ENC 77-78 (H)

Chapter 77: Enchanting Intrusion

Wei Shi has always been a light sleeper.

When it was just starting to get light, he was awakened by the faint and melodious moans coming from the side of his bed.

Opening his eyes, he saw Shen Shuman sleeping restlessly, murmuring in her dreams, “Mmm~ don’t… oh…”


The ambiguous words aside, she couldn’t stop squirming in his arms. Her soft and naked body arched and rubbed against him, causing his arousal.

It seemed like she was having some indescribable dreams.

This was the first time he had seen her like this, and he felt curious. So, he turned on the soft bedside lamp, propped his chin with one hand, and watched her with interest for a while.

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In any case, she was wet and slippery inside, and he easily thrust into the deepest part.


Her tender and hot cavity, like the suction cups of an octopus tentacle, tightly adhered to his m*nhood, causing him to uncontrollably thrust.

His movements were unusually gentle.

She wasn’t awakened by him, her eyes remained closed. She would still respond to his caresses, moaning and groaning lasciviously, echoing his every thrust.

It felt as though he was enchanting her.

Evilly, he thought to himself, shaking off the messy thoughts in his mind. He gripped her slender waist firmly, rubbing against a slightly protruding sensitive spot inside her hole. With a thrust forward, he unexpectedly brought her to cl*max.

With a loud “Ah!” she exclaimed. He hadn’t ejaculated yet, but she suddenly woke up, pushing him away in embarrassment and anger.

The moist and stiff m*nhood withdrew from her body. As soon as it touched the air, it cooled slightly. The gl*ns still bore traces of suspicious white fluid.

Wei Shi was stunned for a second, about to speak and ask her what was wrong.

Suddenly, she lifted her foot, catching him off guard, and kicked him off the bed.

He landed on his butt, thick-skinned as he was, not feeling much pain. He just found her behavior peculiar.

Raising his head, he saw her tearful appearance, looking pitiful.

“Shuman?” He got up, wanting to reach out and touch her cheek, to comfort her emotions.


But she glared at him resentfully, cursing loudly, “Bastard!”

“What?” he was completely puzzled.

“Wei Shi, you’re just a big bastard!!!” She cursed vehemently, sniffing with her reddened nose, forcefully pulling back the covers, creating a gust of wind.

As the covers fell, she had already gotten up, staggering into the bathroom to freshen up.

As for him…

He looked at his erect little brother, and could only rely on his own hand to resolve the situation.

This was their first conflict after marriage.

There was an illness, but Wei Shi, playing doctor recklessly, couldn’t seem to find the cause no matter what.


Chapter 78: Commotion

Until the start of work, Wei Shi remained restless.

In the midst of his distress, the door of the neurosurgery office was suddenly pushed open by someone, and Yu Dai’s rough voice burst out instantly, “Hey, next time there’s a chance, I’ll accompany you for a drink… My girlfriend has been getting angry for no reason during this time…”


“Is it that time of the month?” another male doctor who entered the office with him said. He was Zhang Shiwu, married for five years. Despite his unremarkable appearance, it was said that he had a knack for wooing women. “My wife is on her period, and her temper is not great either.”

Wei Shi, hearing their conversation, looked at them, and the two of them walked into the office shoulder to shoulder.

“So, when your wives have a bad temper, how do you guys appease them?” he interjected.

Upon hearing his question, the curiosity of the two male doctors ignited, and they immediately crowded around him.

“Director Wei, you just got married not long ago, right? You’ve already had conflicts with your wife so soon?” Yu Dai’s voice resonated, drawing the attention of everyone in the office.

Wei Shi cast a sidelong glance at him, calmly organizing the documents on the conference table, and said coldly, “Don’t jinx my family.”

Yu Dai awkwardly coughed, “Well, how can it be…”

“It’s just that a friend of mine has been calling me constantly during this time, complaining that his wife suddenly got angry and kicked him out, asking if he can stay at my place for a while… You know, I’m a newlywed, how could I agree to that.” Wei Shi helplessly shook his head.

Listening to him speak with such earnestness, Yu Dai nodded, “That makes sense.”

“So, I have to help him come up with a solution, make him quickly appease his wife, or else… I’ll really be annoyed by him.” Wei Shi lied with a poker face.

Zhang Shiwu enthusiastically suggested, “When a woman gets angry, the first principle is to admit fault! No matter what happened, just say it’s your fault.”

“But he says he doesn’t know where he went wrong…” Wei Shi said, pondering inwardly: they say “a woman’s heart is as deep as the sea,” and this statement is indeed true.


“He said his wife got angry suddenly after waking up.”

Zhang Shiwu slapped his thigh, speaking with confidence, ” a dream! My wife once dreamed that I hid private money, and she punished me by kneeling on the keyboard. Later… she actually found my private stash.”

“Oh my!” Yu Dai exclaimed, looking mischievously at Wei Shi. “Director Wei, did your friend really hide private money?”

Wei Shi raised an eyebrow. It was impossible. Shen Shuman didn’t care about his money, and he wouldn’t touch her funds either. They each managed their finances independently, avoiding many family disputes.

“Besides private money, is there any other possibility?” he asked.

“It could be that he dreamed your friend was cheating and having an affair.” Although he used the word “could,” Zhang Shiwu’s tone was very certain.

Wei Shi pondered for a moment, thinking about Shen Shuman’s alluring moans in her sleep. It didn’t seem likely…

“Forget it,” he tossed a stack of documents onto the table. “Yu Dai, go call Sun Yan to hold the morning meeting.”

This matter remained unresolved.

As the end of the workday approached, Wei Shi packed up and suddenly remembered something. He called Wei Cheng.

They discussed work for a few moments, but as the conversation progressed, Wei Shi cautiously asked, “Dad have you and Mom ever had conflicts?”

In his memory, the couple was always affectionate, and their relationship seemed exceptionally harmonious, with no apparent discord.

“Yes. Why are you asking about this? Having conflicts with your wife? How long have you been together…” Wei Cheng tutted twice, and even over the.

“No… we’re living a peaceful life as a couple. Why do you always make sarcastic remarks as soon as you open your mouth, old man Wei? What’s your intention?” Wei Shi retorted, deflecting the blame.

“It’s just that Zhao Xin’s wife scolds him, and he always calls me to complain… I find him annoying, want to block him, but we’re friends after all. So, I’m asking for him… you’re quite experienced in appeasing your wife, aren’t you…”

After saying this, Wei Shi realized he had once again mastered the art of lying.

Wei Cheng paused for a few seconds and sighed deeply, “It’s good for a woman to have a temper from time to time. What’s most frightening is when she keeps it inside, appearing calm on the surface while secretly keeping a tally of grievances. Once she has accumulated enough sadness and disappointment, she’ll leave you without a word, and you won’t even know what you did wrong.”

Thinking back, when he was still dating Pei Qingzhi, she kept everything to herself, unwilling to speak openly. This led to a direct breakdown of their relationship, but fortunately, they managed to reconcile later.

“Mmm.” Hearing Wei Cheng’s words, Wei Shi nodded slightly, indicating that he had learned something.

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