Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 6: Hangover

Chen Yiran’s car waited outside the clubhouse, and when the driver saw him come out, he hurriedly opened the door.

Chen Yiran put Li Linlin on the seat and intended to get into the car from the other side, but Li Linlin hugged his neck like she was holding her favorite teddy bear and refused to let go. Chen Yiran had no choice but to carry her into the car.

Li Linlinlin sat on Chen Yiran’s lap before she finally settled down again.

The driver drove the car to Li Linlin’s house while Chen Yiran just silently sat in the backseat. Li Linlin was on his lap and very well-behaved when drunk.

Her face was flushed with alcohol, but her skin looked even whiter like a princess who had lived in a castle for a long time. Chen Yiran ruffled the black hair on the side of her face and let out a soft sigh.

Even if he was angry, he couldn’t let it out with Li Linlin like this.

The car drove smoothly all the way to the villa of the Li family, and the housekeeper came out in advance and waited for them at the door. The only people at home were the housekeeper and a few maids.

The driver parked the car at the entrance, then got out and opened the door for Chen Yiran. Chen Yiran hugged Li Linlin and stepped down from the car.

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It was Li Linlin’s treasure, a photo of her with Chen Yiran on her fifth birthday.

Chen Yiran was slightly stunned, he did not remember that he had ever taken this photo with Li Linlin. The photo showed him as a highschool student, and Li Linlin was still small and sat on his lap. She formed a finger heart to the camera.

The housekeeper saw him looking at the photo frame, and said, “Miss had this photo frame placed on her on the bedside. Mr. Lu was once jealous, saying that Miss does not put the photo with him.”

Chen Yiran felt a little disturbed for no reason, and he remembered the confession that Li Linlin made to him earlier.

Did she really like him all along?

He pursed his lips slightly and withdrew his gaze. “I’ll go back first, you guys take good care of her.”

“Okay Mr. Chen.” The butler turned slightly sideways, “I’ll send you down.”

After Chen Yiran left, the housekeeper called for the maid to help Li Linlin change her clothes and remove her makeup. Li Linlin slept really deeply, she didn’t even wake up when they toss and turn her, only grunted twice.

When she opened her eyes, it was already the next morning. She looked at her room dizzily and couldn’t remember how she got back yesterday.

She had actually drunk until she passed out?

…… Fortunately, her parents were not home.

She rubbed her head and felt a slight headache, probably the after-effects of too much drinking. She got up, washed, and then walked downstairs to find the housekeeper.

“Miss, you’re awake?” When the housekeeper saw her coming downstairs, she quickly greeted her, “The kitchen has boiled some porridge, do you want to eat some now?”

Li Linlin originally didn’t have much appetite, but after hearing him say so, she wanted to eat more, “Yes, it’s better to have some refreshing small dishes, the appetizing kind.”

“I’m going to order the kitchen to serve the food.”

Li Linlin received a glass of plain water for herself, took a sip, and sat down at the table to wait for the meal. The housekeeper came over quickly and served her porridge and several plates of small dishes, as well as shredded spicy and sour carrots, which looked very appetizing.

“This is a medicine for hangovers, if you feel uncomfortable, you can take one first.” The housekeeper put the prepared medicine in front of Li Linlin.

“Wow, Uncle Li, you are so thoughtful, I just feel a little dizzy.”

The butler smiled at her, “It was all specially ordered by Mr. Chen last night.”

The expression on Li Linlin’s face froze, and the hands holding the chopsticks stopped. “Mr. Chen? Which Mr. Chen?”

The butler smiled amiably, “Which Mr. Chen can there be, of course it’s Mr. Chen Yiran.”

“Snap.” The chopsticks in Li Linlin’s hand fell on the table.

“Wasn’t it Wu Hui’er who sent me back yesterday, yesterday?”

“No, it was Mr. Chen who sent you back.”

“……” Li Linlin froze for two seconds and dashed back to her room to find her phone.

Her phone was turned off at the KTV last night, and when she turned it on, it kept vibrating as if it was broken. Li Linlin’s heart was tense, he saw that Chen Xi had sent her many messages, and there were three missed calls from Chen Yiran.

“……” I’m finished.

