Dragon Blood

Chapter 28 Part 1

Since then, Shan Ming has been steadily increasing Shen Changze’s training frequency on a quarterly basis. The mercenary group often organizes various practical exercises, which although not considered real battles, are conducted with real bullets and pose a high degree of danger. At least the landmines, barbed wire, and traps laid along the way could easily claim lives.

Gradually, more and more people realized that this child not only had a physique that surpassed adults, but also had an extraordinary intuition for danger. This intuition would be a very powerful weapon in combat.

Everyone in the mercenary group had a special affection for the child, as if they were watching a puppy grow up slowly and become more and more powerful. Some of them have fed him dog food, bathed him, or taken him for walks. So they somehow felt a sense of pride in their involvement. When they’re not on missions, many people in the base were bored and idle, so almost everyone in the mercenary group had contributed to the child’s growth. The mercenary group had come a long way from the instability and mutual distrust that existed when many new recruits were brought in at the beginning. To the solidarity and understanding that existed today, Shen Changze definitely played a part.

It can be said that the child’s growth was accompanied by the growth of the new Peregrine Falcons.

On this day, the Peregrine Falcon’s base welcomed a major client.


Neo, a member of the Colombian Cabinet, was one of the intermediaries for the Peregrine Falcons. He had deep connections with some political and business elites as well as the underworld in the United States. Almost all of the businesses from countries north of Colombia were introduced to the Peregrine Falcons by him, with the majority being from the United States. Although the United States was a major producer of mercenaries, those retired American soldiers didn’t know how to do anything but kill. So the country encouraged them to go abroad so as not to create security risks at home. Therefore, many people in both legal and illegal businesses prefer to hire foreigners.

Usually, Tiger Shark would never agree to a client coming to their base in person. However, after repeated insistence from Neo, because of the close relationship and trust they have with Neo, who acts as one of their intermediaries and has brought them a lot of business over the years, Tiger Shark finally agreed to the client’s request to come and personally select bodyguards from their base.

The employer this time was the renowned American military arms company, the Jason Otley Company. They are tasked with protecting a high-level executive of the company responsible for signing a $1.6 billion military contract with the Nigerian government and delivering the goods. The executive’s name is Bill O’Reilly. The Nigerian anti-government rebels are sure to attempt to sabotage the signing and killing O’Reilly would be the most effective and intimidating method.

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“Then let me explain the situation. First of all…”


“No, no, no,” Ayer waved his hand. “We can discuss that later. I think we should talk about the price first. It’s a rule when doing business that we settle on a base price first. If you agree with this price, we can continue our discussion, and then we can increase it based on the difficulty of the task you described.”

O’Reilly nodded. “Neo has already informed me about this. Please rest assured that the company is willing to pay the price for the success of this transaction, and we will make sure that you are satisfied.”

Ayer flashed a handsome smile that was as dazzling as a Hollywood star. Tiger Shark and Shan Ming, who were present, could tell that the slightly chubby arms dealer in front of Ayer had already turned into a big piece of fat pork in Ayer’s eyes.

There was one month left before the arms deal, and during this period, O’Reilly will be staying at a luxurious hotel in the city center. The hotel was owned by the Jason Otley Company and had a secret presidential suite with its own exclusive elevator that required fingerprint and iris recognition. The walls of the room were half a meter thick and could withstand even an explosion, while all the glass was double-layered bulletproof glass. It could be said to be a perfect fortress with no blind spots. However, even so, the Nigerian anti-government army still managed to kill the previous person in charge of the transaction at the hotel entrance – by using their own bodies as the bomb.

These anti-government forces had a very strong and unwavering belief and were very difficult to deal with. The task of the Peregrine Falcons was to protect O’Reilly until the end of the transaction.

O’Reilly believed that he should spend most of his time in the hotel suite so that he could be safe.

But these professional mercenaries sneered at this idea. The strongest barrier was often undermined from within. One month was too long, and nobody knew what unpredictable things might happen during this period. The rebel forces were also unlikely to stay idle. At least if it were the Peregrine Falcons, they had many ways to take someone’s head out of a concrete cage. Only amateurs like O’Reilly would think that this suite was impregnable.

Moreover, O’Reilly cannot stay in the hotel forever. At least on the day of the contract signing, he must show up, and he must be present at the port for shipment. During this period, there are so many good opportunities for ambushes, it’s almost countless.

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