Erotic Fairy Tales

Chapter 3.7 Beauty and the Beast (7)

By the time she woke up, she found herself lying on the bed, covered with a quilt, but Leonard was not by her side.

When she got up and lifted the quilt, she found that her sorry body had been cleaned up and her abdomen did not bulge, but there was still a slight sp*rm leakage between her legs.

“Why didn’t you add poison to milk? Where’s the poison?”

Kent’s low-pitched voice sounded in the dark room before Belle discovered that he was standing in the dark corner, beside the small table. A pair of golden eyes seemed to glow in the dark night.

Belle hurriedly pulled up the quilt, covering her naked and embarrassed body, and saw Kent walk towards her at a silent pace. Sitting on the bed, he asked her, “Belle, you wouldn’t have been stupid enough to take it yourself. Right?”


Belle shook her head, Kent breathed a sigh of relief: “Why didn’t you give it to him. When you see me at first glance, your eyes clearly only have me.”

“Kent, I did fall in love with you at first sight.” Belle said faintly: “Because you and Leonard are too similar.”  Kent’s golden eyes shrank: “He is a beast while I am a man. Where are we similar?”

“Your eyes, your hair color, your temperament, and… the gaze you look at me with, so concentrated… Kent, I can’t look away when I see you, and that’s when I realized, how much I love him.”

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Kent looked at her for a long time, before he abruptly hugged Belle tightly. Quivering, he said.: “…Belle…Thank you for loving me…”


Belle first stiffened, only to find that he had a familiar scent on his body, and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. At this moment, Kent’s body gradually became transparent and disintegrated into countless light specks.

As if struck by lightning, Belle suddenly got out of bed, and shouted frantically: “Leonard, Leonard, where are you. Come out, don’t scare me! Leonard… “

Disregarding her naked body and her weak legs, she grabbed the sheets and staggered out barefoot, dashing through the dark gloomy hallways. All of a sudden, the entire row of lights on the hallway lit up, and numerous shadows and sound around her appeared. 

“Miss Belle, Miss Belle, you have to put on your clothes, or His Majesty will get angry!”

“Miss Belle, did you want to meet His Majesty naked?”

Behind Belle, countless maids appeared, chasing her with clothes in their hands, but Belle couldn’t care about anything and couldn’t hear anything. She kept running forward, dashing out of the castle, and into the garden. Then, she came to a stop in front of the bush of roses.

In the cluster of flowers underneath the moonlight, a silver-haired man stood with his back towards her. His figure was slender yet strong, exuding a noble and elegant temperament, and making it difficult to look away. In spite of the rose’s thorns, the man brushed aside the flowers under the moon with rapt attention as though he were looking for something.

“What are you looking for?” Belle asked him with a trembling voice.

“I am looking for a rose, the most beautiful one, so I can give it to the woman I love the most.” The man’s voice was low and hoarse, somewhat like Leonard, and a little bit like Kent.

“As long as it is from you, any flower is the most beautiful flower to me.”

Belle murmured. And the man finally turned to look at her. He was a monarch under the moonlight and the beast that made her fall into depravity. He was both Kent and Leonard, a cursed king as well as a beast who only yearned for love.

When the king of the magic kingdom was transformed into a lion by someone’s curse and could no longer revert to his human form, his castle was sealed. All his servants became invisible, and he could no longer go out.


Under the torture of the curse, he gradually lost his humanity, and decided to get a young girl as a sacrifice for him to appease his beastly desire and maintain his sanity against the curse. But then, Belle appeared.

Although Belle paid with her v*rgin purity and allowed the power of the curse to gradually weaken, the king could not get rid of the curse completely. He was also deeply attracted to Belle, so he was unwilling to let her leave, fearing that she would never come back. Although he could force those who have broken the oath to walk towards their death, he couldn’t force anyone to come back.

Later, when Belle became ill, Leonard succumbed, but didn’t think that the second sister would bring a bottle of poison to which Belle accepted. On that day he had s*x with her, he found the hesitation in Belle’s heart gradually crumbling.

In his heart, Belle’s body had turned lascivious because of his training, but her heart remained kind and beautiful. He didn’t expect Belle to hate him so much to the point that she could even become a viper. Moreover, the sister’s words weren’t wrong. If she continued to have s*x with the beast, Belle would sooner or later turn into a beast herself.

He hoped that Belle would preserve her beauty, but also hoped that she would become a beast and stay together with him forever. He had lost his rationality, and had desperately tried to possess Belle. When Belle could no longer think and had completely turned into a tool to resolve his animalistic desires, he finally came to a realization and decided to take advantage of the weakening of the curse. After retrieving a hint of power back, and being able to transform back into a human to seduce Belle, he wanted to know whether he was actually in her heart or not.

The words he tempted Belle with were true. If Belle had poisoned him, everything in the castle would become hers. Before he died, he could return to his human form and tell Belle that he was actually a human, and that Belle had not been sullied by a beast..

Despite holding such determination, Leonard was filled with despair when he found the poison bottle to be empty. His beautiful and kind Belle had died under the beast’s body and would never return.

After Belle seduced him, his heart had died completely, and he took the initiative to add more milk, hoping to get rid of this desperate love, but who could’ve expected that this was not the case.

The girl’s depraved body and the pure love in her heart brought the king back to life, releasing him completely from the curse.

Belle married Leonard and took him back to her home where they weaved a story of pure love. They told Belle’s Father that they were in love with each other, and that they had lifted the curse, to reassure him.

But Belle knew that her second sister knew the truth, and knew that she had fallen under the beast long ago. When she remorsefully took her second sister’s hand, her second sister merely shivered and said, “It’s fine. I’ve already been violated by a beast and am no longer innocent, so I don’t have the right to blame you.”

After saying this, the second sister covered her face and cried, “Every night, I would dream that I would have s*x with him. He wanted me to dedicate myself completely to him. What should I do?”


Belle begged Leonard to help her find a way, and Leonard told her: “Your second sister was deceived by the beast. She has the scent of the beast all over her, and the beast comes to her bedroom every night to mate with her yet she doesn’t even realize it. If you really want to save her, put a beast trap on her bed.”

Of course, Belle rejected the proposal, and just told the second sister the truth, letting her handle the matter by herself.

Not long after, everyone knew that the merchant’s two young and beautiful daughters had married very well. One married the king of a mysterious magic kingdom deep in the wilderness, and the other married the most powerful magician in the mainland. The husbands were both handsome, noble and loved their wives. They were the ideal husband that every woman dreamed of having.

However, what everyone didn’t know was that, their husbands often transformed back into beasts, and under the constant pampering of the beasts’ desire, the loved wives were unable to extricate themselves, driving themselves insane, and turning into mother beasts in heat, willing to bear sons of their beastly husbands.

As for who the lazy and greedy eldest daughter finally married to, no one cared… because this was the story of a beauty and a beast.

Beauty and the Beast [End]

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