Dragon Blood

Chapter 19 Part 2

As soon as the cabin door opened, the doors of the Bentleys also opened, and five or six men in black suits quickly got out, each holding a gun in their hands.

It seems these people were observing them all along, and when they saw Ayer come out with a gun, they all became nervous.

Ayer grinned and fired a few shots into the air, then shouted loudly, “Want to die? Or maybe you can give me the plane instead.”

Those bodyguards were intimidated by the continuous stream of people coming out from the hatch, and their legs began to give out.

These mercenaries looked fierce to begin with, and in addition to their large numbers, they created tremendous psychological pressure on the other side.


A car window rolled down, and someone inside said something to one of the men in black. Then all of them put their guns down.

Ayer led the group of people off the ship and walked towards the gangway of the seaplane.

The bodyguards all opened the door of their cars and planned to leave this place.

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Jobb angrily went to search the two men’s bodies, “I hate touching men’s bodies the most, yet you always make me do this kind of work. Damn it.”


Jobb threw the keys, belts, phones, and even shoelaces of the two pilots to the side, and finally pinched the glasses of the captain with his fingers, “Can you see without this thing?”

The captain shook his head, his expression full of fear.

Jobb then put the glasses back onto the captain’s face and said, “Then you wear these for now, don’t play any tricks, go and start the plane, when we get to our destination, we’ll let you go.”

The two of them were at gunpoint, how could they not obey? They cooperatively entered the cockpit.

Koski sat down on the luxurious leather sofa in the cabin and whistled, “Damn, these people really know how to enjoy life. I wish I could ride this all the way back to Colombia.”

Dino sneered, “Taking a seaplane across the Pacific Ocean? What a great idea. Maybe we can lift the top cover and use our submachine guns as paddles to row back.”

Everyone in the group was exhausted, they all found places to sit down and rest.

Due to their communication devices being monitored, Ayer didn’t dare to use them anymore. He could only use the device on the plane to contact Tiger Shark.

The plane has taken off. Next, they still needed to land on the sea. Tiger Shark had arranged a car to pick them up at a port in Indonesia. However, the landing spot for the plane was now likely to be too close to the port, which may have been blocked off. They must find another landing point, as the landing spot for Tiger Shark’s plane may also be monitored by the Chinese special forces. In any case, they must gather elsewhere, or they will not be to escape.

After the call connected, Tiger Shark’s deep voice came from the receiver, “You bunch of restless brats, if you don’t stop getting into trouble, you might as well just die in Asia!”

Shan Ming laughed out loud, “Tiger Shark, don’t be angry, help us think of a solution.”

Tiger Shark said angrily, “Think of a solution my ass. Do you know how much money I spent arranging that plane? Now that the plane’s under control, it will take seven hours for the inspection process! If we can’t get it back, we will have to pay the full price.”


Ayer wilted as soon as he heard about money, “Then what should we do?”

Tiger Shark panted heavily as he said, “You can’t land that plane you’re flying at any port in Indonesia. It will be surrounded as soon as it lands. I really hope you guys get the chance to look at the news, something about Terrorists Kidnap Chinese Biologist on Vacation in Myanmar, are you guys tired of living?”

Jobb’s face lit up, “We’re famous.”

A continuous stream of angry curses could be heard coming from the receiver, seemed like Tiger Shark was pretty darn upset.

Ayer rolled his eyes and waved to Pelle, handing her the receiver.

Pelle blew a sigh into the receiver and cooed, “Tiger Shark, don’t be angry, we all hope to see you soon.” She paused and giggled, “Especially me.”

Tiger Shark’s raging anger seemed to have subsided a bit, and he said grumpily, “Tell Ayer and Shan to come over.”

The two of them leaned in and sat down around the receiver.

“You can’t land at any port, the only way now is to land directly on the high seas,” Tiger Shark said.

Shan Ming raised an eyebrow, “Land on the high seas? Then row back?”

Tiger Shark shouted, “Shut your bird beak!”

Shan Ming curled his mouth.


“I’m going to find a ship to pick you guys up.”

Ayer wailed, “So we’ll be drifting on the high seas for a few days? We might starve to death.”

Tiger Shark retorted angrily, “Do you have a better solution then?!”

Neither of them spoke after that.

“Confirm the fuel and latitude with me now. Once I confirm the route, you guys just follow it and fly as far as you can. Make sure you have enough fuel for the power supply, you’re done for if we lose contact. And then just wait at sea. To get there from the west coast of South America, it will take around ten days, at most fifteen,” said Tiger Shark.

Everyone started to shout.

