Dragon Blood

Chapter 18

Shan Ming glanced at the child and asked, “You recognize them?”

That military doctor gave Shan Ming a cold glance, then said insincerely, “Little Shen Changze, I’m here to take you home. Don’t you want to see your parents?”

The child widened his eyes and stared at the military doctor with his mouth agape. Initially, there was a slight softening change in his expression, but upon seeing the surrounding armed special forces, he continued to shout, “You’re lying to me! You guys are bad people! You took away my Mommy and Daddy, you guys were dressed like this back then…you’re bad people!”

The military doctor said, “We’re not bad people. We can take you home to see your parents.”

Shan Ming moved his foot away from the child and looked at the unpleasant expressions on the faces of the special forces. Suddenly, he felt a sense of joy in his heart. He patted the child’s tank top and picked him up from the ground.


The child retracted into his arms, he tightly hugged him around his neck with chubby arms and pressed his face against Shan Ming’s. He said with trembling, “They are bad people, don’t…don’t take me away…”

Shan Ming held the child up by the butt in one arm and waved his gun with his other arm. He looked up with a proud chin, saying, “You hear that? He doesn’t want to go with you.”

The person behind the military doctor called out, “Colonel.” Then they leaned in and said something to his ear.

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The child sobbed and cried out, “Dad, I don’t want to stay behind, I don’t want to stay behind. They are bad people. Dad, please take me away, take me away.” He was as frightened as he was back in that small village in Myanmar, afraid that Shan Ming might abandon him. Despite Shan Ming’s rough and stern demeanor, and that he had never shown the child any tenderness, the child’s reliance on his “foster father” had become deeply ingrained. Although his current life was not what he wanted, he only felt safe staying by Shan Ming’s side. He was unwilling to leave with the people who had captured his parents. The child knew that only his current father would protect him.


That military doctor’s pupils dangerously contracted and he spoke in a cold voice, “What did he call you?”

Shan Ming grinned, “You didn’t hear? He called me Dad.”

At first, it was just a passing fancy for him to have the child call him Dad. However, after hearing this word so frequently, he unexpectedly found it gratifying. Whenever the child called out “Dad” in a soft and tender voice, he felt a sense of stature and importance. It was quite interesting.

Ayer said, “I want to see the eight million cash you mentioned.”

The military doctor said, “Sure, you can follow me down to the cabin.”

Ayer sneered and said, “When I was risking my life on the battlefield, your thing hadn’t even grown hair yet. Don’t try to play tricks with me, bring the stuff up.”

The military doctor remained expressionless and did not move. He may have been very intelligent, but he lacked experience in combat.

The special forces soldier behind him couldn’t bear it anymore and spoke up, “If you agree, we’ll bring the money up immediately. In addition, I’m willing to trade myself for the child. I’ll be your hostage, and once we’re out in international waters, you can throw me into the sea as long as you give me a lifebuoy and a distress signal transmitter.”

Ayer whistled, “Brave, but how much is your life worth?” Ayer turned his head and said, “Jim, Dino.”

They answered.

“Go check it.”

As soon as the two men took a step forward, all the special forces soldiers raised their guns, and the members of the mercenary group also raised their guns in unison. With both sides having similar numbers and equipment, they were momentarily deadlocked.


Shan Ming’s eyes darkened, and he sneered, “I think there are probably many surprises waiting for us below deck, such as people lying in ambush, or perhaps, explosives?”

The military doctor said, “There is only cash, weapons, and a full tank of fuel below deck. You can choose to trust us or we can continue to stay like this.”

“Or,” Ayer chuckled, “you could become our hostage. Once we’re out in international waters, I’ll release you and the child together.”

The sergeant called out, “That’s impossible.”

The military doctor narrowed his eyes and weighed the pros and cons.

Ayer shrugged, “You can also choose to trust us, or… we’ll shoot first because we don’t have time to continue staying like this with you. Staying here means death anyways, so we might as well fight it out with you. As for whether you guys will survive, or whether this child will survive, bullets don’t discriminate, let fate decide.”

The military doctor’s hand, which had been in his pocket, slowly clenched into a fist.

Standing before him was the world-class mercenary group, Peregrine Falcon, and every member was a fierce criminal with extensive combat experience. Moreover, they were holding an important hostage. Opening fire would not benefit him at all.

