Erotic Fairy Tales

Chapter 4 Little Red Riding Hood (Part I)

Warning:  Dubious consent, Bestiality, Stockholm Syndrome 

“Grandma fell sick, help your mother bring these things to her.”

Mother gave Little Red Riding Hood a beautiful basket filled with bread, pastries, ham, and a bottle of wine. Little Red Riding Hood nodded cleverly, put on her favorite red hooded coat and went out.

Little Red Riding Hood was a beautiful young girl. She had fair skin, water-blue eyes, and a head of blond hair. Her limbs were also slender like a deer. Anyone who saw her, liked her at first glance, including the Big Bad Wolf who lived in the forest.

The Big Bad Wolf was a wild wolf well known near the village for being fickle-hearted. All the parents would always exhort their daughters not to let him come close. If they were eaten by him, only their skeletons would be left of them. That was why they proclaimed he was a very dangerous Big Bad Wolf.

The wolf had been trying to eat Little Red Riding Hood for a long time, but every time Little Red Riding Hood saw him, she would always hide far far away, robbing him of the chance to expose his evil teeth to her. He endured and endured, endured and endured1This was written twice in the original for emphasis, and decided that no matter what, he had to eat Little Red Riding Hood today.


In order to prevent Little Red Riding Hood from seeing what he looked like, the Big Bad Wolf wore women’s clothes, and wrapped a scarf around his face. He watched Little Red Riding Hood walk out of the house, tightening the scarf to cover his furry face, and carefully followed Little Red Riding Hood’s footsteps. Today was a breezy and beautiful day. Little Red Riding Hood sang while happily picking flowers along the road, not realizing that there was a drawing danger behind her. 

“Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, where are you going?” 

The Big Bad Wolf asked, raising the pitch of his voice behind her back. Little Red Riding Hood was so focused on picking the flowers that she didn’t notice his strange tone and replied unsuspectingly: “I’m going to the other end of the forest to visit Grandma!”

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“Ebyv’p vbl xyvvla okvb Qaydexy?”

“Qaydexy byp qyzzld pknj, ps R’x cakdtkdt tkqvp yde rknjkdt vbl xspv clywvkqwz qzsolap qsa bla.”

“Ebyv y tsse nbkze. Zsw jdso obyv, R jdso y rzynl okvb xsal clywvkqwz qzsolap!”


“Xq nswapl, R okzz vyjl usw vblal vs rknj vbl qzsolap, yzaktbv?”

“Xjyu, vbydj usw.”

Mbkdjkdt vbyv pbl nswze nszzlnv xsal clywvkqwz qzsolap qsa taydexy, Nkvvzl Sle Skekdt Tsse kxxlekyvlzu qszzsole vbl Jkt Jye Eszq ellr kdvs vbl qsalpv.

Mbl Jkt Jye Eszq ekptwkple yp y zyeu, oyp pvkzz y Jkt Jye Eszq yqvla yzz. Tkp yrrlyaydnl zssjle hlau pvaydtl, yde bkp hsknl pswdele hlau see, ps Nkvvzl Sle Skekdt Tsse nswzed’v blzr cwv ypj: “Yyeyx, obu kp uswa hsknl ps bsyapl?”

“Because I, like your grandmother, am sick too!”


“Madam! What big eyes you’ve got!”

“All the better to SEE you with!”

At this time, they have reached the depths of the forest without a soul in sight, and the Big Bad Wolf became less careful about covering up his real face. Because of this, Little Red Riding Hood discovered in shock: “Madam! What big mouth you’ve got!”

“All the better to EAT you with!”

The wolf finally ripped out of the clothes, and opened his mouth, pouncing on Little Red Riding Hood. When Little Red Riding Hood saw this, she shrieked, “Help!”

“Hehe, there is no one else here, even if you scream at the top of your lungs, no one will come to save you.”

“Mr. Wolf, you are too much. I definitely won’t surrender!”

Hearing Little Red Riding Hood shout this, Big Bad Wolf retracted his tongue that was dripping saliva over Little Red Riding Hood’s face and leaned towards her, saying, “If you don’t let me eat you, I will eat your grandma!”

Little Red Riding Hood heard this and was gobsmacked, “Mr. Wolf, why do you have such a heavy taste!”

“Hehe, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, I can also gobble your grandfather up too.”

“I beg of you. Don’t. I will obey you. Just please don’t hurt my family!” Little Red Riding Hood said with tears in her eyes. For her beloved grandparents, Little Red Riding Hood was willing to sacrifice everything.

“What a good child. Don’t be afraid. I like good kids the most. I will eat you very gently and very tenderly, so that it won’t hurt a single bit.”


“Really? Then please be gentle.”

