Dragon Blood

Chapter 20

Shan Ming’s hand chop showed no mercy, the military doctor remained unconscious for over three hours before waking up.

He was thrown to the ground with his hands and feet tied. When he woke up, no one paid attention to him. He struggled to sit up and silently observed the people on the plane.

Jobb and Pelle were handling the food.

There was plenty of food on the plane, but that’s only the case relative to the wealthy merchant, his bodyguards, and his mistresses. Once the number of people who need to eat became twenty-six, all the food together would only last for one and a half days if consumed according to normal human portion sizes.

As a result, the food was centrally managed and strictly allocated according to a plan. Under the conditions of sufficient water and sufficient food to keep them from starving to death, these supplies would last them for six or seven days.


For the remaining days, they would have to figure things out on their own.

There were professional fishing gear and uninflated kayaks on the plane, which were originally intended for the wealthy merchant’s vacation use. Now, they had become tools for them to fill their stomachs.

When the plane lands in the Pacific Ocean, they will have to find their own food. However, the Pacific Ocean is rich in resources, so they probably wouldn’t starve to death.

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Shan Ming was full of curiosity about the child’s identity. He knew that the military doctor could provide him with many answers, but he couldn’t torture the doctor for information. Both he and Ayer didn’t want to offend the government of a major country. Shan Ming regretted not asking Tiger Shark to bring some “truth serum” along to pick them up, the ship must have already sailed by now.


Feeling agitated, Shan Ming shouted at the child, “Keep going, if you don’t finish, you won’t get any food.”

The child gritted his teeth and raised his head, stuttering, “I don’t want to eat that Uncle.” After speaking, he glanced at the military doctor with some fear.

The military doctor pressed, “Shen Changze! Don’t you want to know where your mom and dad are?”

The child stopped and looked at him skeptically.

“I can tell you, they are…”

A bucket of cold water was poured directly over the military doctor’s head. Ayer shook the empty cup and said, “You talk too much nonsense. If you keep blabbering, I’ll gag your mouth.”

The military doctor exhaled a breath of air. Transparent water droplets slid down his face as fair as jade. He blinked a few times and looked quietly at Shen Changze, no longer speaking.

Ayer said, “Your name is Tang Tingzhi, right? You’re a 23-year-old genius scientist who has made outstanding contributions in the fields of biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, genetics, and medicine. Hmph, sounds quite sinister. All the weapons on your body are in our hands, so you’d better be a good prisoner, speak and move less. Otherwise, we have plenty of time during this boring voyage of over ten days to deal with you.”

Jim leaned over and looked at Tang Tingzhi with an obscene expression in his eyes. He chuckled and said, “Ayer, although we don’t understand what you guys are saying, this beauty doesn’t seem too honest. Why don’t I keep an eye on him?”

Ayer glared at him. “He’s an important hostage, you’re not allowed to touch him.”

Jim couldn’t hide his disappointment and complained indignantly, “Boss, we have plenty of time now. Shouldn’t you explain to us what’s going on? Who’s this person? Why is he against us? Why are we on this ship now instead of going to Indonesia as planned? And what were you guys…” Jim glared at Shan Ming, “talking about in a language we don’t understand?”

Jim’s voice wasn’t quiet, and it attracted people who were resting in the neighboring rooms. Everyone wanted to know what was going on, as they were all in the dark about the situation and being led around by the nose, which was a very uncomfortable feeling.


Seeing the inquisitive looks of everyone, Ayer knew that this conversation was bound to happen sooner or later. He felt a sense of apprehension in his heart, knowing that if he couldn’t successfully appease these people, internal conflicts would inevitably arise.

Since encountering that “monster” in Yunnan, China four years ago, both he and Shan Ming’s foster father have passed away, and even those comrades who they could sympathize with have almost all died. The only ones left on the team are Tiger Shark and a few other old men. The rest of them were all new recruits, even more dangerous than the previous members, but they lack trust and loyalty towards each other. They don’t even know the backgrounds of some of them. If it weren’t for the support of Tiger Shark and others, eighteen-year-old Ayer wouldn’t have been able to lead these international exiles.

Therefore, when it came to the distribution of benefits and the coordination of conflicts among members, Ayer had put in a lot of effort, for fear of internal conflicts. The current Peregrine Falcon had mostly come together for the sake of benefits, unlike the original Peregrine Falcon, which came together so that their comrades could all survive and die together happily one day.

