous fates. If I copied them, I’d definitely be able to avoid bad ends too!

“Lady Sakuya? Are you absolutely sure you are alright?”

“Yep… I’m fine, I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Momiji looked suspicious. I couldn’t go on like this forever. I had to finish my business, then think about what I was going to do in future… 


Some time after I’d remembered my past life, my mother brought me to… Touka Academy’s elementary branch. This was the elementary school affiliated with Touka Academy’s highschool branch, the main setting of “Love Flowers”. Today was the day of the interview.

Touka Academy wasn’t a school you could enter if you were smart or had money. This school was quite bothersome for the masses since you couldn’t enter if you weren’t from a distinguished family. However, that only applied to middle school and lower; for highschool and college, outsiders could take an entrance exam and enter. However, to prevent outside students without the appropriate marks from entering – simply put, to raise the level of the school – they only accepted highschool and university students from outside.

“Love Flowers” starts when the protagonist enters Touka Highschool Academy, the main setting, as an outside student. But my battle starts earlier, or rather, I could say it starts right now.

It was never shown in-game, but according to the setting, Kujou Sakuya had grown up with the main love interests in “Love Flowers” from elementary school. She likes them, so she tries her best to stop the protagonist and the love interests from noticing each other.

“Oi, move.”


A stuck-up kid told me to move. That kid hadn’t even entered elementary school yet, but he was really arrogant.

“Ah, Lady Kujou. Greetings.”

“Oh, dear me, Konoe-sama. Greetings.”

The kid who’d told me to “move” so snobbishly earlier was… one of the love interests, one of Kujou Sakuya’s marriage candidates, the main character of the main storyline, Konoe Ibuki. Also known as the “Arrogant Prince”.

I couldn’t understand what was so good about this guy, but he was the number one love interest in “Love Flowers”. In-game, Kujou Sakuya stuck to him like glue, and she and the protagonist fought over him.

Since “Love Flowers” was based on modern Japan, he wasn’t really a prince. He was just the arrogant, handsome type who thought being born from a distinguished family meant he could do anything, so he was called the arrogant prince.

I’d said this before, but I couldn’t understand what was so good about this guy at all. The one thing I did understand was that if I followed him around like in-game Kujou Sakuya, I’d clash with the protagonist and be ruined.

I’d have to do something about this guy so I could survive and safely flirt with other girls. Even though I hadn’t entered school yet, my mind was racing as I thought about how to deal with the sudden appearance of my archnemesis, Konoe Ibuki.

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