Dragon Blood

Chapter 27

Shan Ming had increased Shen Changze’s training intensity by one-third. If a person was already exhausted from running five kilometers, adding two more kilometers or even two hundred meters would be a significant challenge for both the body and the willpower of most people. So the child practically crawled back home after finishing the training that morning and had no energy to eat.

Looking down at the child lying on the ground, groaning in pain, Shan Ming showed no mercy, “You have ten minutes to eat and ten minutes to rest, then assemble at the shooting range.”

The child weakly exclaimed, “What are you joking about? Increasing the intensity by one-third all of a sudden, I can’t handle it. I can’t even move anymore.”

“You have to handle it even if you can’t handle it. Do you get to negotiate like this on the battlefield?”

The child gave Shan Ming a resentful glare, “You’re too much! You’re too much! I’m so tired, I’m not gonna move. You’re doing this on purpose. You feel uncomfortable if you don’t see me tired.” The training intensity that has been constantly increasing for the past three years has made the child realize that once he shows that he can adapt to the current level of intensity, Shan Ming will force him into the next level of training. So even if he can adapt, he dares not show it. However, Shan Ming actually increased the training by one-third after only three months, he just couldn’t handle it anymore. Shan Ming is too unfair!


Shan Ming stepped on the child’s back and said, “If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat for the next three days.”

The child gritted his teeth and looked at Shan Ming, trying to push himself up from the ground, but Shan Ming’s foot felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, and he couldn’t move his body at all. He reached out to grab Shan Ming’s ankle, but Shan Ming kicked his hand away and continued to step on his back, sneering, “Look at you, all delicate and weak.”

The child refused to yield, “I’m not delicate and weak, I’ve grown up! Let, let go of me, I’m going to eat!”

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Shan Ming lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth, squinting at the child. “When you come back alive, I’ll give you a present.”


The child glared at him and walked angrily towards the gate of the base.

Shan Ming went back to his residence to prepare a few things, then he kept a distance of over one kilometer from the child and followed behind him.

Although he didn’t think the child was lying to him, he still wanted to verify whether the kid really didn’t know what he was and whether he really went berserk after transforming and then suffered from amnesia upon waking up.

After three years of being together day and night, Shan Ming believed he had a deep understanding of the child. At least he knew that Shen Changze had a natural perception of things that threatened his life, so he couldn’t get too close to the kid. But now, it seemed that there were still many things he didn’t know about this child, and he was anxious to figure it out. It wasn’t easy carrying such a secret alone. After all, the creature that killed his foster father was the same as Shen Changze. He didn’t dare to tell Tiger Shark or Ayer, and he didn’t know how to treat this child in the future.

So Shan Ming followed the child from behind for three days like this, observing him in secret. During this time, he felt that the child had really grown up.

The little boy who used to cry and scream at the slightest scare now seemed calm and composed. He hunted wild rabbits and cats in the forest with a military knife, skinning and deboning them without any fear or hesitation. When he couldn’t find a source of water, he endured a day of thirst and collected dew from leaves the next day. At night, he searched for a secure place to sleep and held the knife while sleeping. Shan Ming made some noise with small stones, and the child immediately jumped up and put on guards.

If given enough equipment, he would surely be able to do even better.

Looking at the results of his three years of teachings, Shan Ming couldn’t help but feel pleased. He had always wanted to train Shen Changze into a mercenary who would be willing to risk his life for him. He believed that being a mercenary was pretty good, it’s fast money, freedom, and excitement. Shan Ming felt that Shen Changze should be grateful for his upbringing and training.

It seems that he can take him on a mission soon…

The child easily spent three days in the forest and returned to the base on the morning of the fourth day.

Shan Ming returned first and waited for him at the entrance.

Shen Changze calmly returned to their dormitory with the military knife that was too long for him, then gave Shan Ming a smug glance.


Shan Ming leaned against the door frame and asked, “How did it go?”

The child returned the knife to him and pouted, “Didn’t you already see everything?”

Shan Ming was surprised and asked, “You knew I followed you?”


“Impossible, how can you know?” Shan Ming didn’t believe it. He and Shen Changze had always maintained a distance of more than one to two kilometers. Even if it were a seasoned soldier, Shan Ming was confident that he wouldn’t be noticed by the other party. There was no way he could’ve made a mistake in tracking a child.

