Dragon Blood

Chapter 28 Part 2

After Ayer analyzed everything, O’Reilly’s expression worsened.

Neo gave him a look, hinting to Ayer not to go too far.

How can they negotiate the price if they don’t scare him first? Ayer pretended not to see Neo’s wink and kept smiling as he said, “Mr. O’Reilly, there’s no need to worry too much. Although this task is very difficult, please trust us.”

O’Reilly continued wiping the sweat off his forehead and said, “Please make sure to send the maximum manpower this time… Also, I would like to personally select a few bodyguards. Two weeks later is my daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony, which is a well-known debutante ball in American high society. It’s the most important step for her to enter the social circle, and as a father, I must attend. We can’t bring all of you in, so I want to choose two or three people who don’t look… um…” O’Reilly carefully considered his words.

Shan Ming raised an eyebrow and said, “So vicious? So much like a murderer? So intimidating?”


O’Reilly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no. It’s just that appearing on such an occasion, if you guys are too… too much like a mercenary, it will cause other panic and dissatisfaction. So, it’s best to attend in the identity of my assistant or relative.”

Shan Ming patted Ayer on the shoulder and said, “Ayer is the perfect assistant, just look at him.” Shan Ming pinched Ayer’s chin, “He wouldn’t look out of place at a high-society party. Ayer is a true British aristocrat.”

Tiger Shark said, “Don’t give any bad ideas. Ayer should be the overall commander. In case of any emergencies, who’s going to coordinate the situation?”

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“Zsw sq nswapl, yald’v usw tskdt, Mktla Fbyaj?”

“Lsv tskdt, Pkds yde vbl svblap byhl yzalyeu tsdl vs Gdtszy yde xyel nsdvynv okvb vbl rlsrzl vblal. R dlle vs awpb shla vblal vseyu.”

Fbyd Ykdt pbawttle yde rskdvle vs bkp sod dspl, “Ebyv ycswv xl? Rq usw’al dsv pyvkpqkle okvb xl, vbld usw osd’v cl pyvkpqkle okvb ydusdl lzpl, vblu yzz zssj zkjl Mktla Fbyaj.”

X’Slkzzu qsanle y pxkzl, “Gnvwyzzu… xu okql yde R byhl clld plryayvle qsa y zsdt vkxl. R yvvlde psnkyz lhldvp yde wpwyzzu cakdt y qlxyzl nsxrydksd. G qlxyzl cseutwyae oswze cl xsal pwkvyczl…”

Mktla Fbyaj ypjle Gula, “Ebyv ycswv Nkzu yde Llzky?”

“Mblu’al csvb kd Gdtszy yde osd’v cl nsxkdt cynj qsa y obkzl.”

Mktla Fbyaj pxynjle vbl vyczl yde pyke, “Mbyv’p fwpv Vlzzl zlqv vbld.”


O’Reilly could tell that Tiger Shark was very unhappy, which made him feel a bit uneasy.


Tiger Shark glanced at Neo and thought to himself that it was definitely Neo who came up with this idea.

Neo turned his head with a guilty conscience.

Regardless of whether Tiger Shark was unhappy or not, Pelle was still a qualified Amazonian female warrior. Although her role as a physician often overlooked her combat abilities, Pelle was definitely a mercenary who was worthy of being on par with the Peregrine Falcons. Since it was the employer’s request, Tiger Shark had no reason to let his personal feelings interfere with Pelle’s mission. Besides, it was necessary to have a doctor on the team. It’s just that this time, Pelle would be transitioning from logistics to the front lines of combat.

Tiger Shark called Pelle over through an internal phone line.

When O’Reilly saw Pelle, his eyes lit up.

Tiger Shark coughed authoritatively, and O’Reilly quickly averted his gaze.

After listening to their description, Pelle smiled and said, “Sure, but I want a custom-made high-quality Chanel dress.” She patted O’Reilly’s shoulder and blew a breath into his ear, “You’re paying.”

