Chapter 5: KTV

Li Linlin squatted on the ground, crying, then a woman’s voice suddenly rang out in the dark. “Yo, isn’t this yesterday’s Snow White? When you were fighting with me, you were so powerful. Now, why are you like this?”

Li Linlin lifted her head, and she saw a woman in a black gown through her hazy teary eyes. The dress she wore was also Fluer’s new spring design, but unlike Lu Siyu, the dress she was wearing was definitely not borrowed but bought.

“You…you are…the rich lady who raised Ji Zifeng?” Yesterday’s incident gave Li Linlin a deep impression of the woman, and she recognized her at once.

When Wu Hui heard this, she quickly glanced at the rich lady once more. When someone just popped out, her heart was about to jump out. Fortunately, the one who came wasn’t the media or an actress, but the main character in the legendary story yesterday!

She had to admit that this wealthy lady’s skin was very well maintained, and Wu Hui couldn’t tell  her real age. Her dress was very elegant, she was obviously from the upper class of the society.

Well, except for yesterday’s mess at the drama club.

“Don’t say it, it’s so disgusting to hear. You  can just call me Mrs. Qiu.” The lady pulled out a tissue and handed it to Lin Linlin. “I really didn’t expect that you knew Chen Yiran.” She was also invited to the charity party tonight, and she just found out that Li Linlin and Chen Yiran were together.

After yesterday’s drama, she already knew the person she wrongfully accused was Li Linlin. She wanted to find an opportunity to apologize to her, and get it over with, but she didn’t expect to meet her here by coincidence.

What was more coincidental was she would run into this kind of situation while she was smoking here. She arrived first before Li Linlin and the others and intended to hide until the end. But Li Linlin cried too much, and she  couldn’t stand it anymore, so she came up to her.

She pulled Li Linlin, and her eyes roamed over her body a few times. “Tsk, although Chen Yiran is good, but he’s just a man, so why make yourself miserable? Listen to this sister’s advice, men aren’t worth it!”

Li Linlin remembered that Mrs. Qiu had just been in a messy situation with a man too, and suddenly felt she was kinder. “But brother Yiran is not the same as that scum Ji Zifeng.”

Mrs. Qiu snickered, “What’s the difference? Men are all the same.” She gave Li Linlin a look and haphazardly took a tissue to wipe the tears on her face, “For the sake of the misunderstanding yesterday, come with me. I’ll take you to a good place.”

Li Linlin asked, “Where to?”

“You’ll know when we arrived.”

When Wu Hui saw her pulling Li Linlin, wanting to leave, she quickly stopped them, “Mrs. Qiu, it’s so late already. Let’s just take Linlin home.”

Mrs. Qiu observed her, and her eyes roamed all over Wu Hui’s body. Her delicate lips hooked. “You should come along too.”

Before, Wu Hui’s only chance to experience or take a peek into high society was only through the internet, and later, she met Li Linlin and Chen Xi. Now, she had become one of those who spied in high society!


“Sister, first time here?” A handsome young man gave her a small dessert, and brought a serving to her mouth. “Don’t be so  nervous. You came here to have fun, taste the dessert and relax.”

“……” Wu Hui stiffened and took a bite of the dessert handed to her by the handsome man, screaming inwardly in a frenzy.

Ahhhhhh! Is this the life of a rich person!

The KTV VIP package room was very noisy because of Mrs. Qiu’s singing, it could be considered brainwashing of some sort. The young, handsome brother in the room was still able to listen to her singing without showing his distaste, and was even heartedly clapping his hands in praise when she put down the microphone. “Mrs. Qiu sings really well. What are those so-called singers compared to you? They should learn from you.”

Wu Hui: “……”

She thought those fans on Weibo were already the best blowers in the world, but to her surprise, there were more people. It was those fans who should learn.

“Nick, your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.” Mrs. Qiu affectionately touched Nick’s forehead with her fingertips.”I don’t sing as well as you do, come on, sing for everyone.”

Nick smiled, picked up the glittering, diamond-encrusted microphone and stood up. “I’ll make a fool of myself then! What would Mrs. Qiu like to hear?”

“I like everything you sing.”

Nick smiled shyly, “Mrs. Qiu, you are the one who is getting sweeter at coaxing people.” .”

Wu Hui on the side: “……”

Mrs. Qiu is really an amazing woman.

Li Linlin, sitting on the corner of the room, hadn’t come back to her senses at all and was still in shock.

Mrs. Qiu sat down and looked at the young man next to Li Linlin. “Ann, didn’t I tell you to take good care of my little sister?”

