Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 50.1 Shi Qi, let me touch your hand (1)

The phone was placed on the ground with the light still on.

Liu Xuan crouched down, looking at herself in the mirror again and smiled in delight. She really didn’t see wrong. Her face had gone back to normal.

She approached Ning Meng, “Senior sister, my face has returned! The black mask I was wearing disappeared!”

Hearing this, Ning Meng picked up the phone and shone the light at her. Sure enough, despite having an unhealthy complexion, she could no longer see the dense dark air covering her face.

She comforted her, saying, “That’s good. We should hurry and leave this place.”

Liu Xuan nodded, “Alright.”

When the two people walked outside, Shi Qi had just come out of the stone tablets, the golden powder on the ground still emitted light, showing a weird pattern.

Ning Meng guessed that it must’ve been some kind of spell.

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Ning Meng looked at her face once again and saw that the black air had completely disappeared.

On the road, Shi Qi did not utter anything, influencing even Liu Xuan to not dare to speak. She actually wanted to cut the silence but couldn’t muster the courage to do so.

It was better when she was together with senior sister.

A rooster crowed in the village and the sun rose from afar where the forest was. Two men in black waited at the entrance of the village.

As soon as they saw Shi Qi appear, they immediately went forward and asked in a low tone, “Young Master Qi, the people of the village all came back after sunrise.”

Last night, they had personally seen the group of people go out but were ordered by Shi Qi to stay here. After dawn broke, those people came back safe and sound.

Liu Xuan covered her mouth, her eyes filled with astonishment.

Ning Meng was also a bit incredulous, she whispered, “With faces like that…they can still live on?”

Shi Qi nodded his head towards them.

The three of them went back to the cement house they stayed at. Having not slept the whole night, Liu Xuan was unable to hold back her drowsiness and immediately went into the bedroom to hit her head against the pillow, completely losing consciousness.

Shi Qi sat at the window side and Ning Meng went over, taking out the dagger, “Do you want this? I pulled it out from the mask.”

She also took out the mask Liu Xuan brought back and placed it in front of him.

After thinking about it, she decided this was a better decision. After all, she wouldn’t live long so why not give it to Shi Qi who could bring out its greatest use.

Shi Qi only cast it a light glance before replying unconcerned, “You can take it.”

Ning Meng looked at him, puzzled, “You really don’t want it? I hope you won’t regret it in the future.”

The old scabbard was found on the ground and even though only half of this dagger was left, it still had some use.

Shi Qi’s expression did not change one bit, “What’s there to regret about?”

It was indeed a good item but there was no harm in leaving it with her. She could use it to protect herself and he didn’t lack anything at all.

Ning Meng smiled happily. If you don’t want it, fine.

At this moment, a knock resounded on their door, ‘Tok Tok Tok’.

She snapped out of her delight and gulped. It was certainly not those men in black as they were at the back of the house and they would have used the window to come in.

Liu Xuan woke up startled and ran out from the room, asking nervously, “Who is it?”

A voice sounded outside in reply, “It’s me, Uncle Li.”

It was no doubtedly his voice, however, at his moment, two little scaredy-cats in the room quivered in fear.

Ning Meng instinctively neared Shi Qi, asking, “Is he human?”

Liu Xuan’s face paled and she could only solicit an opinion, “Senior, senior sister, should we open the door…”

Shi Qi remained expressionless, “Open it.”

But just as he finished his words, the door opened itself.

When they returned, they had forgotten to lock the door, merely shutting it closed, so naturally, people outside could easily come in just by pushing the door.

The middle-aged man wearing old clothing, stepped in and was still chattering, “I saw that the door wasn’t locked and no one was answering so I just pushed the door and came in.”

Liu Xuan stood the closest to him and had already pressed her back against the wall, shivering without making the slightest sound, astonished by the sight in front of her.

If last night’s scene had made her blood run cold, this moment simply terrified her.

Anyone who had their faces ripped off couldn’t possibly go on living unscathed. Not only mentioning that Uncle Li still had his face, it completely looked as if nothing had happened last night.

Liu Xuan looked towards her senior.

Shi Qi replied indifferently, “We’re going to be leaving soon.”

Uncle Li said in surprise, “It has only been daylight and you’re leaving this early? Aren’t you going to stay for a meal? Did you find the mask you were looking for yesterday?”

It would’ve been fine if he hadn’t mentioned the mask, because as soon as he mentioned it, the picture of him ripping his face off resurfaced in their memories.

Liu Xuan’s face paled as she mechanically replied, “…I might’ve remembered wrong, Uncle Li. We still have school tomorrow so it’s better for us to leave early.”

Uncle Li didn’t think it odd either and merely nodded his head, “Alright then. Feel free to come again next time. We prepared breakfast, do you want to have some?”

How could Liu Xuan dare agree, she immediately replied, “…We aren’t hungry yet. Thank you, Uncle Li. Sorry for troubling you.”

She refused so strongly and wore an odd expression too.

However, Uncle Li didn’t seem to notice anything and only smiled. He then turned around and left their abode.

Once he had gone, Liu Xuan immediately shut the door.

Ning Meng walked towards the window and drew the curtains, allowing light to spill in and also so that she could see what was going on outside.

The villagers were doing their own things. There was even one diagonally opposite her, crouching at the doorway and brushing his teeth, another was a mother and child arguing…

Liu Xuan felt it inconceivable, “Senior Sister, say, were all the things we saw last night real? Why did things suddenly turn this way when I woke up?”

Or were all the things she experienced yesterday just a dream?

She felt something amiss but when she turned her head, she still saw the mask they picked up at the temple last night.

Liu Xuan couldn’t help but whip out her small mirror and look at her own reflection.

Seeing her original face, even if it had freckles and pimples, she still thought it looked a lot better and didn’t dislike it in the slightest.

For almost a month, she forgot what she looked like. Now that she was looking at it, it still felt like a dream.

It was as if she had finally taken off that mask.

She then said, “Hey, what if the people here….aren’t human? Wouldn’t that explain how they’re still able to go on living despite what happened yesterday?”

Liu Xuan muttered to himself, “Then did I eat ghost rice yesterday….when I camped here with my classmates..”

The more she thought about it, the more horrified she felt, her face growing white.

Ning Meng thought for a while before saying in a low tone, “What happened yesterday night was real. However, there is indeed something amiss and I can’t figure out the reason.”

After all, she hasn’t seen much.

The novel didn’t talk much about this village, much less what had happened in the middle. It didn’t even introduce the profile of the person who took the dagger away.

However, now that the dagger was in her hands, she felt a bit of comfort.

Now, she knew that this village wasn’t normal at all.

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