Shan Ming’s tone became aggressive, “Stop wasting our time. Keeping this child is of no use to us. But until we reach a safe place, don’t even think about touching him. Now, tell your men to get off and let us inspect the cabin. You, come with us to the open sea by yourself. When we get there, we will naturally release you and him.”

Just as the military doctor was concentrating on his thoughts, the child tearfully cried out, “Dad, I don’t want to go with him. Don’t you want me anymore?”

Shan Ming glared at him and said, “Shut your mouth. When you can cough up eight million dollars, then you can negotiate with us.”

The child looked at Shan Ming’s merciless face and began to cry helplessly, twisting his body to get off Shan Ming’s arms. “You’re a jerk, you’re not my dad,” he cried, kicking and thrashing in Shan Ming’s arms. It was unclear when he had gained so much strength, but his kicks were making Shan Ming’s stomach ache.


Shan Ming knocked on the child’s neck with the handle of his knife, causing the child to go limp and faint in his arms. He thought about handing the child over to Pelle, but decided to hold the child himself. After all, Pelle was too weak, it would be trouble if they were attacked.

After half a minute of contemplation, the military doctor made a decision and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you guys.”

“Colonel!” the sergeant said firmly. “Colonel, our orders are to protect you. We can’t let you take risks like this.”

The military doctor replied with a cold expression, “One of your orders is to obey my commands.”

The sergeant saluted and said, “Colonel, your safety takes priority over obeying your commands. Please understand your value to the country. We must ensure your safety.”

“And please understand the value of this child to the country! Vice Admiral Yang, the national interest is above all else, and we should all be prepared to sacrifice for it. I order you and your troops to leave this ship immediately and go ashore. Wait for my signal through the transmitter when they release me after we leave international waters. I believe they will not want to be enemies with our government.”

Ayer rolled his eyes, “Nobody wants to be enemies with your government, I don’t want to end up as a grilled lamb kebab.”

Vice Admiral Yang gritted his teeth and stared at his Colonel. After a few seconds of deadlock, he waved his hand and led his subordinates to withdraw from the ship.

Dino laughed heartily and took out a rope from the car. He then tied up the beautiful Chinese youth, saying, “Although I can’t understand the language you guys were speaking, I can sort of guess. Boss, please explain it to us after we set sail. Also… is this beauty our battle trophy?”

Ayer’s expression turned serious as he said, “Stop fooling around. Koski, Allen, and Buck, go down and sail the ship. Jim, Dino, and I will go down and check the cabin. The rest of you is to unload any unnecessary items on the ship. We must set sail immediately.”

The members of the team began to work together in tacit cooperation, and soon the ship departed from the harbor.

After a while, Jobb came up grumbling, “Boss, there isn’t the eight million cash you said, instead, we found 40 kilograms of explosives.”


Ayer also walked up with a grim face and slapped that young military doctor, saying, “How dare you!”

The military doctor raised his head and spoke calmly, “Your goal has already been achieved. Now that I am in your hands, you can get even more money as long as you cooperate. Otherwise, you will all be wanted by the Chinese government worldwide.”

Ayer narrowed his eyes and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Tracking down this child was a secret operation. We don’t want to publicize it openly. But kidnapping a government scientist in broad daylight… you know that even if you reach Indonesia, you won’t be able to land? Countless naval vessels are waiting for you there. You’ll either be arrested or wander on the open sea until you die.”

Ayer slapped him again and drew his dagger, making a long cut along the military doctor’s neck. He said fiercely, “You son of a bitch, you’d better speak clearly. My Mandarin isn’t particularly good, but I will carefully remember every word of your last words.”

Shan Ming said in a deep voice, “If I’m not mistaken, this guy is a national treasure-level scientist of the Chinese government. Otherwise, how could he have the rank of colonel with the appearance of a weak chicken? We have been tricked. He used himself as bait to force the government to chase after us, just for the sake of…” Shan Ming glanced at the unconscious child in his arms, “just for the sake of a five-year-old child?”

The military doctor wasn’t moved by Ayer’s threat at all, and spoke clearly, “Now you can choose to cooperate, or we can all die together.”

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