She went to KTV to flirt with someone and was caught red-handed by Chen Yiran!!!

Her image in brother Yiran’s heart, completely collapsed!

Wine hurts people!

She found Wu Hui’s phone number in a pile of information and dialed her quickly. The phone rang twice and was picked up by Wu Hui. When Li Linlin heard her voice, she sternly questioned, “Wu Hui’er, what happened last night! How did brother Yiran know that we went there!”

“……” Wu Hui almost couldn’t hold back and cried out like a wolf, “I was the one who sent Chen Xi’s location, I’m the big dummy, woah-“

Li Linlin: “……”

Wu Hui was like this, she was too embarrassed to scold her again.

“So what, calm down first, then explain and tell me about it.”

Wu Hui blew her nose on the other end before speaking, “After the charity party last night, Mr. Chen said that after I dropped you off at home, send a message to Chen Xi. Later we were dragged to the club by Mrs. Qiu, so I forgot about it …… Then later, Chen Xi sent me a message asking where we were, so I sent a location ……”

Li Linlin smiled: “Wu Hui’er, this time you are very correct, you are a big idiot.”

She hung up the phone in exasperation, and Wu Hui called her again, “You still have the nerve to scold me, as if you didn’t get drunk yourself! Do you know how scary Chen Yiran was last night? He even said he was going to replace me as your manager! Oh yeah, Mrs. Qiu was also angered by him, and their family business seems to be down!”

“Huh?” Li Linlin trembled, “We… we just went to sing a song, brother Yiran is not so angry, right?”

“We also have two brothers serve us…”

Li Linlinlin: “……”

Don’t remind me!

“I’ll calm down for a while, bye.” Li Linlin hung up the phone, panicking in her heart. Brother Yiran shouldn’t have informed her parents, right? The problem was how she would face brother Yiran afterwards?

It was embarrassing to confess last night, and now she was caught with a little brother …… her life was over.

She did not to dare to contact Chen Yiran, had to first send a message to Chen Xi to explain, and then clicked on Mrs. Qiu’s WeChat.

Li Linlin: Mrs. Qiu, I heard what happened last night from Wu Hui. Did I cause your business to go bad?

Mrs. Qiu didn’t reply to her message right away, probably because she hadn’t gotten up yet. The housekeeper brought breakfast and brought it directly to Li Linlin. “Miss, eat it while it’s hot, otherwise your stomach will be even more upset if it gets cold later on.”

“Ah, thank you Uncle Li.” Li Linlin stepped on the soft slippers and sat down directly on the plush cushion next to the small coffee table, “Just put it here.”

The housekeeper put the breakfast on the table for her, and Li Linlin asked him tentatively, “By the way, Uncle Li, when brother Yiran sent me back last night, how was his mood?”

“Mood?” The housekeeper thought for a moment, “A person like Mr. Chen would not be easily seen in his true mood. But you were so drunk last night that he should have been a little upset. Miss should not drink so much in the future.”

“Got it, last night was a special situation ……” Li Linlin herself was reflecting on it, “Uncle Li you don’t need to mind me, go and do your work.”

“Good.” After the housekeeper left, Li Linlin exhaled, picked up the spoon and ate breakfast while scrolling on Weibo.

The fever of last night’s charity party had not yet passed, and Lu Siyu was still hanging on the hot search list. Li Linlin bit into her spoon and skimmed through it, not wanting to read her gossip news, so she directly clicked into her own Weibo.

Last night the studio passed on her official red carpet picture and the comments were already close to 100,000. Li Linlin posted on Weibo, “Thank you for your praise, I also think the skirt is super beautiful! The dress was made for me by Xixi’s studio, who was very awesome!”

The moment I sent out the tweet, my phone “dinged” and it was Mrs. Qiu who replied to my message.

Fresh meat harvester: It has nothing to do with you. Children shouldn’t care about business affairs.

Fresh meat harvester: by the way, last night Chen sent you where?

Li Linlin: my home

Fresh meat harvester: Is it the villa over the Lize Park?

Li Linlin: Yes, you know it?

Fresh meat harvester: I also have a villa there, in the same neighborhood as yours. I slept in this house last night. If it’s okay with you, you can come over and have lunch with me at noon.I am going to be out of town in the afternoon.

