Get Out, This Damn Money!

Chapter 7: Fortune Teller

Li Linlin knew that rich people especially believed in these, but she herself had never done any fortune telling before.

After leaving Mrs. Qiu’s house, she first dialed the number on the business card. Mrs. Qiu said that this Master Chang Xin was usually very busy, so she had to call first to make an appointment before going there.

The phone was quickly picked up, and to Li Linlin’s surprise, a young lady with an unusually sweet voice answered, “Hello, this is Chang Xin Studio, how can I help you?”

Li Linlin subconsciously looked at the phone screen and for a moment thought she had called the wrong number.

“Hello, this is Changxin Studio.”

The lady on the other side repeated the words “Changxin Studio” once more, and only then was Li Linlin convinced that this was really the phone number of the fortune-telling master. “Hello… that, I would like to make an appointment for… fortune-telling.”

She finally said the words.

“Please hold on a moment, I’ll check if we have a spot for you.” A few keyboard tapping sounds came over the phone, followed by the young lady speaking again, “Our boss is fully booked for the next week, but a client has cancelled his appointment for this afternoon. I’ll consult our boss for you first. If he doesn’t have other arrangements for this afternoon, I’ll help you arrange for this afternoon. Do you think it’s okay?”

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“Mbld R okzz nsdvynv usw zyvla.”

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“Gal usw Yp. Nk?” Mbl zkvvzl pkpvla ypjle bla kd y pollv hsknl. Rv oyp vbl pyxl yp pbl bye blyae sd vbl rbsdl.

“Zlp.” Ebld Nk Nkdzkd oldv swv, pbl prlnkyzzu osal y xypj yde eked’v vyjl kv sqq yv vbkp xsxldv, bla hsknl oyp y ckv xwqqzle yp pbl dseele vsoyaep bla.

“Mbkp oyu rzlypl, swa cspp kp yzalyeu oykvkdt qsa usw kdpkel.” Mbl zyeu rskdvle bla kd vbl aktbv ekalnvksd yde kdhkvle bla shla.

Li Linlin said thanks, subconsciously pulled the mask on her face, and walked over in the direction she indicated. There was a grand office door at the end of the corridor, and the crystal sign on the door read “Chang Xin Office”.

This should be the place. Li Linlin was surprised that the fortune teller had an office, accepting this fact.

She entered and realized that not only did Chang Xin have an office, but he was also wearing a high-fashion suit, and his outfit was no less than Chen Yiran’s.

“Chang… Master Chang Xin?” To be honest, she was really a little afraid of such a master.

“It’s me, Ms. Li?” Chang Xin smiled and nodded towards her.

Li Linlin had heard Mrs. Qiu say that Master Chang had been famous in City A for many years, but the years had not left many traces on his face. Not only was his skin so well maintained that one could not tell his true age, even his figure did not show any signs of obesity and he was no different from a young man.

The most important thing is that this master Chang is very handsome. No wonder rich wives like to get their fortunes told by him so much!

“Have a seat over here.” Chang Xin smiled at Li Linlin and invited her to sit down on the sofa by the window. Just as Li Linlin walked over, the receptionist lady poured her a glass of lemon water, and gave it to her.


“You’re welcome.” The little sister smiled and carried the tray out.

“What do you want to know?” Chang Xin sat down across from Li Linlin and sized her up, “Looking at your face, you’re having a bad love life, right?”

Li Linlin was stunned. “I’m wearing a mask and you can read my face?”

Master Chang Xin’s face  twitched and said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul, just look at your eyes and you will understand.”

“……” Oh. 🙂

“Did you confess to someone you like and then get rejected?” Chang Xin asked again.

This time Li Linlin was really surprised. “Are my eyes so obvious?”

Chang Xin laughed. This little girl is quite interesting!

“Give me your birth date and eight characters.”

Li Linlin had already prepared before she came. She handed the small slip of paper with the birth date and eight characters to Chang Xin and asked him somewhat nervously, “How is it?”

As if deliberately creating tension, Chang Xin looked at it for a while before answering her, “Your fortune is really interesting.”

Li Linlin: “……”

She felt like a person with a terminal illness who went to the doctor, and the doctor happily told her after half a day of research, “You have a really interesting illness!”

“You have good fortune and career luck in your life, but your lovelife is quite a letdown. Don’t you think it’s interesting?”

Li Linlin: “……”

“This fate of yours: the richer you are, the more successful your career is, but the less successful your lovelife will be,” Chang Xin finished, stroking his chin, “What do you need love for when you’re rich?”

Li Linlin: “……”

Don’t just take the liberty to decide!

After receiving some “guidance” from Master Chang, Li Linlin felt that her life had become even grayer.

She sat in the car on her way home, staring out the window. Wu Hui suddenly called her excitedly and asked her to go to her studio. Li Linlin’s  studio was near here, and she asked the driver to turn around and drive her to the studio.