“Fifteen days! Are you starving us to death?”

“What do we eat?! What do we drink?! Are we supposed to jump into the sea and catch fish?!”

“You bastards only knew to take jewelry, don’t you know to take some food?!”

“Shut up!” Tiger Shark shouted loudly, suppressing everyone. “If you have time to complain, you’d better think about how to get food and water.”

Jobb sighed, “Pelle, let’s go to the kitchen and see how much food we have in storage. We need to gather all the fresh water and edible supplies,” he said.

Ayer and Shan Ming looked a bit stressed. It goes without saying that drifting at sea for ten to fifteen days is extremely dangerous. In the event of an accident or a loss of contact with Tiger Shark, the boundless Pacific Ocean could trap them to death. They have risked their lives and experienced countless hellish battles before, but this kind of desperate situation was unprecedented.


They needed to consider fuel, drinking water, food, and most importantly, prevent these outlaws from rioting when they have nothing to eat or drink.

Feeding and providing water for twenty-two mercenaries, two pilots, as well as a child and a hostage was the biggest problem.

Ayer was discussing the route with the co-pilot and Tiger Shark.

Meanwhile, Shan Ming was asking the captain about the food and fresh water reserves.

Neither of them was good at English, especially when it came to discussing complex issues such as the route, the co-pilot stuttered and stumbled so much that Ayer wanted to beat him.

Compared to discussing the route, asking about food and water made the captain appear much more collected. He told Shan Ming that there were reserved water and a recycled filtration system on the plane, which were originally intended for the bathing of the plane’s owner.

Everyone felt relieved upon hearing this news. Having access to fresh water, even if it was for bathing, was like godsend holy water.

Ayer explained their purpose to the captain and co-pilot using the simplest English possible. Both of them had terrible expressions and almost cried.

Jobb and Pelle went to distribute the food, and everyone capable of doing something was doing something. When Shan Ming finally had some free time, he remembered his little baby.

Shan Ming asked Pelle, “Hm? Where’s my son?”

“On the bed inside.”

Shan Ming went into the modified luxury suite and saw the child sleeping on the bed. He walked over and patted the child to wake him up.

The child rubbed his eyes, he was first stunned for a few seconds, then sat up abruptly and looked around at his surroundings.

Shan Ming snorted, “Do you know where you are right now?”

The child said in a sad voice, “Where is this? I don’t want to go with him.”

“Who said you’re going with him? You still have to serve me for many years.”

The child threw himself into his arms, sobbing and he said, “Dad, I won’t go with them. Although you are a bad person too, they are way worse way worse people.”

Shan Ming laughed, “Why do you call them bad people? What did they do?”

“They all wear clothes like that.”

“You’re talking about their clothes? You’ve seen it before?”

The child nodded, seeming to lack a sense of security. He was already very resistant to interacting with Shan Ming because he often bullied him. However, it was only when he was in Shan Ming’s arms that he felt safe. Perhaps the eerie and terrifying primitive forest had left an impact on him that would never be erased in this lifetime.

“When did you see it? What happened? Tell me.”

“It was on the night when I took the plane. A lot of bad people wearing those clothes suddenly broke into my house. They wanted to capture Mommy and Daddy and me. Mommy sent me on the plane and made it take off, telling me not to go back, and then…” The child choked up and said, “And then I never saw them again.”

“Do you know why they wanted to capture you and your parents?”

The child shook his head and said, “I don’t know. But mommy had always told me since I was little that there are people who want to capture me, and that I can’t go outside.”

Shan Ming frowned, unable to figure it out.

From his description, it sounded like he had been hidden by his parents since he was a child. Looks like this child isn’t the child of some big shot, but rather someone who has been wanted by the government for a long time.

Why? What use could a five-year-old child possibly be to the Chinese government? So much that those people were so determined to get their hands on him.

Shan Ming rubbed his head and said, “Your mom told you not to go back home, but you still want to go back?”

The child nodded, then shook his head, “I want to… I miss Mommy and Daddy.”

“Then go with that man.”

“No!” the child exclaimed in fear, “I don’t want to go with the bad guys.”

Shan Ming pinched his chin and said seriously, “Kid, I’ve always taught you that when you’re strong enough, you can do whatever you want. So if you want to see your parents, grow up quickly and devote yourself to serving me. When the day comes that you can defeat me, you can go wherever you want, no one can stop you.”

The child listened as if he understood, his bright eyes fixed on Shan Ming’s without blinking. He said quietly, “If I can defeat you, will you listen to me?”

Shan Ming pffted, “I only listen to the strong.”

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