O’Reilly nodded blankly, “Um, I need one more, can I look at some others?” He really couldn’t bring Shan Ming into the social situations. The arrogance on Shan Ming’s face seemed to seep out from his bones. He was like a hedgehog full of thorns, and each thorn was filled with killing intent.

“There are no more. The Peregrine Falcons only have three female mercenaries, and Pelle’s the only one at the base. Mr. O’Reilly, are you here to choose a bodyguard or an actor?” Shan Ming couldn’t help but sarcastically remark.

Talking to the real group of ruthless killing mercenaries had already put a lot of psychological pressure on O’Reilly, and Shan Ming’s comment made him even more nervous.

Tiger Shark suddenly said, “I have another candidate.”

Everyone looked at him.


Tiger Shark pointed to Shen Changze, who was standing next to Shan Ming, and said, “The kid.”

Now everyone present was stunned.

Tiger Shark said, “Bring him with you and say that you have adopted him. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?”

O’Reilly became somewhat agitated and said, “Mr. Tiger Shark, don’t joke around. How can I let a child protect my safety? He’s only six or seven years old…”

The child gave him a cold look and said, “I’m ten.”

Tiger Shark said, “He has been trained for so many years, he’s ready to go on missions.”

Shan Ming silently looked at the child. Indeed, with his current abilities, he could carry out some bodyguard tasks of lower difficulty. However, he was still a child, and Shan Ming felt somewhat uneasy about it. Despite this, he did not want to stop him.

This day was bound to come.

Ayer also glanced at Shen Changze and said, “That’s right, he should be able to go on missions now. Let this be his first time.”

O’Reilly still seemed unhappy and said, “Mr. Tiger Shark, Mr. Mauri, please don’t joke about my life. What can he do?”

Tiger Shark pursed his mouth and lightly patted the child’s back.

The child, like a triggered mechanism, leaped up and bounced off the ground towards the nearest bodyguard to O’Reilly. In mid-air, he drew a knife and almost in the blink of an eye, landed on the bodyguard. He used his legs to clamp the bodyguard’s arms and grabbed his hair with one hand. The tip of the knife was right at the bodyguard’s eye, about three centimeters away.


Everyone was stunned except for members of the Peregrine Falcons.

The child’s speed was too fast, and combined with his small size, he was a small target. Many people couldn’t realize how he managed to hang onto a sturdy bodyguard who was 1.9 meters tall like a monkey.

Shan Ming was startled in his heart.

Perhaps the other members of Peregrine Falcons thought that Shen Changze’s current abilities were trained day and night by them, so they gradually ignored the fact that the physical limits of a ten-year-old child should not be so exaggerated. However, only Shan Ming knew that there was a monster sleeping in this child’s body, and his explosive power was incredibly astonishing.

More and more sweat dripped from O’Reilly’s forehead. “Okay, okay, he’s… he’s the one.”

Shen Changze jumped down from him and said, “I’m Shen, I’m ten years old, not seven or eight.”

Asian children generally look younger than European or American children, but being told that he looked like he was six or seven years old still made him very unhappy.

“Okay, okay, hello.”

Shen Changze bounced back to Shan Ming’s side, put away his knife, and blinked as he asked, “Dad, how was it?”

Shan Ming slightly pursed his lips, “Not bad.”

The child hmphed, “I’ll surpass you sooner or later.”

Tiger Shark stood up and said, “So it’s settled then. You’ll bring Pelle and the child to attend the party that day. Follow Ayer’s commands and don’t act on your own. Stay vigilant at all times.” These words were addressed to the child who was going on his first mission.


The child said, “Tiger Shark, give me that.”

Tiger Shark frowned and asked, “Give you what?”

The child pointed to his neck.

Tiger Shark picked up the mercenary tag hanging from his neck, his thick fingers tracing the brave image of the peregrine falcon on the back of the tag.

“Give me the mercenary tag.”

Tiger Shark said, “You’re not qualified to wear it yet. Only qualified warriors of the Peregrine Falcons can have it. If you can complete the mission this time, I will give you the mercenary tag.”

The child clenched his fist and said seriously, “I will definitely have it.”

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