Facing this collective suspicion, Ayer felt a headache. In fact, this incident was entirely caused by Shan Ming’s unilateral decision, but Ayer didn’t bother to blame him because he knew that Shan Ming would not admit his mistake. It would be pointless to say anything to him, so it was better to find a way to remedy the situation.

Ayer and Shan Ming exchanged a look.

They both knew that they couldn’t tell the truth because when one person’s mistake implicated everyone else, these people would not hesitate to sell out Shan Ming and the child when necessary, without any mercy. Ayer clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, let’s go inside.” He ushered everyone into the suite. To cover up the situation, he fabricated a story related to drug dealing on the border, skillfully pushing all the blame onto their former employer, who had no way to defend himself.

Under Shan Ming’s supervision, Shen Changze continued to grit his teeth and persevere through physical training. However, when Shan Ming wasn’t paying attention, he sneaked a glance at Tang Tingzhi.

After flying for seven hours, the plane landed on open waters between the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu in southeastern Indonesia.

The pilots and their unexpected passengers were exhausted after eating a little food, and each found a place to rest.

There was only one large bed on the entire plane, and everyone unanimously agreed to give it to their goddess Pelle. Shan Ming slept on the sofa with the child in his arms, while the others found their own places to curl up and rest.

Compared to lying in a cold and smelly pile of dead bodies, having a clean and refreshing place to sleep was already a very favorable environment, and no one complained about it.

In the middle of the night, the child turned over and whispered, “Dad, I’m going peepee.”


Shan Ming responded with an “Mn”.

After Shan Ming fell asleep, the child must not move around casually, or it will easily wake Shan Ming up. Therefore, the child must inform Shan Ming when he needed to get up at night, to avoid ending up with a gun pointed at his head.

The child climbed out of bed and looked at Shan Ming’s closed eyes. He whispered, “Dad, do you want to go?”

Shan Ming said simply, “Get lost.”

The child quickly jumped off the sofa and walked towards the toilet in the direction of the cockpit. His heart was pounding like a drum, and he prayed that there was no one there.

Tang Tingzhi was tied up near the toilet. He hadn’t eaten anything at night and was hanging his head listlessly, seeming to have fallen asleep.

To the child’s disappointment, two people were resting not far from him, watching him closely.

Upon hearing footsteps, both of them opened their eyes.

The child extended his tiny finger and placed it on his lips, making a “shh” gesture.

The two adults found it amusing and didn’t pay much attention to what a five-year-old child was up to. They saw the child squatting in front of the captive and knew that the child wanted to talk to him, but in their eyes, a child’s curiosity needed no explanation, and they were too lazy to care.

Tang Tingzhi opened his eyes upon hearing the movement and stared at Shen Changze with a piercing gaze.

The child felt a chill down his spine as Tang Tingzhi stared at him intensely. The child whispered, “Do you really know where my mommy and daddy are?”


Tang Tingzhi also lowered his voice and said, “I know. I’m here to save you. As long as you come with me, you can reunite with your parents.”

The child pursed his lips and said, “You’re lying to me. I know you guys are bad people.”

“Not everyone who wears this outfit is a bad person. Don’t you want to see your mom and dad?”

The child lowered his eyes gloomily, “I do… Where are they? Are they okay? Do they miss me?”

Tang Tingzhi replied expressionlessly, “They’re doing well and they miss you a lot. But you must come with me to see them. That person is not your dad. You know who your real dad is.”

The child said angrily, “I know he’s not my dad. He made me call him Dad and said I couldn’t eat if I didn’t. He’s a bad person!” The child lowered their head and said, “But… Dad will probably protect me, he will protect me…”

Tang Tingzhi looked at the child’s innocent eyes and his heart raced with excitement. He said quietly, “Shen Changze, come a little closer to me.”


“Come closer.”

The child looked at him warily, “Why?”

Tang Tingzhi was stunned for a moment. He had never interacted with children before and didn’t know how to deal with them. With his hands and feet bound, he couldn’t think of a reason to make the child approach him. He just wanted to smell the child’s skin. If he guessed correctly, it was the purest and most perfect scent of Dragon Blood, he will definitely be able to recognize it.

Seeing that the child did not move, he could only struggle to lean closer to the child, trying to put his nose close to the child’s skin.

The child jumped up alertly, furrowed his eyebrows, and shouted, “What are you trying to do? You bad person, stay away from me!”

Shan Ming walked over from a distance and saw Tang Tingzhi trying to get closer to the child, but the child cleverly jumped away. He raised an eyebrow and walked over casually.

After seeing Shan Ming, the child knew he was in big trouble and quickly ran into the restroom.

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