Dragon Blood

Chapter 19 Part 1

Ayer’s face turned cold. He bit into what he thought was eight million in cash, only to find out it was foam. This made him feel extremely angry and hurt. He gritted his teeth and said, “Cooperate my ass! What kind of cooperation can we have with someone like you who lacks integrity?”

The military doctor looked at him coldly and said, “Even if there was enough money on this ship, will you people really give me the child?”

Ayer and Shan Ming remained non-committal, but they both knew each other’s thoughts, which was that neither of them had any intention of giving the child back to this guy. They both believed that returning the child would mean sealing their own fate. The massacre of the drug lord on the China-Myanmar border was the best example. If they were to be silenced just for knowing a little bit of the inside information, these people would not hesitate to eliminate them. It was child’s play for a country to wipe out a mercenary group of only a few dozen people. They would not take such a risk.

Ayer was considering the safety of the mercenary group, while Shan Ming had another simple thought on top of this. Which was what he had picked was his and there was no reason to give it away to someone else.

Shan Ming snorted, “I’m very curious now. Whose family does this brat belong to? He must be someone important, worth all this trouble you’re going through.”


The military doctor remained tight-lipped about the child’s identity. He wouldn’t reveal even the slightest bit of information.

Ayer spoke with a harsh tone, “Now’s not the time to talk about that. Let’s focus on what we should do next.”

Shan Ming said, “We can’t go to the original port anymore. I think what he said is true, we will definitely be intercepted there. Let’s contact Tiger Shark first and have him pick us up at a different location?”

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Ayer gritted his teeth and said again, “The cars can’t get on board.”


“Fuck, you still care about the cars at a time like this? We’re about to lose our lives.”

“Fuck, we’ve already suffered enough losses on this trip. You really don’t appreciate the value of things when you’re not the one in charge. Do you know how much money it takes to feed you guys?”

Shan Ming gritted his teeth and said, “Once we’re all dead, the burial expenses will surely be cheap!”

Ayer looked resentfully at the remaining four cars, and finally yelled at the idle people, “Take down all the important things from the cars!”

The military doctor watched as Ayer directed people to unload the cargo, while Shan Ming headed towards the yacht dock to the south with the obvious goal of reaching the flashy seaplane.

Ayer turned his head and revealed a fierce smile to the military doctor, gritting his teeth as he said, “I’m a businessman, and all the losses of this trip will be counted on your head!”

At this moment, Pelle rushed out of the control room and asked urgently, “Why are we suddenly approaching the harbor?”

Ayer pointed to the distant dock and said, “We want to take down that seaplane.”

Pelle was stunned, “Who’s driving?”

Ayer widened his eyes, “You.”

Pelle said, “I have never flown a seaplane.”

“It’s not much different from ordinary planes, right?”


Pelle shouted, “How would I know! You should’ve at least thought it through before you act, what if we can’t operate it?”

Shan Ming pushed the child into Pelle’s arms and said, “We don’t have time to think. If we take the ship, we’ll be intercepted by the Marines before we even get there. You have to fly it even if you don’t know how to.”

The military doctor said, “You think you can escape just by taking a plane?”

Shan Ming raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh? Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? You’ve been monitoring our communication system so you know where we’re going, right? But you didn’t count on us running into this seaplane, did you? How do you plan to intercept us? Are you going to shoot us down in Indonesian airspace and blow us all up? Hahaha.”

The military doctor’s face turned ashen.

No matter how much he calculated, he could never have predicted that there would be a plane parked by the harbor.

According to his plan, Shan Ming and his group were supposed to take the ship to Indonesia. The Chinese government could then use his kidnapping as a reason to request support from Indonesia to intercept the ship. As long as they couldn’t reach the coast, they wouldn’t be able to connect with the person called Tiger Shark.

Even if he was a hostage, Shan Ming and his group wouldn’t dare to act recklessly. After all, if he died, the twenty-plus mercenaries on board would also be buried at sea, they had nowhere to escape.

Only then can he negotiate terms with Shan Ming.

But how will they be able to intercept a plane?

The military doctor stared fiercely at Shan Ming with cold, piercing eyes.

Shan Ming patted his face and said, “You have a long way to go.” Then he hit the back of his neck with a hand chop, and the military doctor’s eyes closed as he collapsed.


Shan Ming rushed to Big Rock and said, “Later, you’re in charge of carrying him. He’s an important hostage, don’t lose him.”

Big Rock looked disdainfully at the military doctor and said, “Compared to a sissy, I would rather carry my rocket launcher.”

Ayer said sternly, “Don’t worry, we’re abandoning the cars later. There are many things you’ll need to carry.”

The ship quickly docked at the yacht dock. Not many people were on the dock, there were only three black Bentleys parked there.

The mercenary group consisted of 26 members, each carrying plenty of things on their shoulders. Only Pelle was the most relaxed, holding only one child.

Ayer kick opened the hatch and strode out.

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