Ann helplessly shrugged his shoulders, the silver studs on his ears sparkled when the light hit them. “It’s not that I don’t take care of her, I’m just afraid of scaring her.”

Ann thought this was obviously the first time this sister had come here, she had not yet adapted. If it were someone else, it would be fine, but the key was, this was sister Linlin, who he was concerned about. He did not want to scare her.

Mrs. Qiu waved her hand in front of Li Linlin’s eyes and said to Ann, “Pour her a glass of wine, so she can let loose.”

Ann disagreed. “Sister Linlin is still in college, is she allowed to drink?”

Mrs. Qiu looked at him and laughed. “So, you’re a fan of hers? I don’t see you being so concerned.”

The KTV escorts also have different personalities, Ann was more on the cool side, not as sweet as Nick. But Mrs. Qiu was their frequent customer and a big client, they couldn’t go against her. He chose the mildest wine and mixed some juice into it before handing it to Li Linlin.

Mrs. Qiu understood his thoughts, but didn’t say anything.

Li Linlin picked up the glass mechanically and took a sip, but it was unexpectedly good. “It’s delicious.”

She praised Ann, her lips hooked up at the corner.  He replied, “I learned to mix wine before. If you like it, I can also help you mix some other flavors.”

Mrs. Qiu teased next to her, “It seems Ann likes you a lot.”

When she said that, Li Linlin blushed again, Mrs. Qiu patted her shoulder and told her, “Don’t worry, they won’t eat you up. This is a regular place, they are only responsible for singing and chatting with the guests, you can’t do anything else if you want to.”

“…… ” Li Linlin nearly choked on her drink and slowed down before asking Mrs. Qiu, “Do you often come here to play?”

“A few sisters and I like to come here to sing when we have nothing to do. The boys here are good singers, and they are even better at making people happy.”


“If you want to come in the future, just directly say my name. You can get a 12% discount,” Mrs. Qiu said, took out her phone, clicked a few times. “If you feel embarrassed to come alone, you can also call us. Add us as a friend.”

A day ago, Li Linlin would never have thought she would befriend Mrs. Qiu. She took out her phone and scanned Mrs. Qiu’s QR code, and after adding her, she was added into a group.

“This is our ladies’ group. I’ll add you, so you can join in any activities organized in the future.”

“Oh ……” Li Linlin took a look at the group name: “Ladies’ Afternoon Tea.”

Li Linlin: “……”

Fresh Meat Harvester: I added a little sister.

The girl with the big money: Little sister? How small?

Fresh meat harvester: Li Linlin

Big  Money Seeking Woman: ……

I believe I struggle 20 years less: Xiao Qiu, you now have a somewhat wide circle of friends, ah!

Fresh meat harvester: It’s sister Li Linlin, everyone knows her!

Big Money Seeking Woman: Oh, I know! My adopted daughter, ah!

Li Linlin Lin: “……”

See if you match yourself: What, What, What? Sister Linlin is in our group?

Li Linlin: “……”

WeChat names of rich wives are so rampant, oh. 🙂

“Okay don’t play with your phone, I brought you here to sing.” Mrs. Qiu took Li Linlin’s cell phone, turned it off for her, and then gave her a microphone.  “Isn’t your father the God of singing?You shouldn’t be bad at singing either. Pick two songs that you like and sing them.”

Li Linlin didn’t have as much talent as Li Shen in singing, but the good thing was that her voice itself was very good. She picked a few songs that she liked and usually sang. She sang them together with Wu Hui.

They were complimented, and they sang more and more. Finally, the room was full of people singing.

After singing a lot, the mood became much better. And Li Linlin drank almost all the wine on the table, and continued toasting with Mrs. Qiu.

“Who is that Lu Siyu? Female stars are nothing in our circle!” Mrs. Qiu was also carried away by the good mood, and  began to chatter with Li Linlin. “She has the nerve to show off her dress to you!  It’s ridiculous! How can she be so confident when her dress is just borrowed?”

“That’s right! What’s wrong with my gown?! I think my dress looks great!”

“I’m telling you, she’s got the hots for Chen Yiran.” Mrs. Qiu laughed, “Why else would she sign with Shengteng? By the way, if you like Chen Yiran, why don’t you sign with Shengteng?”

“I wanted to…too…hiccup.” Li Linlin took another sip of wine and burped, “But my dad didn’t agree, he said I didn’t need to work for someone else. He could promote me if I really wanted to start a career. I don’t want to rely on him, and finally, I can only compromise to set up my own studio.”

“You, girl, have a backbone, I like it. Come on, cheers!”

