Dragon Blood

Chapter 17

Aiel looked at the seven cars following him in the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but feel regretful.

If they hadn’t been in such a hurry, they should have abandoned four cars by now. With such a large convoy, their target was too conspicuous. If they were stopped by the police in broad daylight, it would be very troublesome.

Fortunately, they weren’t far from the smuggling port. If they were intercepted, they could only use their guns to create a way out. Otherwise, if the government sends out armed forces to deal with them, they would be completely done for.

They were speeding along the coastline, encountering very few vehicles on the way. The car ownership rate in Myanmar wasn’t high, and in such an underdeveloped country, the public’s stress response is often low, so Ayer gradually became less worried that someone would find them suspicious and report them to authorities. Instead, he began to worry more that the ones following them might be the Chinese special forces that Shan Ming had mentioned.

China had always been a place they tried to avoid. Four years ago, they encountered a monster in Yunnan that killed his and Shan Ming’s father, as well as destroyed half of their mercenary group. This mysterious Eastern country has terrible military power, and there were also things that exist beyond human imagination. Since then, they have not set foot in China again, no matter how much money was offered to them.


This time, they just took on a relatively simple task at the border, they didn’t expect to get involved with the Chinese again. Ayer felt some worries in his heart, but the current situation was in their favor, and he wouldn’t be blindly pessimistic. The most important thing right now was to leave this place, return to their base in Colombia, and then plan for the long term.

Shan Ming’s voice came through the walkie-talkie, “How much further ahead? Someone’s following us.”

“Almost there. These drug traffickers are really creative, building their smuggling port in a wealthy neighborhood. This country’s government’s pretty much already corrupted by drug dealers and smugglers, isn’t it?”

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Kali and Dino laughed so hard that tears came out of their eyes.


Ayer rolled his eyes, “Have him prepare an incendiary bullet. Notify the four cars behind us to be ready to abandon their vehicles at any time and have Kali blow them up.”

Shan Ming informed them one by one. Soon, Ayer’s cheerful voice came from the walkie-talkie, “Shan, guess what I found.”


“An eel.”

Shan Ming whistled and laughed, “What luck! Is there enough fuel?”

“I don’t know. I can’t see clearly from this distance. Damn, where’s my binoculars?”

Shan Ming had Pelle search through the trunk and finally found the binoculars.

He leaned out of the window and used the binoculars to look at the ships parked in the distance, and sure enough, there was an “eel” there.

This thing was originally a medium-sized ship made by the British for intercepting at sea, with a carrying capacity of five tons. A full tank of gas was capable of running for an entire day and night at a top speed of 160 nautical miles per hour. Later, it was modified by drug dealers for smuggling drugs. As long as it sailed, it was basically uncatchable and very useful. Shan Ming wondered which wealthy drug lord had left it here, as its appearance before them seemed like it was specially prepared for them.

After carefully observing the waterline and making some calculations in his head, he said to Ayer, “The fuel is definitely enough for us to make it to Indonesia.”

Ayer grinned, his eyes shining sharply, “That’s the one.”

The cars accelerated towards that smuggling ship, coming to a stop next to its gangway.


Ayer’s orders quickly came through. The four cars at the back quickly stopped on the road, blocking the narrow lane.

Then the people in the car quickly got out and, in a well-coordinated manner, dispersed and slipped into the four cars in front of them.

Their actions caught the attention of the people loading and unloading goods at the port, and they all turned to look at them, but did not take any further action.

After all, this was ultimately a small harbor, and there were many wealthy merchants’ yachts moored. Although smuggling activities lack government supervision, it wasn’t something couldt can be openly displayed. The people handling the loading and unloading at the dock were probably only ordinary workers. Therefore, upon seeing them, they couldn’t do anything else except be surprised.

Ayer spoke into the walkie-talkie, “Drive straight up, shoot anyone who dares to stop us. Snipers, get into position.”

Four cars recklessly drove up the gangway, intending to rush onto the ship and leave immediately.

However, after a short distance, Ayer suddenly realized that something was wrong.

This ship, which was fueled up and probably ready to set sail, had no workers on board. This seemed suspicious to Ayer.

Ayer called for a stop and stared at the ship, then turned to look at the special forces soldiers chasing after them. He said, “Kali, the fuel tank.”