Little Red Riding Hood said as she quivered. With beautiful tearful eyes as beautiful as a deer, the wolf felt his hunger overwhelming him and couldn’t wait to swallow Little Red Riding Hood in one bite, but he still kept to his promise, carefully licking Little Red Riding Hood’s face with his tongue.

“Yiii, so itchy.”

Little Red Riding Hood wanted to resist, but the Big Bad Wolf grabbed her wrist and forced her to touch his big furry face. The Big Bad Wolf’s fur was soft and warm. Little Red Riding Hood felt it very comfortable to the touch, the disgust in her heart had also eased as a result.

After the Big Bad Wolf licked Little Red Riding Hood’s face, he stuck his tongue into her mouth. Although the wolf’s tongue was big, it was very dexterous. In fact, he could easily tie a cherry knot in his mouth. So when the wolf’s tongue explored her mouth, Little Red Riding Hood’s head had turned knotted, and caught in a trance, she was unable to gather her thoughts.

At the same time, the wolf’s hands and feet did not idle, his claws picked the buttons of Little Red Riding Hood off, exposing two beautiful pink snow-white br**sts.


Little Red Riding Hood wanted to cover the two points, but her hand was caught by the Big Bad Wolf again. The Big Bad Wolf stared at her with his wolf eyes, carefully scrutinizing the soft bosoms of Little Red Riding Hood. Seeing that Little Red Riding Hood’s face became flushed and the two pink dots on her br**sts stood erect, he said, “It’s still developing huh. That’s alright.. Brother Wolf will help you knead it a lot so that it can grow bigger.”

“I…..don’t want them to be so big though.”

Little Red Riding Hood said shyly, and the Big Bad Wolf chuckled mischievously in response: “Alright. No matter what size they are, Brother Wolf will help you rub it, they definitely won’t be neglected.”

After saying this, he pinched the two nubs on the snow white peaks with his furry hands and leaned his wolf mouth forward, licking it noisily. Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t help but straighten her waist, saying: “Don’t.”

Hearing Little Red Riding Hood moan, the wolf became even more enthusiastic, pinching and drawing circles on her n*pple. The saliva that he desperately tried to contain in his mouth, dripped down onto the fair small br**sts of Little Red Riding Hood.


Under this kind of action, the area between Little Red Riding Hood’s legs started turning wet as though she had peed. She thought she was about to be eaten, so she wet her pants in terror  but what was this comfortable feeling? She was actually looking forward to being eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf wasn’t satisfied with just licking her br**sts, so he slowly trailed his tongue down and worked around Little Red Riding Hood’s beautiful belly button for a while, then, he shifted his gaze to the deep ravine covered by thin hair.

At this time, a little silver liquid had leaked out of the pink petals in between Little Red Riding Hood’s legs. The Big Bad Wolf streaked across the area with a finger, picking up the thread of juice and putting it in his mouth, licking it: “How sweet. What a sweet little thing. “

Before Little Red Riding Hood could even blush in shame, the Big Bad Wolf buried his head between her legs and licked intensely. The big and long tongue scraped across the v*rginal tender core and drilled into the unexplored flower path, strongly sucking in the meat stock inside.

The numbing feeling spread all the way from in between her legs to the rest of Little Red Riding Hood’s body. Turning her two white legs taut, she wanted to kick that strange feeling away, but only pushed herself to the brink of cl*max.

The Big Bad Wolf sensed her movements and licked even more vigorously. Using his hairy hand or sharp claws or meat pads, he pressed down on the cl*t of her flower lips, his tongue also desperately licking every inch inside her tender flesh.

Little Red Riding Hood mewled even louder. She felt so uncomfortable. Her body was itchy and numb as though there were countless bugs crawling in, trying to drill into her heart and eat her completely clean. What was more terrifying is that she didn’t want it to stop. She wanted something hard and thick to quickly break her apart and bring her mind-numbing pleasure.

“I beg of you, please eat me, don’t torture me like this.”

Hearing this, the Big Bad Wolf’s ears perked up, and the thick black object of his lower body also became more spirited. He looked at Little Red Riding Hood’s constantly twitching and contracting flower path, feeling that she ought to be amply prepared. He lifted her body up and let the petals between her legs bear his giant root, saying, “This is what you said, I’m going to eat you up right now.”

Little Red Riding Hood looked at his dark thick root with purple veins exposed on the surface, and a strange protrusion. It looked very malevolent. Then she looked at her small hole looking tender and she could not help but start crying, “If you eat me like this, I’ll definitely die from puncture. After I die, could you help me give the things I’m carrying to my grandmother? She’s sick and needs nutrition.”

Hearing such cute words made the wolf become even more impatient: “This thing will kill you and revive you back to life. You don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen afterwards.”