The child looked at him seriously and said, “Dad, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to detect someone else, but when you’re around me, I will definitely know. You have a special scent and the surroundings feel different when you’re around…”. The child thought for a while, not knowing how to describe that strange feeling. It was a strange perception in his heart that made him aware that his dad was around, even though he couldn’t see him. He said with certainty, “I just knew you were following me.”

Shan Ming crouched down and carefully observed him. Although it sounded strange, he remembered that this kid could transform into a monster covered in golden scales and transform back again. Compared to that, anything unbelievable wasn’t even worth mentioning. Maybe those type of monsters was born with a dog’s nose, and animal instincts were naturally more sensitive than humans.

Shen Changze reached out his small hand and asked, “What about my present?”

Shan Ming was stunned.

“My present, are you going to go back on your words again? You said you would give me a present when I come back.”

When Shan Ming returned today, he noticed that the thing he ordered had already arrived, so he tapped Shen Changze’s head and said, “Come inside.”

As soon as the child entered the room, he poured himself a glass of water, gulped it down, and began speaking, “Dad, why do you always leave the overnight water in the kettle without pouring it out? If you don’t finish it, you should pour it out, same with tea, otherwise, there will be tea stains in the cup. And after eating in the room, why didn’t you tell someone to come and take care of the dirty dishes? If you’re so afraid of mosquitoes, then why leave things that attract mosquitoes? And don’t leave your socks at the head of the bed. Do you not find that dirty?” The child was surprised to find the room in such a mess after being away for only three days. While sighing like a little adult, he quickly threw the socks into a basket and washed the dishes in the sink, efficiently organizing everything within two minutes.


Shan Ming said while unwrapping a large parcel, “You’re so complicated.”

The child exclaimed, “If I don’t clean up, you’ll scold me. If I do clean up, you’ll complain that I’m too complicated. Dad, you’re really hard to please. No wonder you can only make a living by killing people. Other than killing, you don’t know how to do anything else.”

“Did you have too much to eat today, kid? Will you only be happy if I starve you again? Where did you learn all of this?”

The child muttered, “Starving me can no longer threaten me.” He was still upset with Shan Ming for increasing his training workload, and kept thinking of ways to get back at him.

Shan Ming rolled his eyes and said, “Come here.”

The child ran over, looking at the box with some anticipation.

Shan Ming opened the box, revealing a modified D80 Tiger Kifer military knife.

The child’s eyes lit up with excitement and he reached out to take the military knife, his face breaking into a big grin, “It’s a Tiger Kifer! It’s a Tiger Kifer!”

According to Shen Changze’s physique and habits, Shan Ming specially ordered a D80 Tiger Kifer from a cold steel company. It had a total length of 30 centimeters, was short and powerful, and was very suitable for the child to hack and stab. This knife has been specially modified with a metal that is strong and durable, and the surface has been carbonized and blackened, with a strength that can pry open the outer shell of a car. In addition to the iconic sawtooth on the blade, there are also reinforced, indiscernible saw-toothed edges that can increase the cutting ability. The blood groove adopts a modern multi-hollow intermittent pattern, making it easy to stab and quickly pull out for the child. The handle is made of high-quality cotton fiber-like material, with added particles for an anti-slip grip. The shiny black blade, together with the excellent handle, and the Tiger Kifer’s unique serrations highlighted its ferocity and sharpness. This was a military knife that any man dreamed of owning.

Shan Ming patted his head and said, “This was made according to your short stature. Even if you grow up later, you can still use it if you’re used to it.” He pointed to the blade, which also had Shen Changze’s name “SHEN” engraved on it.

This is the child’s first military knife that belonged to him. Previously, he always looked at Shan Ming’s collection of military knives with envy. Now he finally has his own military knife! The child was so excited that he didn’t know what to do. He was so happy that he tried to chop and pierce with the knife, and every movement was so effortless that it was beyond imagination. It really was specially designed for him.

The child jumped onto Shan Ming and exclaimed, “Thank you, Dad! Thank you, Dad! You’re so kind!”


“Mn? Why am I kind now? Wasn’t I the jerk with no humanity?”

The child hugged Shan Ming’s head tightly and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Dad, even though you’re a jerk with no humanity, you’re still really kind sometimes.”

Shan Ming snorted and said, “Practice hard. When you’re ready to go to the battlefield, I’ll give you your own gun.” He then threw the child off of him and said, “Now get lost.”

The child excitedly rushed out with the knife in hand.

As Shan Ming watched the child’s lively figure bounce away, he felt a complex emotion that he couldn’t quite put into words. It was a feeling that contradicted his previous thoughts, as if he… didn’t want the child to grow up.

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