Li Linlin thought about it and replied to her, “I don’t have classes today, which building are you in?”

Mrs. Qiu sent her a location. When she looked at it, she saw that it was in the same villa area as theirs.

She dawdled to finish her breakfast, went to do some makeup and changed her clothes, then went out to find Mrs. Qiu.

The villa area was very big, and Linlin walked there, so it took her almost 20 minutes to arrive. The maids at Mrs. Qiu’s house seemed to know she was coming, so the gate was open.

Li Linlin walked through the garden, went to the door and rang the doorbell.

A maid soon came and opened the door for her and invited her inside. The heating in the villa was on, so Li Linlin took off her long jacket and gave it to the maid who opened the door for her.

She wore a white coat inside with a red halter dress. The hem of the skirt was made in the shape of flower petals.

This skirt was also made for her by Chen Xi, and she had worn it once at an event. Because she couldn’t let it go unused, Li Linlin would usually wear it.

“Here you are? Sit down for a while.” Mrs. Qiu was wearing a blue silk robe and came down from upstairs. She wore light makeup and her hair was casually draped over her body, surprisingly looking a bit younger than usual.

Li Linlin was about to greet her when she saw a young man following her down together.

The man was wearing the same type of robe as Mrs. Qiu, with a neckline that was lower than Mrs. Qiu’s, coincidentally revealing his long white neck and collarbone. Li Linlin was stunned, and when she saw the handsome young man’s face, she stammered, “Isn’t this Nick from last night?”

Nick smiled lightly at her as a greeting, Mrs. Qiu sat down on the sofa and looked at Li Linlin beside her, “Is it necessary to be so surprised? Little girls are just so innocent.”

“……” Li Linlin steadied her emotions and followed, and sat down on the sofa, “No, you said that last night we went to a regular place and couldn’t do anything… indescribable things?”

Mrs. Qiu let out a laugh and took the coffee Nick handed over, “Not in the clubhouse, but in private, we have the right to date ah.”

Li Linlin: “……”

Good one free dating, great.

Li Linlin gave her a thumbs up in her heart.

“Mrs. Qiu.” A man in a suit came over and said to Mrs. Qiu on the sofa, “The car is ready, you are on the 3:20 pm flight.”

“Got it.” Mrs. Qiu nodded, and the man retreated.

Li Linlin asked her curiously, “Are you going on a trip out of town?”

And bringing Nick along?

Mrs. Qiu let out a laugh and took a sip of coffee from her cup, “What kind of trip? Of course to go on a business trip. Do you think I only eat, drink and have fun every day and then wait for my husband to pay me?”

“Uh ……”

“I take care of everything in the company by myself, and all my projects are negotiated by me.”

When she mentioned the projects, Li Linlin remembered what Wu Hui had told her again, “You and Huachuang ……”

“You really can’t speak without talking about Chen Yiran.” Mrs. Qiu looked at her, smiling, “He probably thought that I approached you for the company’s project with Huachuang. But it doesn’t matter, he’s not the only one in the world. If I don’t work with Huachuang, I can still find someone else.”

“I’m sorry ……” Li Linlin was a bit overwhelmed, “Why don’t I explain to him?”

“Do you dare to find him now?”

Li Linlin: “……”

“You’ll be eaten to death by him, I advise you to change your object of affection,” she said and touched Nick’s face, giving him a flying kiss, “Isn’t it good to have a gentle and handsome little boyfriend like Nick?”

Li Linlin: “……”

Mrs. Qiu is really a woman who gives  justice to her WeChat name!

“Forget it, Win, bring my wallet, the red one.” Mrs. Qiu asked the maid to get her wallet and bring it over. Then, she pulled out a business card from it and handed it to Li Linlin, “If you really can’t, you can go look for this person.”

“Hmm?” Li Linlin took the business card suspiciously and looked at the words written on it.

–Constant Heart Studio.

“Is this ……?”

“A master fortune teller, very accurate.” Mrs. Qiu handed the wallet to the maid and told her to put it back in its place. “He’s famous in the upper class circle. Many people have sought him out for fortune telling. You can go to him for feng shui and fortune telling.”

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