Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 27: Secretly Meddling Part 1

“Mom, what are you talking about? How much of the entertainment news can be true? I’ve been busy shooting a new film lately, where can I find the time…”  Qiao Nan took the newspaper, looking indifferent when he saw the headlines on the front page.

It was Jia’er.

“Are you saying it’s not? Look, this isn’t good at all. She looks like a vixen! Nowadays, university students  are so bold. How dare they go out on the streets dressed like that?” Mrs.  Qiao said on and on.

Her son was excellent in everything, and who wouldn’t be jealous of the Qiao family’s huge fortune? Almost all the stars and starlets wanted to climb into the bed of her son, seducing him all day long.

Want to enter the Qiao family? Look at yourself first!

“Mom, this is for the role-playing event, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know. Jia’er isn’t that kind of person.” When Qiao Nan heard his Mom speak such mean words, it gave birth to the displeasure in his heart.

“This woman is still a student of A University, why are you so attentive to send her off? She let you pick her up and drop her off on purpose, and now, she’s using your fame to make headlines?” Mrs. Qiao knocked on the newspaper and looked at her son in anger.  And Jia’er? You called her so affectionately, this woman has a scheming heart.“

Qiao Nan didn’t bother to talk to her, getting up from the leather sofa and headed up to the first floor. This time if he hadn’t taken the initiative to invite her, Jia’er wouldn’t get into his car.

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“What happened?” Mrs. Qiao was assisted by her maid and sat on the sofa opposite Father Qiao. “What’s so important?”

“A University?” Mrs Qiao’s face fell as soon as she heard that. “Is it today’s headline? That woman is trying to pester our Qiao Nan again?”

Father Qiao grimaced. “What do you know! You have grown your hair long but still short in knowledge!”

Mrs. Qiao bristled. “It’s all the same, seeing our family’s money and jumping all over it.”

Father Qiao didn’t even bother to pay attention to her.

“What happened to those students?” Qiao Nan was also a little nervous in his heart. What happened to Jia’er?

“Wasn’t your event cancelled today? Why did you still appear at the venue? Those three students from A University in your car, two of them were children from the Yun family. They were covered in mosaics, people from the Yun family came afterwards to talk about it. I thought it was over, but who would have thought that there were other forces asking the newspaper to withdraw this issue of the newspaper!”

T/N: These are already divided in parts in the raws.

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