Immediately, a gunshot was heard, and the incendiary bullet accurately hit the fuel tank of one of the cars they had abandoned. The car exploded violently, like a bomb, and ignited the other three parked cars beside it. Flames rose high into the sky, and the entire surface of the road was completely destroyed. The several cars that were chasing after them were all blocked by the wreckage.

The workers at the dock were frightened and fled in all directions, causing the scene to become very chaotic.

The explosion also affected the wharf, causing the cars to shake violently. Just after Kali fired the shot, his body, which was sticking out of the sunroof, was attacked.


A bullet pierced through his shoulder, passing through his shoulder blade, and finally hit the water. If the car hadn’t been shaking so violently, the bullet would have definitely gone through his head.

Dino pulled him back into the car from his legs, and the deep red blood splattered all over the car seat.

Shen Changze screamed, “Pelle! Pelle!”

Shan Ming shouted to the walkie-talkie, “Ayer, Kali got shot, there’s someone on the eel!”

Pelle pulled out her medical kit and tied the artery to stop the bleeding first. Then, she handed scissors to Shen Changze and ordered, “Cut open his clothes.” She was focused on preparing for a makeshift surgery.

The child clenched his teeth, his hands trembling as he cut open Kali’s clothes, which were soaked with blood. The hot and humid sensation made him feel anxious and frightened, and beads of sweat the size of beans appeared on his forehead.

The door of the second car opened, and Big Rock held a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher behind the door. The rest of them in the car provided cover as he mounted the rocket launcher and fired a shot at the ship.

Only someone as big as Big Rock, who was two meters tall and weighed over two hundred pounds, could withstand the recoil of the rocket launcher. However, the power of the shoulder-mounted rocket was limited, and this shot did not cause any catastrophic damage to the ship’s hull, at least not enough to blow out the people inside.

Ayer shouted into the walkie-talkie, “Drive in! Take over this ship.” With that, he led the charge and the driver accelerated the car onto the ship.

The following cars also followed suit. They knew that this ship was their only chance to escape, and even if snipers were waiting for them above, they had to take the risk.

After the cars got onto the ship, Shan Ming grabbed Shen Changze’s collar and pulled him out of the car. He shouted at the seemingly empty ship, “I have the child you want in my hands. Who dares to shoot, I’ll kill him first!”

The child didn’t understand what was going on, but at least he could still understand what Shan Ming meant when he said he’ll “kill him”. He struggled and twisted his body in response.


Shan Ming threw him to the ground and said coldly, “Don’t move.” He then stepped on the child’s back and pointed the MP5 gun at his head. “If you have the guts, come out!”

Except for Ayer, the other members of the mercenary group did not understand Mandarin. They looked at Shan Ming in surprise and didn’t know what was going on.

After a while, steady footsteps were coming from the stairs.

Everyone pointed their guns at the stairs.

The first thing that appeared at the staircase was a pair of long, slender legs. The legs were clad in dark green military uniform and polished military boots. The hem of the white coat he wore swayed gently as he descended the stairs.

Coming down the stairs was a Chinese soldier, strictly speaking, he seemed more like a military doctor. He was wearing a neat military uniform with a white doctor’s coat over it. The open front revealed his slender waist and limbs. This person was very young, in his early twenties, with fair and delicate facial features, as beautiful as an immortal child who had stepped out of a classical Chinese painting, nothing like an ordinary person.

The mercenaries were all stunned, especially this group of reckless men who were used to seeing tough and burly men on the battlefield. They never thought they would one day encounter an enemy so exquisitely crafted.

Shan Ming frowned, feeling a wave of discomfort rising in his heart.

The person spoke, addressing Shan Ming, “He’s only five years old right now, please let go of him.”

Shan Ming recognized this voice, it was the same voice he had heard from the walkie-talkie early this morning. The voice was as cold as a machine, just like the person in front of him, as if he had no emotions whatsoever.

Despite his beauty, this person made Shan Ming disgusted. He gave off a feeling as if he was speaking to a dead person.

Jobb elbowed Shan Ming and said, “What the fuck are you guys talking about? What’s going on?”

Ayer asked in Mandarin, “What do you want?”

That person said, “Give me the child and we’ll leave this ship, then you can sail out to sea.” As he spoke, more than ten armed soldiers emerged from the stairs behind him, standing on either side of him and facing off against the mercenaries.

The child’s eyes widened as he saw those people, he screamed sharply, “They’re bad people! They’re bad people!”

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