Li Linlin clinked glasses with her. Her cheeks flushed under the effect of alcohol. “Don’t keep talking about me, how are you and Ji Zifeng?”

“Oh, him.” Mrs. Qiu let out a laugh.”I packed him up and threw him into Sanqin Bay.”

“……” Li Linlin’s round eyes opened wide, and she almost sobered up.

“Hahaha! I’m lying to you, and you really believed it. I’ve kicked him out. Those things that I gave him before, I fed them to the dogs.” Mrs. Qiu drank the wine in her glass and continued, “To be honest, I still like him, but men are all the same. He’s no different from my husband.”

Hearing her mention her husband, Li Linlin asked with some curiosity, “Do you and your husband have bad feelings for each other?”

“Feelings?” Mrs. Qiu laughed out loud as if she had heard some big joke. “I never had feelings with him in the first place! We got married for business, and now we are still together because that’s how we can maximize our interests.”

“So, you don’t have children?”

”No, but my husband has a son with his young lover outside.” Speaking of this, Mrs. Qiu guffawed again. She moved closer to Li Linlin’s ear, her breath smelled of alcohol brushed against her face. She whispered to her, “We went to the hospital for a checkup when we first got married, and he was infertile. His mother, my mother-in-law, kept telling him that there was something wrong with me in order to keep him from losing face.”

“So, now, is it cured?”

“Cure? What cure? It’s not good.” Mrs. Qiu sat up straight and directly picked up a bottle of red wine and drank it, “After my mother-in-law passed away, only the doctor and I know this secret, that little lover of his still has him fooled, and I laughed my ass off.”

Li Linlin: “……”

The life of the rich is so exciting!

“You guys, don’t keep whispering to each other! Get up and get high!” Wu Hui held a bottle of wine in her left hand and a microphone in her right hand and yelled using it.  Li Linlin got up and sang for two more songs, and then fell asleep on the sofa, unable to resist drowsiness.

Wu Hui and Mrs. Qiu were still singing, and Ann and Nick sat on either side of Li Linlin, looking down at her. “Did she drink too much?”

“She finished both bottles, isn’t it too much?” Ann saw that she wasn’t sleeping very comfortably, so he found a cushion for her to use. Just as he was about to help her up, the door of the private room was violently pushed open from the outside, and a harsh male voice stopped his next move, “Hands off!”

All the people in the room looked toward the door because of the sudden interruption. A man in a suit walked in from the outside.

He was followed by two bodyguards, and the KTV manager on duty was also behind him.

The music still continued, but everyone stopped. Mrs. Qiu recognized Chen Yiran right away and her face changed rapidly. Wu Hui was also confused for two seconds before the microphone in her hand rolled to the ground with a “pop”.

Chen Yiran didn’t look at them, but walked straight to Li Linlin and pressed the back of his hand against the side of her face, “Linlin?”

“Um….?” Li Linlin pushed away the hand that was preventing her from sleeping, changed position,  and went back to sleep without opening her eyes. Chen Yiran frowned and bent down to pick her up.

Li Linlin seemed to have found a comfortable position. She hugged and leaned on his chest, sleeping more soundly.

“How much wine did you give her?” He looked down at the bottles rolling on the table and the floor, and swept his gaze over Wu Hui. “Linlin is right, it’s really time for her to change manager.”

Wu Hui: “……”

Wu Hui was so frightened by him that her face turned white. Chen Yiran looked at Mrs. Qiu.  “Mrs. Qiu of Jinqi Technology, right? You don’t need to look for Huachuang for your next project.”

Mrs. Qiu froze for a moment and laughed, “If you don’t want to cooperate, you don’t cooperate. I don’t care.”

Chen Yiran didn’t say anything and walked out with Li Linlin in his arms. Mrs. Qiu waited for him to leave before she talked to the manager, “Manager Deng, are the VIP rooms easy for others to enter whenever they want now?”

Manager Deng wiped the sweat on his forehead,and apologized to Mrs. Qiu, “Mrs. Qiu, I’m really sorry. Mr. Chen wanted to come in to look for someone, so we didn’t dare to stop him.”

Mrs. Qiu sneered, Manager Deng was very smart, he was destined to offend someone tonight anyway, he just chose to offend her and not Chen Yiran.

“Heh, Mr. Chen is really interesting,” Mrs. Qiu sneered. I thought it was Li Linlin who wasn’t clear about her feelings, but it turned out that it was Chen Yiran who was unclear.

The author has something to say:

Chen Yiran: You get it?

Author: Mr. Chen likes to hit himself in the face.

Chen Yiran: ……


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