Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 28: Secretly Meddling Part 2

Tianheng Entertainment Newspaper was also a part of Qiao Company, publishing a huge amount of news and generating good results for Tianheng every year.

They needed to withdraw this issue of the newspaper or the loss of human and financial resources wasn’t enough. This issue offended someone, and the other party sent him scandalous videos  of several superstars of Tianheng. If they didn’t comply, the other part would publish the scandals of the company’s cash cows, effectively cutting off the entire chain of Tianhen’s funds

Even some of the bosses from several high profile companies with whom they had good collaborations called and urged him to withdraw the paper without saying what was happening.

He had been in the industry for decades, so how could he not know that there must be someone important in this report, and the subject of this covert retaliation. After flipping through the entire paper, he thought about it and found nothing particularly noteworthy in the news except for the prominent headlines.

Qiao Nan was silent for a moment. “The brother and sister in the back seat of my car that day were from the Yun family?”

“The Yun family? Is that the Yun family of the military family?” Mrs. Qiao’s eyes lit up, and then she frowned. “Aren’t they covered in mosaic? And they’re asking us to withdraw the entire newspaper?”

Father Qiao propped his hand on his forehead, his head in pain. “If it wasn’t the Yun family who did it, who was the girl sitting next to Qiao Nan that day?”

Qiao Nan propped his elbows on his knees, his gaze fixed on the coffee table, and he shook his head in the face of his parents’ enquiry. “I don’t know.”

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Lu Consortium, president’s office.

When Yu Qing knocked on the door, Lu Yichen asked straightforwardly, “How did things go?”

“It’s all done, Missy is keeping a low profile, no one should find out that it’s related to her.” Yu Qing found his boss’s attitude towards his sister a little strange.

Lu Yichen didn’t comment, crossing his fingers and resting his elbows on the tabletop. His jaw rested on the back of his hands as he let out a long breath of relief.

“Pass me a copy of Qiao’s information.”


The newspaper matter didn’t affect Li Jia; she was busy with her taekwondo training over the summer and only came home every night.

Lu Yichen was even busier during the day, with the total decision making of Lu’s huge operational system resting on him alone.

One night when he returned home after a busy day of work and socialising, the house lights were still on and he checked the time, it was already 11pm.

Li Jia was curled up barefoot on the sofa in a pale blue halter-night dress, watching TV, which was still on. She was asleep with her head tilted and body curled up, her long hair falling from the sofa to the floor, soft and black.

Lu Yichen took off his glasses and tiptoed over to her, pressed his lips against her pink, moist lips and nibbled lightly.

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