“Doing what?” Li Linlin walked into the studio and sank onto the couch like a salted fish.

Wu Hui gave her a disgusted look and quickly sprang up again, “Let me tell you the good news, Huan Yu has offered you a script, asking if you are interested.”

Li Linlin’s eyebrows twitched, and she was a little surprised. “Huan Yu?”

“Right.” Wu Hui proudly picked up a script from the table and handed it to Li Linlin, “This is the one, ‘Fatal Heartbeat’, you should have heard of it, right? When we were in high school, this book was all the rage! The TV adaptation was bought by Huan Yu. The dramas are all quality assured, so ordinary artists can’t act in them if they want to. You’re the first rookie actor to be cast in a Huan Yu drama, you’re really the envy of others!

“……” If she didn’t go to Master Chang’s studio before, she might have thought that this was really the envy of others. But now, she just wanted to be the sidekick. 🙂

“I’m not acting.” Li Linlin slumped back onto the couch.

Wu Hui froze, not even thinking that she would refuse. This opportunity could be given to any small flower, they would jump happily. She handed it to Li Linlin, and she still didn’t want it?

“Li Linlin, pull yourself together, will you! It’s just that your confession was rejected. What is this little matter in front of money, no, I mean in front of your career?” Wu Hui gave an impassioned speech to Li Linlin, “What’s good about a man! Work gives you money, ah!”

“……” She doesn’t want to ask for money, so it won’t affect her relationship anymore. 🙂

“If you can be the female lead in this drama, your starting point is a lot higher than others ah!”

Li Linlin flipped through the script with lack of interest, putting Wu Hui’s generous words in her left ear and out her right ear. She had indeed heard of the novel “Fatal Heartbeat”, which, as Wu Hui said, was popular throughout her high school years.

“It’s fine if you want to act, but I’m going to play Ou Jiaxu.”

The smile that Wu Hui had raised on her face collapsed when she heard the name “Ou Jiaxu”


“I said, I want to play Ou Jiaxu,” Li Linlin repeated loudly and deliberately.

“……” Wu Hui was silent for a while before she wiped her face and said, “I know you artists like to play villains, but there are also attractive villains. Ou Jiaxu, she is the worst villainess! What else does she have but stupidity and poison!”

Actors avoid roles like Ou Jiaxu, but Li Linlin rushed to play it!

Li Linlin skimmed on the first few episodes of the script in her hand. Then she put it down, the corner of her lips formed an arch. She said, “This novel Xixi has read. She talked about the general. It’s the story of the simple and kind-hearted heroine, who caught the attention of the hero because of her innocent and spiritual nature, and the hero, for the sake of his true love, rebelled against his family’s arranged marriage and finally became together with the heroine.”

“Yes, you are the one who was supposed to marry the male lead..” Wu Hui smiled, “All the bad things in the drama are done by you, using all the means, but still can not win back the male lead. You finally ended up having a miserable and unbearable end.”

Li Linlin sighed pretentiously: “You all only care about whether the hero and heroine are together, who saw Ou Jiaxu’s suffering?”

Wu Hui: “……”

“Anyway, I’ve decided to play Ou Jiaxu. The story of the hero and heroine is so corny, only Ou Jiaxu is like a stream of fresh air.”

“I think it’s your brain that’s in the mudslide.” Wu Hui is angry with her. Now, the audience liked to reflect the role to the actor. If you played a pleasing role. The actor can also follow the glory, playing a role that everyone didn’t like, you  could only wait to be shouted at every day.

“The original novel does have some plot points that are rather dogmatic and vulgar, but since Huan Yu is going to shoot, it is definitely necessary to change the script.” Wu Hui painstakingly advised her, “Why don’t you look at the first few episodes of the script before deciding.”

The drama was still in the preparation stage, and the script hadn’t been fully written. The script given by the show was only for the first few episodes.

Li Linlin, however, was resolute: “I have already decided. You need not say more.”

Wu Hui: “……” 🙂

She also determined that it was Li Linlin’s brain that turned crazy.

Usually when Li Linlin acted like this, it must be related to Chen Yiran. So, she asked, “What did you do this afternoon? When I called you, you were outside, right?”

The villa of Li Linlin’s family is in Lize Park, and it was impossible to come from there so quickly.

When Li Linlin heard her ask, she coughed lightly and told her, “I just went shopping at Starlight Department Store, you know, buying can cure all diseases.”

“Heh, then how come you didn’t cure your lovesick brain?” Wu Hui clasped her arms and examined her, “You better be honest, or I…”

“Or else you’ll put me on the spot? Burn me?” Li Linlin laughed coldly and looked at her, “Wu Hui’er you don’t scare me, you don’t know how to do it!”

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