Red-eyed, Little Red Riding Hood was just about to ask again when the Big Bad Wolf pushed the mushroom head of his thick root into the front end of the small hole. Little Red Riding Hood screamed loudly from this, tears streaming down her face.


“Is it really possible to come back to life after dying?”

The wolf couldn’t help but use his furry hand to touch her face and coaxed: “Even though I love eating people, I will definitely keep the promises I make. If I said that you’ll definitely come back alive, you will definitely come back alive.” Little Red Riding Hood nodded tearfully, gritting her teeth. And so, Big Big Bad Wolf pushed himself inside Little Red Riding Hood’s body strongly. 

“It hurts! You’re going to rip me apart.” Little Red Riding Hood cried. At this time, the Big Bad Wolf was tightly clamped by Little Red Riding Hood’s tight and hot hole, his whole person being sent to seventh heaven.

God! Little Red Riding Hood’s hole was so wonderful. He had merely entered and it had already felt so good. If he could move himself, it would definitely feel even better.

“Relax and I’ll take myself out.”

The wolf whispered softly in enticement. Little Red Riding Hood sobbed lowly, allowing him to spread her legs and pull his murderous weapon out, but she didn’t expect that after he had just retracted a little, he grasped her waist tightly and ruthlessly plunged himself inside entirely.

“Ah!” While Little Red Riding Hood cried, the Big Bad Wolf started thrusting ruthlessly using deep and shallow strokes.

The little hole had just been thoroughly moistened, and the Big Bad Wolf’s furry hand was not willing to stay idle. It continuously teased the cl*t hidden by the petals. Under such intense intercourse, Little Red Riding Hood’s body was forced to ride the heat waves, the original pain soon becoming a pleasurable sensation.

Pants rang out continuously in the depths of the forest. Little Red Riding Hood lay on top of her beloved red hood, violated by a Big Bad Wolf.

The snow-white body trembled like the leaves amidst a gale. Her beautiful face was stained with deep blush and her originally limpid eyes were also tainted with a lustful color. Her slender limbs shook along with the wolf’s body. And soon, she couldn’t help but weave her hands into the wolf’s hair, her legs tightly hooking around the wolf’s sturdy waist, eager for him to give her more.

By this time, she was no longer a Little Red Riding Hood ignorant of the ways of the world. Her honey cave was pounded by the wolf’s meat stick in and out. The original transparent silver juice gradually turned into white frothy foam due to the constant friction. The urgent slapping of flesh and sticky sounds of honey piled up, forming lascivious clamor, and the pain had completely vanished. Instead, what enveloped her was an indescribable feeling. Unaware, Little Red Riding Hood’s pleading voice entered the lewd movement of a symphony.

“Ahnnnn Ahhhh… Brother Wolf, so comfortable… Give it to me a little more.”

“Do you like the way I f**k you? Little Red Riding Hood.”

The Big Bad Wolf’s eyes were bloodshot, hating that he couldn’t swallow the Little Red Riding Hood whole into his stomach. Little Red Riding Hood’s body was too beautiful and too amazing, he wanted to completely and thoroughly possess he, so that she could no longer be eaten by anyone else.

“Like…ah… I like it, I like it a lot!”

Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes couldn’t see anything anymore The huge pleasure made her sink into a frenzy. The drool that was inadvertently leaking out from her mouth was licked by the Big Bad Wolf. Her body followed the wild rhythm of the Big Bad Wolf, jolting continuously as she was sent to the cl*max again and again.

The honey cave kept wringing the wolf’s lethal weapon, her petals stained with her v*rginal blood and love juices. The girl died and came back to life as a woman. She completely forgot the pain that tore her into two, only remembering to beg the beast to give her pleasure over and over.

This taste of seventh heaven was deeply etched into Little Red Riding Hood’s mind and body. She twisted her waist and continued to pander to the Big Bad Wolf’s wild thrusts until the thrill accumulated and swallowed her whole like a black wave.

As the wolf promised, Little Red Riding Hood still remained alive that day, sending food to her grandmother’s house. When Grandma discovered that her legs were trembling, and her face was strangely red, she couldn’t help but ask, “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“I walked too far when I was picking some flowers, and got a little lost, so my legs were sore and I’m feeling a little out of breath”.

“There’s a Big Bad Wolf that eats humans, living deep in the woods. Don’t go there to pick flowers next time. “

“Ok, Grandma.”

Little Red Riding Hood nodded obediently, but Grandma didn’t know, that in between Little Red Riding Hood’s fair legs, a cloudy liquid was trickling down, and that was the mark, that the wild wolf had eaten her up.

Little Red Riding Hood (Part I) [End]

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