ENC: Extra- Spring Dreams Leave No Trace (2-3)

Extra: Spring Dreams Leave No Trace (2)

In the blink of an eye, the scene changed.

She had become a prominent lady confined to her mansion, either embroidering in her room or sitting in the pavilion at the heart of the lake, admiring lotuses and feeding fish.

On this night, with the moon bright and stars sparse, the wind gently swayed the lotuses. The flowing light washed the flower leaves, leaving a faint glow and crystal-clear dewdrops.

A light mist rose from the lake, carrying a subtle fragrance of lotus.


While appreciating the moonlit lotus, she strolled through a winding corridor towards the Flower Moon Pavilion at the center of the lake.

As she stood in the pavilion, a breeze unfolded, momentarily distorting the scenery before her.

In a daze for a moment, she blinked and noticed a white-clad man standing on a yet-to-bloom lotus in the distance.

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Unexpectedly, tears welled up in her eyes, and a complex mix of emotions surged within her, leaving her chest feeling uncomfortably tight.


With a simple raise of his hand, her garments fell away, exposing a pure jade-like body that had never been laid bare to outsiders. It lay entirely exposed before his eyes.

Startled, she involuntarily took in a sharp breath, her jade arms immediately shielding her chest. She exclaimed, “Bold!”

Frantically, she looked around, seeking a place to hide in her state of panic.

However, he didn’t give her a chance to escape. Extending his long arm, he pulled her into his embrace, pressing her trembling shoulders, and with a dominating kiss that was like a storm, forceful and overwhelming.

In this kiss, there was so much—impatience, passion, confusion… Ultimately, it all converged into a joy of rediscovery.

The joy was unclear and indescribable, whether it belonged to him or was hidden in her heart.

For a moment, she forgot to struggle, and even felt, inexplicably, that they should be like this—intimately close, entangled and affectionate.

Dizzy from his kiss, she went weak in the limbs, clinging to his sleeve for support, leaning against him, barely standing.

“Mmm~” she let out a soft hum, her breath hot, and her heart in turmoil.

He pressed her onto the round stone table in the pavilion, the cold, hard touch sending shivers down her spine.

His kisses fell on her like raindrops, and his gentle tongue licked and sucked on the red cherries on her chest, making her body and mind tingle and endure the sensation. His hands fondled her plump, tender br*asts, while his other hand teased the delicate bud between her legs.

In no time, clear dew gushed out from her p*ssy, resembling spring water, wetting his long fingers.


The continuous desire burned her throat, leaving her parched, sweat forming on her forehead, and her cheeks blushing as if touched by crimson rouge.

He pressed forward, his engorged and erect m*nhood beneath him, forcefully entering the untouched, moist delicate flower. Stirring out strands of vivid red flower essence, he penetrated straight into the core of the flower.

“Ah!” The subtle pain of d*floration spread throughout her body, shaking her soul.

She screamed, her delicate fingers scratching his back, trimming nails drawing on his excellently crafted robe, creating folds and wrinkles.

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Extra: Spring Dreams Leave No Trace (3) 

The pain and stimulation jolted her awake.

“It hurts so much… Don’t touch me!” She sharply reprimanded, using both her hands and feet to push away the person on top of her.

However, he pressed down on her like a solid mountain, ignoring her pain. The r*d repeatedly thrust, stirring the delicate and tender flesh of her honeyed cave, teasing the depths of her delicate flower.

The thick c*ck pressed against every inch of her inner walls, squeezing out waves of lascivious honey.

The tight and tender young cave, never before invaded, now moistened by secretions, brought her much relief.


He freed one hand, fondling her br*asts, caressing her silky skin, providing her with more caresses.

As the pain dispersed, an unbearable tingling pleasure emanated from her lower body. She gradually entered a state of bliss, unintentionally letting out a melodious and alluring moan.

Upon hearing her delicate panting, he increased the frequency of his waist movements, the jade sh*ft delving deep with force, drawing out a large pool of glistening fluids, wetting his pubic hair and the roots of his legs.

Her disheveled green silk, adorned with a dangling vermilion hairpin nestled among the clouds, swayed as he collided with her, creating a tinkling sound. One of the hairpins clattered to the ground.

The summer night was hot and restless. She breathed heavily, drenched in fragrant sweat. The tingling sensation penetrated her joints, seeping into her soul, making it difficult for her to contain her emotions. From her throat rolled out a restrained yet sweet and lingering cry.

Amidst the blossoming moon and gentle breeze, the world remained silent.

Only the two of them seemed out of place, with continuous gasps and unending sounds of physical contact. The sticky sound of water, like the softest and lightest down feathers, teased her nerves, making her blush uncontrollably.

Just as their passion deepened, a distant female voice echoed, “Miss, the night is deep, and the dew is heavy. It’s better to go back and rest.”

The speaker was Shen Shuman’s personal maid. She held a lantern, gracefully walked through the winding corridors.

Shen Shuman tilted her head, only to see the orange light flickering in the distance. She was shocked, pushing the man who was moving on top of her in a hurry.

“You, let go of me! If someone sees us…” Her innocence would be ruined by him!

He remained unmoved, still moving his hips, the thick and hard jade rod repeatedly stretching open her trembling flesh, freely colliding deep within the passage.


The light footsteps approached incessantly, each step pressing on her sensitive and tense nerves.

Her heart raced rapidly, jumping to her throat in an instant.

“Let go!” She struggled more intensely, her hands wildly pulling and tearing at him, leaving his shirt half-open and revealing a large expanse of fair chest.

“Ugh~” She cried out in desperation, tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. Complex emotions such as panic, grievance, resentment, and more burned in her heart, making her feel unbearably uncomfortable.

Finally, he managed to spare a glance at the maid. Soon after, his gaze retreated, and he composed himself.

He pressed against her red-hot ear, his thin lips gently parting, his voice cold and clear, flowing like a stream in a tranquil valley, “She won’t see.”

With that, he lifted her up, their chests pressed together, abdomens touching, her slender legs wrapped around his waist, and his flesh buried deep between her legs.

He held her like this, pleasuring her, moving calmly towards a nearby chair.

His sh*ft changed angles inside her as he moved, thrusting into her body. The tip of his p*nis repeatedly probed the tightly closed entrance of her womb, causing her to furrow her distant mountain-like eyebrows in pain.

He laid her down on the chair, continuing in the traditional man-on-top position, claiming every inch of her beauty.

The maid had already entered the pavilion. Shen Shuman, upon seeing her, turned pale with shock. Her intimate area tightened suddenly, making him furrowed his brows.

She struggled fiercely against the man on top of her, but he firmly pressed her shoulders, preventing her from moving.

“Don’t make a sound, and she won’t notice,” he said. “If you struggle too much, I can’t guarantee she won’t see you.”

Hearing this, Shen Shuman closed her mouth, not daring to breathe.

Sure enough, the maid looked around the pavilion, calling “Miss” in all directions, but she didn’t notice. Right under her nose, Shen Shuman was being violated by a man who seemed both unfamiliar and familiar, shamelessly and arrogantly.

He suddenly increased the pace of his movements, waves of pleasure overwhelming her, shattering any resistance she had left.

She bit down on her lip, afraid that she might moan uncontrollably in ecstasy.

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